Christmas Tree Toppers

christmas-treeWhen thinking of Christmas decorating ideas, first in the list is the Christmas tree. Christmas tree goes beyond being just a mere decoration, but has greater and deeper significance in family values and traditions. It symbolizes unity and generosity within the family, as each one is called by the ‘star’ to gather around it and celebrate the birth of our Lord as one family. There we stack our gifts, carefully selected, symbolizing our affection towards our loved ones. Christmas tree is the centerpiece for our gathering in the Christmas Eve.

Further, Christmas tree consummates the living room all geared up for our Christmas celebration. It is the embodiment of our Christmas theme, that’s why we have to be very particular in decorating it. Nothing can complete a Christmas tree except a unique piece of tree toppers. For many years, our idea of tree topper is confined only with the traditional star tree topper. At present, we are lucky enough to have manufacturers and designers who are able to think outside the box and introduce to us new concepts of tree toppers.


Now, we have the so called- angel tree toppers. Angel tree toppers are elegant piece of tree toppers which can make your tree standout. This kind of toppers comes in different colors and sizes to suit the size of your Christmas tree as well as the Christmas theme you have adopted. The intricately-designed face of these angel tree toppers never fails to take the breath of everyone. Their innocent and beautiful face that perfectly matches the elaborately designed robe makes them so attractive. Whether made of glass, fiber optic or just porcelain, angel tree toppers are just perfect. What’s good about these tree toppers is that, with proper care, they can be used and reused in the succeeding years and while they earn sentimental value to the family.


A classic choice was the traditional star tree topper. At present, manufacturers are able to come up with a more stylish design from the basic star shape toppers. The traditional star tree topper was the first of its kind and bears a religious significance. It was to symbolize the star that guided the three kings, towards their journey to Bethlehem to witness the birth of the Lord. With star tree toppers, style and (Christmas) spirit became one.

Santa Claus

Another innovative design for tree toppers was the Santa tree topper. Jolly old St. Nicolas his other name; he plays a significant role in the Christmas of every child and those who are child at heart. It was a story told since childhood that during Christmas Eve, an elusive fat man all dressed in red and black boots travels from North Pole and climbs down the chimney of every house and to give gifts or toys to kids and leave them in their Christmas socks. From then on, we never stopped loving and anticipating the arrival of Santa in our chimneys. This Santa tree topper will surely bring out the child in us.


Dreaming of a white Christmas or laying in a bed of snow and make yourself a snow angel or just play with snow balls, then a Snow man tree topper is perfect for you. In the same way as a Santa tree topper, kids will surely be delighted seeing a Snowman atop the Christmas tree. You can add some merry christmas messages on snow mans top to make it little bit attractive and funny. The snowman tree topper comes in many styles, a stuffed snowman as a tree topper is sure to keep the grin in your children’s face. A crystal snowman tree topper on the other hand is an elegant yet bubbly piece of a tree topper, which creates an awe-inspiring effect when it diffuses Christmas light. A hand painted snowman tree topper is a more personalized choice, which never fails to warm the hearts of those who see it. Snowman tree toppers are indeed a fairy tale come true.


Finally, there’s a snowflake tree topper. Snowflakes come in many varieties and they always evoke a magical and romantic feeling to those who see it. Whether made from acrylic, plastic, glass, porcelain, or even cloth, they become magnificent when embellished with glitters. Lighted snowflakes are also great tree topper idea as they induce a warm and cozy ambiance about your living room, making them perfect for your Christmas tree.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards  is another good item to decorate the Christmas Tree. Thes Cards can have some great Christmas messages and It will look magical and attractive

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