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Happy New Year 2014

new-year-eve-wallpaperSo this is it! The year is bound to end. It’s time to welcome the New Year. Let’s embrace and welcome it with a blast! Early this morning, I had to wake up early and buy some stuff for the new year’s eve. I am planning to cook some noodles, rice cakes and barbecue. I am expecting this night to be extra fun! My cousins and nieces will be here to celebrate with us. How I am looking forward to it…

So while I’m still working right now, yes, working at this time of the year when people are supposed to be in a vacation, in my new year celebration, I am already thinking about what to eat first. LOL, what a nice thinking right? Coz there’s a lot of food available and it’s just up to my mouth what would it enjoy. I wish I can prepare the food earlier but I still have to make those bucks.

This morning, when I was in the market, there are a lot of people. Wow, I can’t believe that as early as 5:00 AM, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people in the market that early. The fun part here is, there are relatives and family members bump and greet each other a Happy New Year. At the middle of the fish market, in the middle of the crowd, families are able to express their new year messages and wishes to each other…

So while I’m still online, I’d like to greet all of my followers and readers a Happy New Year. May your 2013 will be better than the previous year. May you enjoy the bountiful life and be blessed with countless of joys and happiness. Happy New Year to all of you! Have a blast and be careful on fireworks!

The Advantage of Sending Electronic Greeting Cards

Every holiday season many people buy greeting cards for Christmas and New Year to send to friends, business associates and relatives to show that they remember. Greeting cards are great tools to help express your feelings and thoughts, when you cannot personally tell someone how you feel. If you want to wish someone this New Year without spending anything anymore then I suggest you send electronic greeting cards.

Christmas has just passed, but the holiday season is not yet over because New Year is just a few days away, so why waste your energy and money buying cards again when you can get one for free. It is also traditional worldwide to welcome the new year with a celebration, just like it is common to send your wishes to everyone you know by sending them greeting cards.

Below are just some of the advantages of sending digital greeting cards:

• Hassle Free – Sending digital cards is less hassle and with the New Year celebration just a few days away, you do not want to waste time running around bookstore and post office to send cards. Open your computer find a good greeting card and add your new year messages and send it, so simple. So, give yourself a break before the big celebration again, by taking advantage of digital greeting cards.

• Cost Free – electronic greeting cards are free and you can get them easily online. All you have to do is browse for a few minutes online and you can find thousands of greeting cards for all occasions. There are free Christmas cards, New Year and even birthday cards.

• Wide Selection of Cards – The World Wide Web is so vast that you have an almost limitless selection. So, why bother going to a bookstore when you can easily find the most beautiful New Year cards to send to anyone you want to extend your wishes.

• Personalized Cards – electronic New Year cards are possible to customize according to your taste and preference, making the card more personal. You can add your picture, change the background and write your message, once done just type the email of the person you wish to send the cards. You also get a confirmation email, as soon as the ecards delivered for your peace of mind.

It is important to welcome the New Year, but spending money on cards is no longer practical especially when electronic cards are now available. So, start the New Year right by sending cost free cards that you can personalize with your own picture.

How to Flirt with a Man

How-to-flirt-with-a-manWe’ve all seen it in the movies: the girl gets the guy with just a flip of her hair or a subtle glance. Yet in reality, we all know flirting is more difficult than what Hollywood projects it to be. To make sure your potential love interest or crush won’t be heading out the exit anytime soon, spice up your interactions with him through these fun flirting tips:

Lingering Eye Contact

The best way to gauge his interest in you is to show him you are interested. A little assertiveness won’t hurt, but make sure you aren’t using aggressiveness! First, let him know you’ve got an eye on him (literally!) through lingering eye contact – hold your gaze long enough to capture his attention. If he holds the eye contact, it’s likely he likes you. Next, smile coyly to show you’re relaxing and fun to be around. If you’re not comfortable with either smiling or establishing eye contact, you can figure out ways to make your paths cross, e.g., walking near his desk, dropping something near him accidentally, going to his favorite place, etc.

How to Spice Up Conversation

How-to-flirt-with-a-GuyWhen you start talking, find a way to have some common ground in the topics you discuss. You can open the conversation with a question, which is a sure way to let him know you’re interested in what he has to say! Stroke his ego once in a while by directing the conversation to him, though make sure that it doesn’t defeat the purpose of the conversation.

Relax your nerves and show him you’re comfortable having him around. You can also find small ways to physically touch him, which shows your willingness to connect at a limited level of physical contact. For example, you can tough his forearm during the conversation or when you’re both laughing. This can come across as a playful gesture. You can also accidentally brush your hand against his or lean into him if you’re caught up in a tight space. And if you’re comfortable enough, you can also put a hand on his shoulder.

There are ways to make an interesting conversation. Aside from paying attention to what he’s saying, you can also spice it up by leaning close to him and lowering your voice. This works in crowded spaces, where the volume of your voice will encourage him to get closer to you in order to hear what you’re saying. Also maintain your eye contact with him while walking.

How to Hook Him

Before the conversation gets boring, end it so that he’ll be wanting to talk to you even more. Always leave an opening to encourage him to want to see you again. Phrases such as “Wish that I could stay longer but I gotta go. See you around!” or “I still have a lot to do, maybe up for some coffee tomorrow?” If you’re a little daring, you can also lean in like you’re going to kiss him, but before your lips can touch his skin you whisper in his ear, “I had a great time. Wish we could do it again.”

More Flirting Tips

  • Don’t make him do the things you don’t like.
  • You can send some humorous flirty messages to him
  • It’s fine to show some skin, but make sure you’re comfortable with it. Never show more or less than usual.
  • Don’t ever demean yourself by being silly in front of him just to catch his attention. Guys usually want an intelligent conversation.
  • Be yourself. Don’t ever pretend to be someone you’re not just to flirt with him.
  • Don’t make yourself appear pathetic or clingy in front of him. That will surely shoo him away from you.

10 Best New Year Card Messages

new-year-cardsNew Year is coming. It’s just a few sleeps away. I can’t wait! I’ve visited the local bookstores to browse for New Year cards to send to my family and loved ones. It took me so long to find the perfect ones but still came up with some choices. I went home and I started to think about what to write on these cards. Although I was able to come up with some new year messages, that surely took my sweet time as I got my mind blank with words. Yes. I can’t find the right words to say Happy Holidays. I have 6 recipients of cards – my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa.

So, I thought most of you who also sends greeting cards on New Year maybe facing with the same predicament so I’ve came up with the resolution of making a list of 10 best new year card messages. So here are they:

New Year is the holiday the brings happiness and cheer
Sharing the love and blessings with family and peers
So here I am expressing my greetings,
Hoping that you and your family will be merry and at peace
Happy New Year!

May you be blessed with a heart
Filled with peace, love and happiness
May God shower your with lots of blessings
Happy New Year!

Let’s celebrate and make some noise
Grab your hats and firecrackers
Let’s party all night and make this night special
As the New Year is here to come
Happy New Year!

Wipe your tears and leave behind the sorrows
Smile, embrace and welcome the new, brighter tomorrow
Have a happy and prosperous New Year
A greeting from my family to yours.

May you realize all your goals in life.
May this New Year be the start of your successful and better career
Happy New Year to you and your family

Celebrate this day with a smile
Cherish the moment with your family and dear ones
Forget about all the worries and problems for once
Just party and treasure the memories for life
Happy New Year!

May our almighty God smile on you
In this coming New Year
And bless you with gift of love and hope
Happy New Year!

May this New Year fill your heart with love and joy
And hold it in throughout the year
May you have a peaceful and blessed year ahead.
Happy New Year!

Good Health
Good Friends
Better tomorrow
All these are my New Year wish for you.
Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

You are one of the people who made this year enjoyable and worth living
For that, I thank you.
I’m grateful to have someone like you to be part of my life.
Happy New Year to you!

My Christmas Gift for my Brother

It’s Christmas time! The long wait is now over. There is someone who truly waits for Christmas to come. Who is it? It’s my brother.

Yes, Christmas time is gift-giving time. This is a season when people expect, buy, give and receive gifts. My brother is included to the category of “expecting” and eventually “receiving” gifts. “Unfortunately”, I am included to the category of “buying” and “giving” gifts this Christmas.

How this expecting, buying, giving and receiving case starts? It was way back on August. It was his birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money before. So I promised him to buy a gift on Christmas day. So he said he can wait, HE WILL WAIT…

So since today is Christmas, I have to fulfill my promise that I will buy him the gift he wanted so long time ago. Good thing my boss is good enough that he sent me my bonus earlier. I’m saved. So I instantly withdrew cash and go to nearest shopping mall. And look what I’ve got for my brother….




galaxy y

Yes, a new Samsung Galaxy Y. Yeah, I know this doesn’t cost much, but for me, it costs so much. Hahahaha. It left my bank account drained. My salary is not five-digits so don’t be surprised. I bought a Christmas card too, i wrote some Christmas messages, wishing him to enjoy my gift… I went home, I saw my brother waiting for me to come home. He was so excited; I can see it on his face. As soon as I opened the box of his new phone, I saw his face lightened up and flashed the big grin.

Well, although I spent a lot on this present, it’s all worth it. This may look that I gave material gift to my brother but it’s beyond that. I gave him the gift of patience, joy and happiness. In return, he gave me the gift, a special gift. The gift of happiness and satisfaction seeing him enjoy and truly appreciates what I got for him. It’s enough for me. I’m happy with that.

A New Year In Memory

New Year Celebration 2004

That was the year I have turned to 20 years from my teen. We all Girls planed a party in one of our friends House. That was the first time I had beer in My life. We had put music system and Danced all over the night


Happy and Prosperous New year


Send a New Year Gift

As New year is coming I think it is time to send New Year gifts. New year is the occasion celebrated by all over the world irrespective of the religion and belief. So send new year gifts to your loved one. You can add New year messages and wishes to the New year gifts. Even you can attach a New year Card to it

Recommended gifts

  1. Watch
  2. Ticket for a sport event
  3. Kitchen appliances
  4.  Perfumes
  5. Necklace or bracelet
  6. Lunch on cruise
  7. gym membership

Hope you will have great New year on this year