Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

birthday-celebrationWhen talking about birthday parties, everybody knows that close friends and families of the celebrant will really make an effort for the celebrant to be happy. Especially if the planned birthday party is actually a surprise, you could just imagine how satisfying it is for the birthday planner to see the surprise face yet thankful and happy of the celebrant. So if you are one of those who are planning for a surprise party, below are some of the best birthday party ideas.

Every birthday should be day to be cherished and be grateful that they have reached another year. If the birthday happens to one of your close friend or family member, you are partly responsible to make her day really special and also to the people who are close to her. If you are planning to give a surprise party you must do it according to her age, habits, likes and dislikes and some other personality traits.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Kids

Most of the time kids loved to daydream being as one of the characters of one of his favorite movies. Thus, if you really want to surprise him, try to make your party closer to his daydream. Make sure that he will not forget all his favorite themes like what he loved to play his favorite toys, colors, music, and food and don’t forget to invite his favorite friends. Because he is a kid, they are eager to open and see the present they got for their special day. So, make sure that he will not be disappointed to the gift. You make this a surprise by hiding your present somewhere he usually hide, like his cabinet, front room, and other part of the house. By time he discover the gifts, this is the time you will surprise him with more presents and celebrations.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Parents

But then if the party is for your parents, it will be totally different. Remember that they are the reason why you happened to be in this world, so to effectively surprise them you can act as if you do not know that it’s their special day. If the birthday happens in weekdays, you can pretend that you’re sick and that you need stay to stay at home. If they are working, then that’s the time that you will setup your surprise birthday party. You can make a banner with your parents’ picture and some happy birthday messages from your siblings and other family members. Then, when the celebrant returns home, you can surprise them with the party you planned. Make a speech of how much you are appreciative.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Her

If the celebrant is your better half or someone special, your surprise party idea must be romantic and sweet. That includes favorite stuff, foods, flowers, sweets and birthday gifts for her. Gifts can be in a form of effort like love letter, handmade ones and birthday cards or material things such as jewelry, gadgets, etc.

Surprise Birthday Ideas for Him

Want to surprise him on his birthday? That may sound easy but for some, it’s really difficult. But if you know the guy that much, thinking of ideas to surprise him must be a piece of cake for you. Be romantic. You can be naughty and teasing too. Some romantic birthday gift ideas for him as also welcome like cooking dinner, preparing a romantic date, a getaway, etc.

So I really wish these surprise birthday party ideas will do wonders for you.


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