The Crazy Little Thing called Dream

horrorI had the most extremely horrifying dream last night. I shouldn’t even categorize it as a dream. It was more of a nightmare. I must be really exhausted by time I was able to hit the sack. They said that when you are so tired, there are higher possibility to dream since you are close to very deep sleep.

That must be true coz I was just typing my goodnight messages to send to my honey and textmates when I suddenly went blank and went into deep sleep. And there goes the dream…

The nightmare began inside my university after school hours. It was already nighttime and there was no soul in sight. For some reason, I was just there. I knew it was my university but the hall doesn’t look familiar at all. I walked around and tried to find the exit doors, but every turn took for the worse. The hall became darker and fog seemed to accumulate inside the school. The fog grew thicker. I felt the walls and tried to turn every doorknob I could find but to no avail. They were all locked.

At last, I came to an unlocked door. Without thinking, I stepped inside. It was a Biology lab. Animal fetus and organs were swirling inside huge jars with slimy green liquid. The fog continued to grow thicker. I felt cold. The jars seemed to glow in the darkness. I went back to the door but it was mysteriously locked! I just wanted to escape. I noticed the laboratory window, some 2 feet above me, and all I could see was darkness outside. I moved a table near the window and climbed up to see if the window had a latch so I could open it, and there was. I tiptoed and struggled to pry it open.

Suddenly, the room fell silent. The eerie feeling was suddenly gone. I slowly planted my feet on the table, and turned. What I saw was the worst I could ever imagine! The skeleton model in the corner of the laboratory was floating behind me and was bleeding! I was horrified! I screamed and jumped off the table but the skeleton quickly gave chase. To make things worse, every jar I ran past exploded. The glass shattered and bits of organs and slim flew everywhere. I just ran around the room and finally, I noticed a fire exit. I pushed it open and ran inside. I quickly shut it behind me. I leaned against the door and tried to catch my breath. In front of me was a flight of stairs. I wondered if I should go down or up. I decided up was best because basements scared me. I walked for what seemed like hours of my life. My legs were tired and they grew numb.

At last, the stairs ended and a door welcomed me. I gulped, wiped the sweat trickling down my face, and grabbed the doorknob. I turned the knob and squinted my eyes, and as I opened them I was back at the Biology laboratory again. The bloody skeleton suddenly pulled me in. and I screamed. After that, it went blank and I thankfully woke up. I checked my phone and it was 6:07 AM already. It’s time to jump out of to bed. I hope I never get that kind of dream again!


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