Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Today is Great day. Another 14 days to go. Feel happy. Vocation, party, barbecue all will be busy and enjoying. Recently my friend was asking about Christmas tree decoration ideas. I helped him. Then only i realized it got lot of thinks to consider. We decorated his tree with lot of things. In fact we hanged everything we can find there. Hanged stars, Christmas Cards, small trees, ornaments, Christmas messages,  candy etc. Luckily you were not there. Otherwise we may have hanged you also. I think this post will help you all

Christmas trees have been around for decades and they are considered by many people from all over the world as one of the essential Christmas decorations. You can see them in almost every home, store, shopping mall, restaurant, public and private office and even in parks and other public places around Christmas time.

Here are some unique and exquisite Christmas tree decoration ideas that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree:

  1. 1.       Two or Three-colored Christmas Tree

To get away from the usual green or white Christmas tree, you can be a little more creative and experimental by using other colors. Go for a more exciting color scheme like gold and red combination, and incorporating some ornaments in darker shades to make them stand out. You can also create a good contrast by picking out ornaments in white or silver. You can also use pastel color combinations for your tree. Purple is the IN color and you can use different shades like mauves, lavenders and blue-violets.

  1. 2.       Fairy Tale Christmas Tree

Exquisite means beautiful and delicate, and what could be more appropriate for the word than a fairy tale themed Christmas tree. Incorporate fairy tale with the traditional winter and snow Christmas theme by decorating a white tree with silver ornaments. Instead of hanging angels, you can hang your tree with pixies, fairies, silver flowers, gold crowns, magic wands and miniature castles.


  1. 3.       Angel-filled Christmas Tree

Angels are always in fashion when it comes to Christmas decorations. An angel is the best alternative for the star that usually goes on top of the Christmas tree. If you have a good collection of angel figurines, you can arrange them randomly at the bottom of the tree or you can put angels that can be hanged on the branches. Other ideal ornaments include; harps, trumpets, flutes and cherubs. To complete the heavenly feeling, put some cotton balls under the angels to make them look like they are standing or sitting on clouds. You can add some angel themed Christmas cards. Add some silver or white ribbons and garlands and your exquisite angel-filled Christmas is ready to be lighted up.

  1. 4.       Candy Themed Christmas Tree

Exquisite for the kids can mean candies and sweets; therefore, if the objective is to keep the kids happy, you can opt for a candy themed Christmas tree and dress it up with the sweetest ornaments. Candy ornaments are widely available from stores and you can easily pick a set or two. You can also put really candies and chocolates, but you might want to do that on Christmas Eve itself. Other candy ornaments may include other sweet treats like cup cakes, candy canes and ginger bread house.

  1. 5.       Oriental Christmas Tree

You do not to be a Feng Shui believer to appreciate the beauty of the Orient. If you are fond of oriental trinkets then you can make use of your collection in decorating your Christmas tree. If you do not have an oriental collection then it is time to hunt some cheap yet elegant looking crystals, small wind chimes, old coins, tiny laughing Buddahs, jade frogs, swans, dragons, small lanterns, fans, silk kits, heart and a whole lot of red ribbons. A white or silver tree will make these colorful ornaments stand out for a very breathtakingly gorgeous Christmas tree.

  1. 6.       Pearls and Ribbons Christmas Tree

For the ultimate elegance, sophistication and exquisiteness, nothing would be better than to be simplistic in decorating your tree with pearls and ribbons. All you are going to need are string of pearls and rolls of ribbons. You also need to decide on a perfect color scheme. Light colors are the best; for example, you can make use of pink satin ribbons and alternately place them and the pearls around the tree. This may take some time to accomplish because the strings of the pearls can easily get trapped on branches. A wide star in pink or silver can be a perfect topper. Add some frosted lights and your pearls and ribbons Christmas is ready to be showed off.

These exquisite Christmas tree decoration ideas are not just unique but are extremely fun to implement as well. Try to incorporate some of your own creative ideas along with these and you will surely have a very enjoyable time during the entire decorating process. Remember that you do not have to spend too much money on a Christmas tree project. You can make use of your old plastic tree or you can buy a cheap real tree and decorate it with what you already have at hand.

That is why most of the decoration ideas are based on collections that you or most people already have. Decorating your Christmas tree is one good way to actually show off your very own exquisite collections. Such valuable items should not be kept hidden and stored; they need to be placed where other people, other than you, can appreciate their beauty. So, take your collections out and start sorting out the ones that you can turn into Christmas tree decorations.


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