New Year Decoration Ideas

new-year-decorationNew Year Celebration

New Year is probably the most notable and a popular global holiday that is celebrated by millions of people all over the globe regardless of nation, religion and social standing. Symbolizes fresh start and harbinger of upcoming year, this festivity incorporates numerous traditions. People, as they celebrate this even, observe these traditions with passion. These include making New year’s resolutions, throwing a party, bursting firecrackers and exchanging holiday greetings.

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New Year’s Eve Party

Hosting a New Years Party is enjoyable and tough, for one to be successful, the host must have prepared for the details of the party, the visuals: consisting of lights, decoration or could even include a mini fireworks display in, your own backyard; sounds systems, food, tables and chairs. There are simply lots of factors to consider. But it’s always best to look at the glass half full rather than half empty so let’s be optimistic. In fact, this planning and preparation stage for your party can be an enjoyable experience especially when you seek the help of your most trusted friends. Now, here are some DIY or Do it yourself tips that can help ignite your decorative mood and something that you and your friends can do yourselves:

New Year Decorations


Streamers made of paper are really cool party decorations and something that’s convenient and you can do even without a professional help. They be attached to the doorway or used as a mantle. You can involve several people in this craft. What you need to do is to draw circles using decorative papers (choose color according to your party theme), trace the lines and cut. It’s fine to use different sizes of circles. You can use jar lids as your pattern.

Using a clear fishing line, string the circles and attach the fishing lines to the wall using a sturdy adhesive. The idea is to make the circles look like floating amidst the air.

Noisemaker Bouquets

Instead of the usual flower bouquets, let’s give New Year a different twist. This time well be using those colorful noisemakers, I’m referring to toy trumpets being sold especially during New Year. Get a dozen of them of different colors and sizes and embellish them with ornaments. Then, get a shallow vase and fill it with crystal beads and marbles of different colors. Arrange the noisemakers over the beads with the horn facing top. Let your guests get their own noisemakers approaching 12 midnight for the countdown.

Black-eyed Pea Centerpieces

It was said that black eyed peas (the real one, not the group) are being used for decorations as it was believed to bring good luck to the home as well as its owner. Out of plain curiosity, why don’t we see if it’s true?

In this decoration let us prepare a shallow glass bowl and scatter pinecones and acorns on it. In the center, fill the vase with uncooked black eyed peas. Make this your centerpiece for your dinner table. This can also be utilized as a candle holder by using the peas to hold the candles firmly.

Custom Champagne Flutes

You can flaunt your inner creativity by customizing the champagne flutes you will be using for the new years party. This also a good party favors idea. Let your guests take home the champagne flutes they used that evening.

To buy the materials needed craft, you will need as many champagne flutes as there are guests and allow few extra in case of contingency, a stencil and a jar of glass etch. To make your customized champagne flute, first, stick the stencil into a champagne glass. On top of the stencil, paint a generous amount of glass etches. Allow the glass etch to set. When ready, remove the stencil and wash it off, again following the directions. Repeat for the rest of your glasses.

Remember to wear safety gloves in doing the craft.

A Glittery Banner

In making this Glitter banner, you need to prepare a large, corrugated cardboard box, a box cutter, a marker, a paintbrush, white glue, glitter, fishing line and brown paper

Using the cardboard write the numbers, 2013 and the words ‘ happy new year ‘ and cut them out. Take out each letters and numbers and using paint brush, apply a thick coat of glue over the surface of the each letter. Afterwards, sprinkle a liberal amount of glitters. Do this on each letter until all were covered with glitter. Let them dry.

Arrange the letters of your New Year messages in their proper order and turn them on their backs. Using a clear fishing line, connect each letter and secure the same with packing tape. When done, attach it in your door or a wall of your living room.


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