My Childhood Christmas

christmas-celebrationChristmas is one of my favorite festival in a whole year. I am always looking forward for Christmas to come. When I was still a child, I used to count the days before the December 25th comes. I’ve never been so impatient before. I always ask my mom “is it already Christmas”? And she will answer “no, not yet dear”. I’ll ask again, “so when will Christmas come?”. Then she will reply “Soon, honey, very soon”.

During this time, mom was busy decorating our home with ornaments and decors. I remember, we used to make some Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards together. I used to collect candy wrappers in school. Then, my father will cut some small pieces of woods. I will then wrap them up with the plastic of candies, tie them up with a string and hang in the Christmas tree. And since I’ve collected different kinds of candies, they create colorful ornaments in the tree. It was so beautiful to see. (well, at least on my eye – my childhood eye).

My childhood Christmas was probably the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Even though I had no expensive Christmas gift from my parents, I was happy. We visited our folks and kiss them as we say “Merry Christmas”.

Today, we still do that. But due to my busy schedule, it’s too bad we don’t have much time to enjoy the Christmas holiday.


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