Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

happy-birthdayToday was pretty lethargic. I spent most of my time browsing the web and looking for something that will capture my interest. 15 minutes have passed but I still couldn’t find the things I’d really like. So I logged out and turn off my computer. The next thing I did was to check my cell phone and text my friends.

In my very recent post, I blogged about my friend who’s looking for some suggestions and ideas about her boyfriend’s birthday. And speaking of her, she was calling me. So I answered. She said that she was able to come up with an idea on how she can make her boyfriend’s birthday extra special. She said she’s up to cooking for him but at the same time, she wants to make a romantic birthday card for him. The problem is she isn’t good with words, according to her.

So I asked her, what now? She was asking for help about writing card messages for her boyfriend. I told her I am not good with words either especially if I don’t know or I am not close to the recipient. So I just suggested that I will give her some samples. So by time I am typing this post, I am thinking of some happy birthday wishes that she can use for her boyfriend’s birthday card. Here are some of the ideas I’ve came up to:

You are a best friend
You are a fan
You are my protector
You are the only one
Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

Since I met you,
My world has never been the same
It became colorful
It became so alive
Thanks for coming to my life
Happy Birthday, baby!

Let’s celebrate your big day together
Let’s make it special and worth remembering
Happy birthday to you and I love you so much darling!

There’s one person who will receive extra TLC from me today
He is so special and he’s celebrating his birthday
His name is ____ and my love for him will never fade
Happy birthday to you and I love you so much babe!

You are kind and humble
You’re real and sensible
I just can’t imagine my life without you
Coz I truly love you so.
Happy birthday baby!

I am not sure if these would be great or suitable for her taste but I tried my best. Hopefully she gets what she really wants for her boyfriend’s birthday. She must be really in love with him. And by time I’m done writing those birthday messages, it’s time for me to do the cooking. So, till next time!


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