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Celebrating Diamond 75th Wedding Anniversary

happy-75th anniversaryTraditionally, Diamond anniversary referred to the 75th anniversary but due to the overwhelmingly low number of couples who make it to that mark, it has been used in the modern times to mean attainment of 60 years of marriage.

We all know that not only is a diamond one of the most precious minerals that we have on our planet, it is also one of the hardest and strongest minerals. Therefore, for a wedding anniversary to be equated to diamond, it signifies the extent of both the level of worth and strength of the marriage over the years; to see off all the challenges and remain intact for that long.

This is no easy fete to achieve. Firstly, to remain married for that long is by itself almost a miracle especially taking into account the increased levels of divorces since the end of the First World War. This is further complicated by natural causes such as health and life expectancy. This means that, it is extremely difficult for both husband and wife to live long enough reach this fete together.

Choosing Gift to Mark Diamond Anniversary

As the name of the anniversary suggests, the traditional theme of this celebration is diamond based. While choosing a gift for this occasion, it is therefore important to take this factor into consideration. It is also inherent to take into account the age of the couple and past memories that the couple may greatly treasure.

Anniversary Party

It is unimaginable to manage to be married for way more than half a century and then bypass throwing a party to celebrate this extraordinary moment. In most instances, the couple is hardly involved in organizing the party. It is mostly done by their children, who in most cases, by this time are middle aged. The party in most cases turns out to be a celebration of life as well as a family get together.

Memento Scrapbook

This involves capturing the precious moments in the couple’s marriage by gathering photographs of the couple throughout their married life. The hardest bit is managing to get all the photos without missing or leaving anything out. It is important to involve family and friends who know the couple well and from the early days of their marriage. Most probably they will have photos of the couple, some long forgotten.

A memento scrapbook is a precious souvenir with whose captions and descriptions walks the couple down the memory lane. The long forgotten memories are rekindled and not only serve as a strengthening factor for the couple moving on but also as a source of inspiration for the future generations after them.

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Anniversary Video

It is extremely important to capture this momentous occasion on tape. The goodwill messages, well wishes as well as peer couples sharing their life stories serves as source of inspiration for the couple when they sit and watch the compilation. Each time they watch, it is a moment to cherish by simply knowing how much they are appreciated and loved by those closest to them and they are not forgotten; as many an elderly couple will tend to feel from time to time.

Material Gifts

When getting a gift for a couple celebrating its diamond anniversary, there are a few things to consider. Chief among them is the age of the couple. The combined age of the couple is way past 150 years. It is safe at this moment to assume that the couple is not necessarily looking to accumulate any more material wealth but instead to celebrate life. At the same time, taking into consideration that the theme of this celebration is diamond based, it is therefore important to get gifts that exhibit simplicity of the theme and the complexity in symbolism. Diamond crusted gift packs will always pass the test as well as personalized gifts such as picture frames, scrapbooks and video compilations.


How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring

wedding ringGenerally, one of the most important milestones in anyone’s life, both for men and women, is the day they get married. For most people, especially for the bride to be, planning a wedding is as crucial as the day they tie the knot, it may even be more stressful and pain-staking. Everything has to be in place and planned perfectly, from the dress to the cake and then there are the wedding bands. It is one of the most important things to take note and take into consideration as these wedding rings will be the symbol of the couple’s eternal love for each other. It is the physical evidence and representation that a person is already married. And since this piece of jewelry will be stuck with you for the rest of your life, it is very important to choose only the best for you and your husband or wife to be.

Choosing the Right Wedding Rings

wedding-ringsA common and general rule in picking the perfect ring for any couple is choosing a piece that is timeless and something that will never go out of style. These classic pieces will be ideal for any future husband and wife. You can never go wrong with these wedding rings that couples can even pass on to their children. Designs for this type of wedding bands are usually simple and comes with minimal or no embellishments at all. A simple solid gold ring is one of the favorites. Younger couples, instead of gold, choose silver, white gold or even platinum. A ceramic, titanium or tungsten ring is also available.

Diamond Rings

Diamonds are also a common choice for couples when shopping for a wedding ring. Unlike engagement rings where a single diamond is placed on top of the band, wedding rings are embellished with a number of diamonds, whether it is in rows or scattered around the rings. You can give the simple, classic wedding ring a twist with these precious sparkles.

Ask for Expert’s Advice

wedding-rings-3Usually, the groom will opt for the simple, plain ones as it is more masculine while the bride would want a fancier band, something with diamonds or some other embellishments. If the couple could not agree with the type of wedding ring they want to get, it is best to seek advice from a professional or a jeweler. As a growing trend these days, having a custom-made ring is ideal for those people that cannot decide on what is the right ring for them. Seeking an expert will not just make it easier for the couple but it will also lessen the tension in an already stressful wedding planning. There are several ways on how to have your very own customized wedding bands.

Wedding Rings Online

there are a handful of jewelry websites that offers this type of special service. Once you have inquired, the online shop will be providing different type of choices that both couples can choose from. From the size to the metals, shapes and edges, to the finishing touches, it is all up to you and your spouse. Once done with the choosing and designing process, clients will be able to look at a preview their personally-designed wedding rings. This is done before the rings are delivered in order to make sure that you have agreed and approved of your wedding rings’ look.

Wedding Rings in Local Jewelry Shops

wedding-ring-pairAnother option is to visit the jewelry store yourselves. With this option, you and your partner will literally make your wedding rings yourselves. With your own hand, you will get to create an important piece of jewelry that will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, as most of us are not goldsmiths, there will be one guiding you while in the process. The goldsmith will be your guide on how to use the tools in making your dream wedding rings turn into reality. Going for this option will give you the advantage of checking out the rings every step of the way. Any flaw or mistakes will be easily corrected and be altered by the experts. This is a very great way of spending quality time with your partner and will give your rings a more personal and meaningful feel to it. Other than that, you will have a unique and one of a kind ring. But of course, these kinds of procedure will cost you more. You may want to save up for this, if you’re in a tight budget.

Customized, traditional, embellished, solid gold or platinum, wedding rings may differ in size, design or value what is important is the love that binds the hands that wear them. You may have the fanciest of rings but your marriage is in trouble, the essence of wearing the wedding bands will not be there and your rings will just be another regular, ordinary ring.

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Birthday Cake Designs for All Ages

birthday-cake designsBirthdays will never be complete without a cake that usually emphasizing how old a celebrant as they blow the candles on top of it. All ages wish not just for a delicious cake but to have an extra-ordinary cake that represents how others see them. This is a kind of gift that will not just excite ones taste buds but will also tickle their mind how a cake was baked especially for them.

Though buying a cake on pastry shop and looking for a nice cake to give for a celebrant is a hassle-free task for everyone, baking your own cake and putting lots of effort on it is the best gift that a celebrant can have from you. This may take so much time and effort for just one day, but it is truly a rewarding feeling to know that you make them happy on this special day.

Also, baking cakes will not require you too much money than buying a ready-made one so why not masters your baking abilities for this?
Considering the age of the celebrant, there are different ideas available for you to choose from. Below are some unique ways to decorate your birthday cakes that will be more appealing in your celebrant’s eyes.

Birthday Cakes for Young Kids

birthday-cake-for-kidsKids will always be kids when it comes to cakes and sweets. Make sure to select a suitable Kid’s Birthday Cake Themes when you are celebrating kids birthday to highlight their favorite color so it will be even look more pleasant in their eyes. Know their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes and put it on the top of their cake along with the candles. If your kids love sports such as basketball or baseball, why not bake a cake shaped like those balls of the game.

Little boys who love gadgets will surely melt their hearts for an iPod shape cake. This will never be hard to bake since iPod have a rectangular shape so you won’t need too much effort to shape it. Just create the design of iPod’s buttons and screen and it will be perfect. For little girls, princesses and castle will always be a great image to look at during this early age. Add some flowers and butterflies for a more fairytale effect on your masterpiece.

Photo: cakepicturegallery

Birthday Cakes for Teens

birthday-cakeTime will pass when our babies will soon be teens and once in a while, it is not bad for us to make them remember those years where they once been a baby. Bake a bunch of cupcakes and put it in layers full of printed old photograph showing their early childhood days. Let them be tease by their friends on how the time changed them. Just make sure that photos involve will not bring embarrassment to our celebrant, and the room will surely be filled with chuckles and laughter.

For bigger occasions like debuts, why not give your teens a rewarding gift as they turn this early maturity in their life? You can try to have a simple cake with a special item inside such as real jewels for girls and awesome car key for boys – that would be a big surprise gift for sure!

Photo: Cake-Photos

Birthday Cakes for Adults

birthday-cake-designsFamily and work are the main things that are keeping our person in adulthood stage of their life so busy. With this reason, make sure to let them enjoy their time during their birthday by baking cakes showing how busy they are nowadays. Bake a cake with a shape of a laptop by producing two layers of rectangular cakes, one for the keyboard and the other for the screen. You can send a personalize birthday message to the celebrant with the use of icing or frosting to write on the laptop’s screen.

For those adults who are going solo and loves to party, why not bake a cake shape like a beer mug. This will represents the celebrant’s love for beer while hanging around with friends during parties. This is done by cutting a bake cake with the shape of a mug and using the excess cake as the handle. Decorate the cake with white frosting and add a yellow icing to represents the beer. Add another layer of white frosting on the top of the beer to look like the foam of the beer.

Birthday Cakes for Elders

50th-birthday-cakesPutting too many candles that represent the age of an elder people will only make our celebrant to lose their breath – by candle blowing! Best way to design a cake for an elderly people is to emphasize their age by shaping the cake itself. This is done by baking two rectangular or square cakes and cut it to a shape of the corresponding combined numbers of their age.

Most elders are conscious about their health so just simply add the frosting and eliminate too many sweets on it so they can enjoy eating your cake with no worries.

Birthday Card Ideas

handmade-birthday-cardsBirthday can be one of the most special and much awaited event in one’s life. Aside from receiving gifts and enjoying the party the celebrant or the family of the celebrant will throw, it’s also a time when the celebrant can feel that he/she is loved and appreciated. This can be shown through birthday cards and notes, especially those handmade ones.

As the market is slowly crawling up, prices including greeting cards are as well at stake. It’s apparently increasing as everything in bazaar upsurges. To help ease the pain of your breaking pocket why not try an alternative and cheap yet shop-like birthday cards. Open your creative mind and let us make good cards out of your on-hand materials. Here are some good ideas to create a low-cost but gorgeous birthday card masterpiece.

Photo Credit: Accoline Handmade B-day Cards

Tips in Making Your Own Birthday Cards

  • craft-makingGather your tools and materials. Run down your essential equipment to get things ready and get it all started. First, begin with your papers, get a hold of it and make sure it’s thick enough to fight crumples and has good quality that could possibly elongate the lifespan of your card for memory keeping. You can select with paper folders, construction papers and other durable and craftsy paper.
  • Content and Colors. Next, take your writing and coloring materials like pencils, pens, markers, crayons, colored pens and pencils, and if you’re into painting; you can use watercolor too. Then bring nearer the other necessary materials you think you will be needing like scissors, glue, ribbon, feathers, beads, and other crops.
  • Additional Features. You might also need something that connects you and your addressee like old photos, common belongings, or any crop that shares memories between you and your recipient. This can all be useful in creating such lovely and amusing card. Gather all materials within easy reach, then start working out with your imagination before going into your piece so you could create a really good art.

Ideas for a Perfect Birthday Card

  • Interest of your Recipient. In making cards you need to have at least a hint on what would probably please your recipient. Their favourite color, characters, as well as their style and attitude are some of the best pointers that can be a good core of the card you’re making. Forget not on what interest your receiver the most. If he’s into fashion include pictures of fabulous dresses and shoes in your decoration. If it’s for a bubbly, and wacky celebrant; have fun and show it in your craft. If you’re giving it to a kid be colorful and playful, they adore colors and balloons.
  • Relation Ship: Consider Your relationship with the person, When you are selecting a Birthday Card to Boyfriend then you should select a birthday card which will radiate you love and affection to him.
  • Creativity is the Key. Do not limit your creativity so you could come up with a great outcome. Decorate and design your birthday card infinitely, mix and match but do not overdo. Shape it out, cut it down, fill colors and draw into it, be buoyant and don’t be afraid to get messy. Do whatever plays within your mind, because you can be extremely artistic in your own little way. And to sum it up– Be creative, that’s it.happy-birthday-wishes
  • Birthday Messages. The most important part of a card is your message where your greetings are located. Write what you want to say that you can’t do orally. It’s one noble way of expressing what you want him or her to know. If you can’t say it through your mouth then tell it through your hands, so they’ll know not by their ears but their eyes. Use any famous aphorisms but do not fail to include your own words. Personal birthday messages are more heart melting than those common sayings. Here are some famous quotes that you may use:

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive that is Youer than You”
~Dr. Seuss

“Life is to be enjoyed, not endured”
~Gordon B. Hinckley

These are some good examples; however you may also use poems and essays. You can even inscribe your own poem as you pull out the poetry in you. And oh, don’t forget to remember that personal birthday messages are the highlight in making your card.

Be expressive, you don’t need to limit your words with the quantity. If you think you have lots of things to impart then lengthen it out, you can always choose to make a huge card, size won’t matter. You can have it to as big as the one you’re giving it or as tiny as a fourfold pad paper. What would matter most is the content, do not count on how much word have you made but count on what and how to unfold your birthday messages to make your celebrant’s birthday , a day. Crack a joke, be emotional, shout your words or trick her out, make the most of your insights and jot it down. If it’s for a kid then obviously you got to pull out the childish part of you and write what kids can fully understand and comprehend.

You have to at most compliment your work with what is appropriate, that is why you have to be concerned about what you only need to be sure that you had hit the bird and got what you really need. Making someone’s day special doesn’t need to be really expensive. All you need is your courage, your eagerness and willingness, and then lastly and most importantly is to bring out your CREATIVITY.


Easter Egg Games

easter-egg-gamesIt’s Easter! If you happen to spend your Easter with your kids and their company, you might probably need to think of some fun activities that will keep them busy. This is where you can take advantage from using Easter eggs. There are number of fun Eater egg games that you can execute for your kids to enjoy. You can even invite other kids from the neighborhood to join the fun.

They can be hassle and we’re short on time… Don’t fret. These samples of Easter egg games are fun to play but don’t require expensive materials. They are easy to play too. No more complicated rules and restrictions for kids. So what are you waiting for? Let the game begin!

Easter Egg Games to Play

Steal the Easter Flag

What You Need:

  • Four Red Flags
  • Four Blue Flags

How to Play:

  1. Attach Easter Bunnies at the front of each red flag while use Easter eggs for the blue flags.
  2. Place the Red flags in one row on one side of the room and the lay blue flags in the opposite side.
  3. Group the children into two teams to play for the red team and for the blue team. Members of the team should run to the side of the other team and try to steal their flags and bring them to their side. Players who try to steal must avoid being touched by the other team member.
  4. When a player is touched by the other team, he/she must stand still until his/her teammate is able to touch him/her. The team who is able to steal three flags first from the other team wins.

Easter Egg Pair

What You Need:

  • Easter Eggs made from Construction Papers,
  • Scissors or Pinking Scissors

How to Play:

  1. Cut each Easter egg in half.
  2. Make sure to cut it at an angle or to cut it using pinking scissors to provide decorative cuttings to the paper.
  3. Mix up the cut out eggs and give each to the children.
  4. Let them find their matching half of the egg.
  5. The pair who matched first is the winner of the game.

Easter Egg Roll and Win Race

What you Need:

  • Boiled Eggs or Plastic Eggs

How to Play:

  1. Put a mark for the starting line and the finish line.
  2. Place the egg at the starting line.
  3. Let the players stand at the starting line without holding or touching the egg.
  4. Each player races to the finish line by rolling the egg using only their nose.
  5. The player who finishes first wins the game.

Slide and Hit Easter Egg

What you Need:

  • Boiled Easter eggs,
  • tape

How to Play:

  1. Use one Easter egg as a hitting target.
  2. Place it at the centre of the room or playing area.
  3. Make a circle around the target egg using the tape to serve as a boundary between the target egg and the eggs used by the players.
  4. Start the game by letting the children roll their eggs with their hands towards the target egg. The one who rolls the egg closest to the target egg wins.
  5. The player who hits the target egg inside the circle gets to win a special prize!

Easter Egg Catch

What you Need:

  • Raw Eggs

How to Play:

  1. Let the players play by partners. Let each pair stand and face their partner.
  2. Give a two or three-step distance between the pair of players.
  3. One of the partners takes a hold of the raw egg.
  4. When the game master signals start, the player holding the raw egg should toss the egg to his/her partner and his/her partner should catch the egg.
  5. When the egg falls or breaks, the pair of players is eliminated. But each time the partner catches the egg, the pair should increase their distance apart. The pair that remains with unbroken egg is the winner.

Easter Egg Hoard

What You Need:

  • Cut-out Easter Eggs made from Construction Paper (About 100 or more)

How to Play:

  1. While children are out of the room, conceal the Easter eggs in different parts of the room.
  2. Let the children in the room and at the count of three, let them search for as many Easter eggs as they can find. The one who gets the most Easter eggs wins!

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Birthday Gifts for Teens

happy-birthdayWhat could every teenage girls wish to have with their birthdays? Every great party comes with extraordinary gifts. Of course! It’s every teenage wish to have really good gifts. Made it be just a gadget, a trip, or the trendiest items. To help you with what fits the most to whom you are giving a present with here’s some consideration:

  • The trendy girl whose attention is more about dressing up and looking so into fashion.
  • The Techy teen who spares money and saves to buy the latest gadget
  • The “DORA”-like, who adores travelling and experiencing everything in the world.
  • Or the simplest type; who appreciates simple things or does not look at the value.

Photo Credit: Omer Wazir

For Trendy Teens

If your giving on a trendy girl, make sure you’re updated to what’s new. She’s the type who looks for new one. Electronics can never be wrong and the coolest one spells it all. Look for the unique design that caught attentions. Here are good samples:

  • Smartpen – where anything works for you anytime, anywhere using a WiFi Smartpen or the convenience of Echo Smartpen. Both are designed for everyone’s pleasure that technology has to offer to any teens especially the students. Giving this could probably make your receiver shout for joy.
  • Cute Laptop, Cellphone and Gadgets Accessories – Most of teens spend time in front of their computers busy with some stuff. Unwrapping something that would make their gadget look a lot prettier would surely create a great shape of smiles on their face. Find something that has to connect with their sense of fashion and style.
  • Fashionable Headphones and Earphones – best option to give to a teen music lover. A pair of unique fashionable headphones for sure is a good choice. Its colour, design and uniqueness are good key points. Choose what best fits to whom you’re giving and never choose the one you think is boring.
  • Passion for Fashion – One great choice for a dress-at-your-best teen is a highly fashionable handbag. Fabulous dresses and accessories are highlighted as well. They sure love dressing up and look good, so wrapping a good set of makeup is also great. Brush set, nail art kit and polishes, make up guide and books are also a great choice. And oh! Trendy jewels and accessories are top choices as well.

For Techy Freaks

The Techyteens always look for the newest gadget. Giving them up to date items will surely make them go crazy. Look for the cool and the newest, because they for sure are following what’s the latest. Best samples are iPads, Tablets, iPods, or Smartphones. These are teen’s must-have. Following what the latest is really expensive, you have to really earn a lot so you can buy what’s hot. With these new gadgets, who would say no for a gift like this? However if you have issues with your budget, worry no more. Alternative gadgets are available in the market today. In choosing good quality at cheaper price items you just got to be keen enough because tough choice comes from a wise mind.

For “DORA” Explorers

Are you giving to a teen whose time is more spared on travelling? Well a trip gift doesn’t have to be ignored. They can still enjoy exploring at their age. It just had to be safe, reachable, and cost-worth. Places for teens are those that best suits them and should be fun, learning and interesting. Most places that fit them are parks, museums, and beaches will do. It would surely make them remember their birthday and the one who made their birthdays special like you. Moreover, if you will give gifts like this don’t forget to keep them reminded about “SAFETY FIRST” and your travel idea is what would best matters.

For Simple Teens

The last one is the type who appreciates anything: give her book she’ll read it, give her dress she’ll wear them. Bring her anywhere she’ll enjoy it. Give her stuff she’ll keep it. Give her anything she’ll use them. This is the easiest person to give presents to. She’ll all appreciate things like: Stuff toys, perfumes, books, dress, shoes, everything. You just had to be creative. However don’t get her wrong, don’t just give her, treat her as someone special, and that you are giving her something special as well.
And hey, sentimental presents are good too. There are a lot of things need not to buy but to make and pull out the most creative mind out of you like scrapbooks that keeps sentimental memories. That for sure will draw a different yet sweet smile on the face of the teen girl you are giving.

Choosing gifts don’t really have to be expensive; creativity and sincerity is the key. Take time to know who you are giving to. Categorize her, and your job of choosing what to gift will be a lot easier. Be keen, be wise and nice.

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Great 80th Birthday Gifts

80th birthdayTime and attention speak our love louder than words can say. This is especially true for people turning 80. The 80th birthday is a very big event in one’s life which deserves a one-of-a-kind gift. Reaching the age of 8 decades is never an easy feat. Hence, celebrants deserve nothing but the best on this important milestone in their life.

Looking for this one-of-a-kind gift is rather difficult to do. What gift can best speak our love for our 80-year old love one? No matter what the gift is, careful thought should be invested in choosing the kind of gift that spells care and affection to the recipient. The following is a top ten list of best birthday gift ideas that you can offer to the aged friend or family.

Best Gift Ideas for 80th Birthday

family-portraitFamily Portrait

It is always touching to the heart of a person to see the family extending. To do this, you can prepare pictures of every member in the family arranged in a family tree or placed in picture frames. You can also do a painting or pay somebody to paint the family tree portrait of the recipient.

Nostalgic Item

Things that he/she have used and enjoyed in his/her past years can be used as birthday gifts. These nostalgic items can bring back loving, fun, and good memories of the olden moments. Choose something that is still available today like a copy of CD of his/her favourite movie, favorite music album, or magazine.

Hobby Box

Find out the hobby of the special person of the day. Gifting him/her with things that he/she can use in his/her hobby will surely bring him/her happiness in his/her birthday. If he/she still enjoys gardening, give her some gardening tools or a pot of her favorite plant or flower. If he/she finds joy in collecting some items, like stamps or coins, add his/her collection with your special gift.

sports-birthday-giftRecreational Gifts

Persons at this age usually have bicycling, bowling, or golf as their recreation. Find something useful connected to their recreational or sports activities to give them during their birthday. A recipient who loves to play bowling can be given a film on this sports for him to enjoy watching. Audio books about their favorite recreational activity or sports can also be given as 80th birthday gifts.

Gifts for Necessity

80-year olds already have difficulty accomplishing even small tasks and chores that they still like to do. Help them cope with this difficulty by giving them practical gifts such as flashlights, magnifying lens, or extra batteries. They would also appreciate it very much when they are given things to help them get in touch with friends and relatives like a pad of paper for writing letters, pens, or greeting cards.

Relaxation Gifts

Their age makes them easily susceptible to weariness and aching muscles. A touch of relaxation can be wrapped with a gift containing soothing hand and body lotions, medicinal ointment for the tired muscles, body scrub or spray, or an ice pack. A CD of their favorite music can also relax their mind from a tiresome activity. Or, better yet, give them a light massage during their special day. If you can’t do this, hire someone who is good at body massage to rejuvenate them.

Time-Off Day Gift

Spend a day with the birthday person and let him/her take time off from doing his/her usual work or chore. This will be a precious gift for him/her which serves as a loving and self-less act to help ease out the load of work he/she carries. You can offer washing the dishes, cleaning the pantry, washing and drying the clothes, and any other chores he/she needs to do that day.

birthday-scrapbookPersonal Message Book

Encouraging and loving words can do mightily to lift up their spirits. Their birthday will be filled with so much color and meaning when they receive more than just the material things that money can buy. One of the things that they need the most at this stage of their life is loving affirmations from the family and friends. Prepare a personalized notebook, diary, or birthday scrapbook and ask friends and family members to write dedications and happy birthday wishes to the beloved birthday celebrant.

Documentary Film

Though this can be a costly gift, it renders time, effort, and personal touch to the gift. This can be done by doing a biography of the recipient by filming an interview of family and friends. You can include achievements and successes made and achieved by the birthday celebrant. The documentary film can be presented during a party or be given privately for the family to watch together.

Photo Credit: WordRidden

Birthday Party

The presence of family members and friends during their 80th birthday will be a heart-warming occasion for the birthday celebrant. He/she needs to be reassured of the support and care of their loved ones. A party can bring old and familiar faces and ties together and makes him/her feel well-loved. A surprise birthday party will be great! Design the party base on his/her interests or favorite things and make him/her the star of the party.