18 Days to Go Before Christmas

christmas-countdownYes, I know… The Christmas countdown has started since December 1, and 82 days ago for some, completing the 100 days before Christmas. But I just realized today that Christmas is indeed here – just few days to go and my bonuses and 13th month will be finally in my hand. and I’m really looking forward to that…

So what someone like me, a minty me, does 18 days before Christmas? Well, I am still working. I need to earn those bucks especially now. My goddaughters are waiting for me to buy their new dresses and shoes for the coming holiday. I really don’t want to be one of those people who are stuck in a long line in shopping malls. I hate it. So I really wish I can start my Christmas shopping early.

So, that’s it. See you and Christmas, here I am! Here is my christmas wishes

Bring it on!

Start afresh,
Embrace the future
Welcome the new year with a smile
A heart filled with contentment and peace.
Merry Christmas to you!

I am planning to post something on every Christmas count down days. I am sure I want to do it. But some time the time will not permit. Whatever it is I will make some christmas cards with wonderful christmas messages so that I will be able to save some money. Most probably I will make some coloring cards for kids. The parents will be happy to receive it as they know they will get some quiet moments while the kids are busy on it.

Last year Christmas we went to my friends house. He doing dog breeding.  Lot of dogs with different varieties. Any way I liked that trip. Hope this year also we will do something


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