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Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

happy-valentines-dayMen are always accused that they are unromantic and forgetful of important dates – especially ones they share with their wives or girlfriend. This year, make sure that you stand out from the rest by making her feel appreciated and loved this Valentine’s Day! Gifts are a way to a woman’s heart, so we recommend giving her one this holiday season.

Women love gifts because of the sincerity of the giver, so it is the perfect way to let her know you love her. As their man, you should be able to know what can make her happy and loved. You should be able to come up with the perfect Valentine’s gift for her. But if you’re a little lost on what to get her this year, here are a few ideas that you can use when choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day present for her.

Propose to her on Valentine’s Day

This is the ultimate gift for the guy who feels that he’s already got the one! If you’re ready to tie the knot, why not propose to her this Valentine’s Day? So what are you waiting for? Buy her a diamond ring that will symbolize your undying commitment to her and get on your knees during that special day!


Make her feel sexy and desirable by getting her the perfect lingerie! Silk is a good choice, because it is soft and gentle on the skin. This gift is also perfect for sensual couples because aside from knowing that she’ll like putting it on for you, you also benefit from watching it. A perfect way to spice up your nights!


Yet another romantic favorite, one of the greatest and sweetest valentine’s day ideas. Let’s face it, most women love flowers because of what it symbolizes. Keep in mind that different flowers symbolize different things, so if you aren’t sure what flowers she likes. Ask the florist to make a bouquet that symbolizes all that you feel or wish for her! Also, flowers can last up to two to three days, so add a little material thing such as a card or chocolate that won’t wilt away so that she’ll remember your sweetness.

Romantic Songs, Movies or Books

Most women are suckers when it comes to romance, so find out what she likes reading, watching, or listening to. You can also customize your gift such as compiling them on a CD or write her a love letter or poem based on her favorite literature. You can also give her a Valentine’s Day card with really wonderful wordings that touches her heart.


This is a traditional favorite among women who have a sweet tooth! If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t mind indulging in calories, this is the perfect gift. For the fitness freak, you can opt for chocolates with less fat or sugar.

Candle Light Dinner

Prove to her that what happens in movies are true! Treat her to a romantic candle light dinner at home or at her favorite restaurant. You can also hire musicians or just have her favorite music playing in the background. We suggest that you end the night with a poem or a speech of how much you love her. Trust us, she’ll love it.


Pamper Her

For the girlfriend or wife who loves to relax, buy her favorite bath products or spa products so she can use them at home! You can also buy gift vouchers to her favorite spa or help her relax instead by giving her a nice massage.


Nothing says “I love you” more than jewelry. Women cannot resist gold or silver jewelry because they can wear it anytime and be reminded of the sweetness of the giver. If you choose to get her a few pieces or a set, remember to look out for fakes. If you’re on a budget, you can find affordable jewelry online.

Remember, guys, romantic gifts can be anything. It’s not only about the words “I love you”, but also how you put an effort into expressing your love. Take note of what she likes and dislikes so you don’t have any difficulty when it comes to choosing, planning, and giving her the perfect gift. As the old saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” So this year, how are you going to make your special woman fall in love with you again?

Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

birthday-celebrationWhen talking about birthday parties, everybody knows that close friends and families of the celebrant will really make an effort for the celebrant to be happy. Especially if the planned birthday party is actually a surprise, you could just imagine how satisfying it is for the birthday planner to see the surprise face yet thankful and happy of the celebrant. So if you are one of those who are planning for a surprise party, below are some of the best birthday party ideas.

Every birthday should be day to be cherished and be grateful that they have reached another year. If the birthday happens to one of your close friend or family member, you are partly responsible to make her day really special and also to the people who are close to her. If you are planning to give a surprise party you must do it according to her age, habits, likes and dislikes and some other personality traits.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Kids

Most of the time kids loved to daydream being as one of the characters of one of his favorite movies. Thus, if you really want to surprise him, try to make your party closer to his daydream. Make sure that he will not forget all his favorite themes like what he loved to play his favorite toys, colors, music, and food and don’t forget to invite his favorite friends. Because he is a kid, they are eager to open and see the present they got for their special day. So, make sure that he will not be disappointed to the gift. You make this a surprise by hiding your present somewhere he usually hide, like his cabinet, front room, and other part of the house. By time he discover the gifts, this is the time you will surprise him with more presents and celebrations.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Parents

But then if the party is for your parents, it will be totally different. Remember that they are the reason why you happened to be in this world, so to effectively surprise them you can act as if you do not know that it’s their special day. If the birthday happens in weekdays, you can pretend that you’re sick and that you need stay to stay at home. If they are working, then that’s the time that you will setup your surprise birthday party. You can make a banner with your parents’ picture and some happy birthday messages from your siblings and other family members. Then, when the celebrant returns home, you can surprise them with the party you planned. Make a speech of how much you are appreciative.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Her

If the celebrant is your better half or someone special, your surprise party idea must be romantic and sweet. That includes favorite stuff, foods, flowers, sweets and birthday gifts for her. Gifts can be in a form of effort like love letter, handmade ones and birthday cards or material things such as jewelry, gadgets, etc.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Him

Want to surprise him on his birthday? That may sound easy but for some, it’s really difficult. But if you know the guy that much, thinking of ideas to surprise him must be a piece of cake for you. Be romantic. You can be naughty and teasing too. Some romantic birthday gift ideas for him as also welcome like cooking dinner, preparing a romantic date, a getaway, etc.

So I really wish these surprise birthday party ideas will do wonders for you.

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

happy-birthdayToday was pretty lethargic. I spent most of my time browsing the web and looking for something that will capture my interest. 15 minutes have passed but I still couldn’t find the things I’d really like. So I logged out and turn off my computer. The next thing I did was to check my cell phone and text my friends.

In my very recent post, I blogged about my friend who’s looking for some suggestions and ideas about her boyfriend’s birthday. And speaking of her, she was calling me. So I answered. She said that she was able to come up with an idea on how she can make her boyfriend’s birthday extra special. She said she’s up to cooking for him but at the same time, she wants to make a romantic birthday card for him. The problem is she isn’t good with words, according to her.

So I asked her, what now? She was asking for help about writing card messages for her boyfriend. I told her I am not good with words either especially if I don’t know or I am not close to the recipient. So I just suggested that I will give her some samples. So by time I am typing this post, I am thinking of some happy birthday wishes that she can use for her boyfriend’s birthday card. Here are some of the ideas I’ve came up to:

You are a best friend
You are a fan
You are my protector
You are the only one
Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

Since I met you,
My world has never been the same
It became colorful
It became so alive
Thanks for coming to my life
Happy Birthday, baby!

Let’s celebrate your big day together
Let’s make it special and worth remembering
Happy birthday to you and I love you so much darling!

There’s one person who will receive extra TLC from me today
He is so special and he’s celebrating his birthday
His name is ____ and my love for him will never fade
Happy birthday to you and I love you so much babe!

You are kind and humble
You’re real and sensible
I just can’t imagine my life without you
Coz I truly love you so.
Happy birthday baby!

I am not sure if these would be great or suitable for her taste but I tried my best. Hopefully she gets what she really wants for her boyfriend’s birthday. She must be really in love with him. And by time I’m done writing those birthday messages, it’s time for me to do the cooking. So, till next time!

Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

birthday card for boyfriendI visited a friend of mine this afternoon. By time I arrived in her house, she welcomed by with faint smile. She’s a little bit in doubt and sad. I asked why. She told me that her boyfriend will soon celebrate his birthday. In fact that’s just 3 days away. I asked why she’s having dilemma on his boyfriend birthday. she said that she want to make it extra special since this will be the first time he will celebrate his birthday as her boyfriend.

So, she was thinking of romantic birthday ideas that will make her boyfriend’s happy and feel loved more. I told her to just do what she can do. But since she’s not that well-off, she has limitations on what she can do for her boyfriend’s big day. She asked for suggestions. Well, I gave some and I’m not sure what suggestions she would consider. Here are some of my birthday ideas.

Cook for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they say. So I told her why not cook a special recipe for him? As his girlfriend for around 8 months, she should have known by now what he wants, his favorites and likes. As much as women want to be pampered, men want to feel special and loved too. The bonus here is, by doing this, there is a chance that he will do it to you as well.

Set up a romantic date with him

This doesn’t have to be expensive. No need to go to an expensive place just to make him feel special. One thing I advised to my friend is that to set up a sweet and cozy ambiance in her house. Buy some champagne or wine. Have some music and glasses and voila! All you have to do is to make the atmosphere as romantic as possible, and some flirting with him too. You can also set up a table where you can put the food you cooked or bought. Then, enjoy the date!

Write a love letter

Another way to make him feel loved and special is by declaring your feelings for him. May your happy birthday wishes as romantic as it can be. You can write a poem or love notes to declare your everlasting love. Another option is making your own birthday card. He will surely be filled with happiness and joy on his special day.

A surprise party

In this idea, she might need to be a little involved. I suggested her to ask her boyfriend’s friends and co-workers to surprise him on his birthday. I advised her to invite his parents too. Prepare the venue and the surprise birthday party. He will surely be overwhelmed with surprise and joy seeing you and his family on his big day.

It’s not about how expensive or cheap the gift is, for as long as it came to the bottom of your heart. A sweet happy birthday messages on a card would have been good enough. She smiled and said she will think about my suggestions.

The Crazy Little Thing called Dream

horrorI had the most extremely horrifying dream last night. I shouldn’t even categorize it as a dream. It was more of a nightmare. I must be really exhausted by time I was able to hit the sack. They said that when you are so tired, there are higher possibility to dream since you are close to very deep sleep.

That must be true coz I was just typing my goodnight messages to send to my honey and textmates when I suddenly went blank and went into deep sleep. And there goes the dream…

The nightmare began inside my university after school hours. It was already nighttime and there was no soul in sight. For some reason, I was just there. I knew it was my university but the hall doesn’t look familiar at all. I walked around and tried to find the exit doors, but every turn took for the worse. The hall became darker and fog seemed to accumulate inside the school. The fog grew thicker. I felt the walls and tried to turn every doorknob I could find but to no avail. They were all locked.

At last, I came to an unlocked door. Without thinking, I stepped inside. It was a Biology lab. Animal fetus and organs were swirling inside huge jars with slimy green liquid. The fog continued to grow thicker. I felt cold. The jars seemed to glow in the darkness. I went back to the door but it was mysteriously locked! I just wanted to escape. I noticed the laboratory window, some 2 feet above me, and all I could see was darkness outside. I moved a table near the window and climbed up to see if the window had a latch so I could open it, and there was. I tiptoed and struggled to pry it open.

Suddenly, the room fell silent. The eerie feeling was suddenly gone. I slowly planted my feet on the table, and turned. What I saw was the worst I could ever imagine! The skeleton model in the corner of the laboratory was floating behind me and was bleeding! I was horrified! I screamed and jumped off the table but the skeleton quickly gave chase. To make things worse, every jar I ran past exploded. The glass shattered and bits of organs and slim flew everywhere. I just ran around the room and finally, I noticed a fire exit. I pushed it open and ran inside. I quickly shut it behind me. I leaned against the door and tried to catch my breath. In front of me was a flight of stairs. I wondered if I should go down or up. I decided up was best because basements scared me. I walked for what seemed like hours of my life. My legs were tired and they grew numb.

At last, the stairs ended and a door welcomed me. I gulped, wiped the sweat trickling down my face, and grabbed the doorknob. I turned the knob and squinted my eyes, and as I opened them I was back at the Biology laboratory again. The bloody skeleton suddenly pulled me in. and I screamed. After that, it went blank and I thankfully woke up. I checked my phone and it was 6:07 AM already. It’s time to jump out of to bed. I hope I never get that kind of dream again!

Happy Wedding Anniversary Celebration

wedding-anniversary-partyThe holiday is over. It’s time to get back to work. Back to normal, back to the old routine. Although I’ve listed some of the New Year’s resolutions, I still ought to do the things just like what I did from the previous year. If you are to ask how my vacation was, it was pretty good. I had a lot of fun! Aside from the Christmas and New Year parties I’ve attended, there was one more occasion I didn’t miss. That was my aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary celebration.

You couldn’t tell that was exclusively an anniversary party. It seemed like it was also a get-together cum christmas party cum reunion cum holiday party celebration. Most of the family members from both clans were there, including our family. It was a great celebration, a literal HUGE celebration.

There were party games, dancing and singing. We also exchange gifts. In the middle of the party, I saw my uncle and aunt looking at each other as if they were newly-wed. Whispering in each other, laughing, tapping as if my uncle told her something silly, you can see the love in their eyes. In the middle of that party, I realized something and I suddenly asked myself… when can I find my own wedding partner?

And then it was my turn to sing in the videoke machine. Since I don’t have that good singing voice, I chose a simple song – Closer you and I. When I looked to my uncle, I saw him held my aunt’s hand. Then, she looked at him and smiled…

The host of the party, one of my cousins, aunt’s son, called the anniversary celebrant. They then went to the middle of the party hall. They were requested to tell their wedding anniversary wishes to each other. My uncle took the first turn. He held my aunt’s hand and look at her eyes while saying how much he has been so lucky through the years. That despite of the arguments, “cold war” and problems, she stayed beautiful in his eyes. He also told her that even if he would be given a second life, he will still choose my aunt as his lifetime partner.

I was so touched hearing those words from a guy, from my uncle. I never thought a man would be that expressive. It was my aunt’s turn. She first thanked him for putting up with her drama, with her hang ups in life and for being such a good husband and a father to their children. She also said how much she loved him and so on… I think most of the guests in the celebration was teary-eyed… oh I’m not included, promise! But I had to swallow a lot of time coz I felt a lump in my throat that time. That was the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen, as they express their wedding anniversary messages for each other, as if they are renewing their vows. That was very romantic!

It was indeed a very romantic and happy wedding anniversary celebration. I really had a lot of fun!