Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

new-year-resolutionsNew Year is a fun holiday celebrated by millions of people around the world regardless of caste and social standing. This event incorporates different festivities and traditions. There are countdowns to midnight held in different regions. There are also some firework displays and bursting firecrackers. People celebrate it in different ways as well. There are family gatherings, New Year’s Eve party, feasting and so much more. Another common tradition is making New Year’s Resolutions.

Common New Year’s Resolutions

Now, everyone seems to be making New Year’s resolutions every year. While some are making funny new year’s resolutions, some are making serious ones.. And the most common resolution they make is regarding with their health. So what are the healthy resolutions you can make? When you define being healthy, it means being free from illness or disease as well as having a sound mind and heart. Almost everyone wants to live long enough to see their children grow and fulfill more out of life. It is always part of our resolutions to be healthy. Below are some examples:

New Year’s Resolution about Physical improvement

Eating a balanced diet

Too much of anything is not advisable and lack of proper nutrition is also not good. As learned from school, we have to take everything in moderation and follow a food pyramid that would complete our “go, grow and glow” requirements.

Exercise regularly

Many health related issues are on the rise because of lifestyle and diet. Obesity is even the number one problem plaguing our people right now. The introduction of a vast array of technology has made life easier but made life shorter, too. We ride a car instead of walk, watch TV rather than dance or exercise and play our gadgets instead of work-out. We need to stretch our muscles more and make our bones stronger. Walking just for two hours will do if you are always on the go.

Have a regular check-up

We always take for granted seeing our doctors or even forget our annual check-ups. Why? Because we are busy and we assume nothing is wrong so we can put off seeing our physicians. But it is best to be informed.

Quit smoking or drinking too much beer

This is probably the most abused resolution one can have. They say it is very hard to quit a vice. Still, most want to cut down on it or eliminate it. Probably, the best way to accomplish this is by thinking of the practicality should one not have it and foresee the different health complications it brings.

New Year’s Resolution about Emotional stability

Relieve Stress

Life is stressful especially with all the responsibilities and duties we need to do. It is one heck of a ride. One must find ways to de-stress by taking breaks, sleeping, taking on a hobby or traveling.

Have a positive outlook

Watching the everyday news would make you think there are really a lot of negative energies in life. True it may seem but it depends on how you make your life. Draw inspiration from even the smallest but well-meaning events in life. As they always interject, “Smile and the world smiles at you.”

Build relationships

We need to belong. You may have all the conveniences or luxuries in life but with no one to share it with, it will not be worth it. We all need our family and our friends so we can fight stress, sadness and the problems we may have. So start this New Year. Send a card or greet your family with heartfelt New Year messages that express your sincerest wishes for them.

Be Healthy!


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