Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas Celebration

More than a million greeting cards are purchased during the Christmas season, making it the highest-paying occasion for greeting card sellers worldwide. New Year only comes second to Christmas when it comes to the amount of greeting card sales globally. Because greeting cards are so in-demand during the Christmas season, greeting card makers make it a point to always come up with more amazing ideas to turn the conventional greeting card into something more up-to-date. Many people also prefer greeting cards over making personal calls to their loved ones because they are less costly, most particularly when loved ones live far away.

Image Source: Phil and Pam

Making a Christmas Card

When making Christmas greetings, focus more on what would interest the recipients of the greeting card instead of what would appeal to you. It really isn’t a matter of how much you are able to demonstrate your individual prowess when making these cards but what matters most is how much joy the recipients gain from receiving your greeting cards. Here are some handcraft Christmas card ideas you could try when making greeting cards for your loved ones:

Christmas Card Ideas #1: Fern Leaves

These leaves are best used when trying to make a miniature Christmas tree on your greeting cards. Stick these leaves in front of your greeting card in such a way that you form a Christmas tree. You could also decorate the miniature tree you made by using stickers and colored tape. Use your imagination to the best of your ability.

Christmas Card Ideas #2: Magazine Designs

If drawing isn’t your cup of tea, why not make use of Christmas motifs from magazines to design you self-made Christmas greeting cards. They are less of the hassle but still attractive in their own way.

Christmas Card Ideas #3: Interesting Backgrounds

Whatever your interests may be, you could illustrate it when making personalized Christmas card messages for your loved ones. If both you and the recipient share the same interest in dogs, you could use pictures of your pets as background for your greeting card. If both of you are into nature, why not make a greeting card out of recycled paper. All these things will better express your fondness of each other and make the season feel more meaningful to both of you.

Christmas Card Ideas #4: Framed Christmas Greeting Cards

Another idea would be to frame your greeting cards, which is surely apart from the conventional way of making greeting cards. Just make sure to use quality frames that are colorful and classy to bring out the greeting card. Bland colors can make your greeting cards look dull and I know you wouldn’t want that. So, choose frames with colors such as silver or gold to make it appear more refined.


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