New Year Gifts

happy-new-year-greetingsA week after Christmas and here comes New Year, another occasion of family gathering and gift giving. It is the time when the members of the family gather once again at the dinner table in the observance of the time old tradition ‘media noche’. In this New Year’s Day get together, it would be a great activity to do another “kris kringle” or so called– exchange (of) gifts, as everyone loves to receive gifts.

If the party would include some gift giving activity, you have to think and plan ahead to allow you more time to reflect and choose what gift will be appreciated thoroughly by your loved ones. The occasion only come twice in a year, so it wouldn’t be too much if you would spend a bit of your time planning and preparing your New Year gifts. Again, it is a truism that, it is the thought that counts the most.

If you happen to experience some drought of ideas here are wonderful gift ideas to give your loved ones:

Gift Ideas for New Year


Surprise her with her favorite scent so she can definitely welcome the new year happily. A gift a woman would always want to receive.


Gift baskets symbolize your wish of prosperity for the upcoming year, so they are meaning gift ideas fit for New Year. Gift baskets are all time favorite among gift ideas; this is because they are practical gift choice since the recipients can use the consumables inside it. Moreover, gift baskets are unique in the sense that they may consist of different combination of items and are perfect gift ideas for people of whatever gender. Furthermore, you can personalize these gifts by choosing what your gift basket would include.


New Year is one of the holiday whereas greetings and wishes are expressed in different ways. One of the most traditional ways of expressing your New Year greetings is through card. Now, since it will serve as a present or gift, this must be something extra special. How? You can do this by making your own. There are so many ways to personalized a card and create a handmade new year card. All you need is the right crafting materials, creativity, imagine and voila! Just don’t forget to write your warm Happy new year wishes to your card.


Sparkling, shining jewelry items which may consist of rings, brooches, precious key rings, earrings are in the theme of New Year.


Selecting gifts for a kid, whether a boy or a girl is probably as enjoyable as shopping for clothes or shoes. Imagine the joy walking the isle of a department store full of kid’s toys, it brings us certain kind of nostalgia. Bringing us back to those good ol’ days when we used to play with barbies, clay doh or building lego. The same experience we would like to impart to the little kid/recipient.


Most of us people do love to read books as our past time. Hence, books are also perfect gift ideas, especially to that one who simply loves reading and collecting books. Extending a hand in expanding his/her collection will always be a welcome gesture for these people. Search the net for that new best seller and some reviews about it to help. You choose that perfect book to give him/her; you may also search for some clues or indication on what kind of book he/she loves reading about.


Symbolizes hope for the New Year. Scented candles are a classic, but no-fail gift idea, because they are pleasing to the nose as well as the eyes. Scented candles come in different scents and every scent has a specific function, so you might consider personalizing your gift by choosing a scent that suits the lifestyle and personality of the recipient.

Green teas scents and lavender scented candle are perfect for people having busy lifestyle because it was known for it relaxing and calming properties. You can attach a tag with some new year wishes on them.


For a wish of colorful and successful New Year, ties given as gift can get your message across. Ties comes in different styles and colors, there are men who are capable of wearing the colorful ones, even those with cartoon print on them, but there are others who just can’t. So consider which of these truths in choosing a tie, as you don’t wanted for your gift to be permanently inside his closet right?


Look forward for a more organized and busy year ahead. Planners are another classic choice of gifts, but are always welcome because they serve a practical purpose for the recipient. Manufacturers of planner today are far more creative because they manage to mass produce, planners of different styles to fit various personalities. The usual planners are those colored black with gold details on the sides, now we have planner colored pink, red, brown, some are sporty, and others are girly.

The market today has a wide range of planner design to suit the recipient’s lifestyle and personality.


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