Happy Birthday Tristan!

gift tagToday is December 8, 2012. It’s my nephew’s first birthday – his BIG day! His mom, my cousin, wants to throw a party and celebrate the date that her baby turns 1. And another special event for him now is that today is also his christening day – a day he will be baptized as Christian Catholic. This really calls for a celebration.

Her mom wants this day to be extra special so she prepared early. She invited as to come over (they are just few houses away) and party with them. She said there will be balloons, cakes and treats. I am not really particular to attending parties so I initially planned not to come. But since it’s only few meters away, I thought “why not?”.

But I am the kind of person who doesn’t want to come to any party, or any house to visit, empty-handed. And so, I shop for a small gift for my nephew early this morning. I bought something soft the squeaks – a toy – and some towels. Yes, I know, some kind of silly stuff but what the heck. I know kids like noisy toys. So I wrapped it up. Yes I am the one who wrapped it. I just bought a gift wrapper and tape. I fold it, wrap it and voila! I now have a birthday gift for Baby Tristan.

But then when I thought I’m ready to attend the party, I notice something is missing with my gift! Yes, I forgot a gift tag. I can’t find the gift tag I bought. Or maybe I know I bought some but I forgot to bring it as I shop. So, I thought that I should just create my own gift tag.

Since I have a printer, this sounds easy. I open my computer, open the Adobe Photoshop, find birthday pictures from the web, edit here and there and voila! I now have gift tag! And the fun part is that I can easily insert the names artistically without writing it manually. Oh, my handwriting sucks so I felt saved.

Now, I attended the party, hand my gift (that I think he really enjoyed as he played with it nonstop during the party), eat some (ice cream and spaghetti) and go back home. I’m full and I enjoyed!


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