Happy New Year 2014

new-year-eve-wallpaperSo this is it! The year is bound to end. It’s time to welcome the New Year. Let’s embrace and welcome it with a blast! Early this morning, I had to wake up early and buy some stuff for the new year’s eve. I am planning to cook some noodles, rice cakes and barbecue. I am expecting this night to be extra fun! My cousins and nieces will be here to celebrate with us. How I am looking forward to it…

So while I’m still working right now, yes, working at this time of the year when people are supposed to be in a vacation, in my new year celebration, I am already thinking about what to eat first. LOL, what a nice thinking right? Coz there’s a lot of food available and it’s just up to my mouth what would it enjoy. I wish I can prepare the food earlier but I still have to make those bucks.

This morning, when I was in the market, there are a lot of people. Wow, I can’t believe that as early as 5:00 AM, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people in the market that early. The fun part here is, there are relatives and family members bump and greet each other a Happy New Year. At the middle of the fish market, in the middle of the crowd, families are able to express their new year messages and wishes to each other…

So while I’m still online, I’d like to greet all of my followers and readers a Happy New Year. May your 2013 will be better than the previous year. May you enjoy the bountiful life and be blessed with countless of joys and happiness. Happy New Year to all of you! Have a blast and be careful on fireworks!


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