Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

birthday card for boyfriendI visited a friend of mine this afternoon. By time I arrived in her house, she welcomed by with faint smile. She’s a little bit in doubt and sad. I asked why. She told me that her boyfriend will soon celebrate his birthday. In fact that’s just 3 days away. I asked why she’s having dilemma on his boyfriend birthday. she said that she want to make it extra special since this will be the first time he will celebrate his birthday as her boyfriend.

So, she was thinking of romantic birthday ideas that will make her boyfriend’s happy and feel loved more. I told her to just do what she can do. But since she’s not that well-off, she has limitations on what she can do for her boyfriend’s big day. She asked for suggestions. Well, I gave some and I’m not sure what suggestions she would consider. Here are some of my birthday ideas.

Cook for him

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, they say. So I told her why not cook a special recipe for him? As his girlfriend for around 8 months, she should have known by now what he wants, his favorites and likes. As much as women want to be pampered, men want to feel special and loved too. The bonus here is, by doing this, there is a chance that he will do it to you as well.

Set up a romantic date with him

This doesn’t have to be expensive. No need to go to an expensive place just to make him feel special. One thing I advised to my friend is that to set up a sweet and cozy ambiance in her house. Buy some champagne or wine. Have some music and glasses and voila! All you have to do is to make the atmosphere as romantic as possible, and some flirting with him too. You can also set up a table where you can put the food you cooked or bought. Then, enjoy the date!

Write a love letter

Another way to make him feel loved and special is by declaring your feelings for him. May your happy birthday wishes as romantic as it can be. You can write a poem or love notes to declare your everlasting love. Another option is making your own birthday card. He will surely be filled with happiness and joy on his special day.

A surprise party

In this idea, she might need to be a little involved. I suggested her to ask her boyfriend’s friends and co-workers to surprise him on his birthday. I advised her to invite his parents too. Prepare the venue and the surprise birthday party. He will surely be overwhelmed with surprise and joy seeing you and his family on his big day.

It’s not about how expensive or cheap the gift is, for as long as it came to the bottom of your heart. A sweet happy birthday messages on a card would have been good enough. She smiled and said she will think about my suggestions.


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