Kid’s Birthday Party Venues

kids birthday partyNothing defines a birthday celebration other than where it is held. The delight in the eyes of children and even in adults is priceless every time they host parties in their preferred place. For children, holding parties at unique venues puts their fantasies into reality and allows them to live their dream roles even for a day. Living their story lives for a day is enough for the memory to be etched in their minds and allow them to relish the wonderful experience every time they celebrate their birthdays.

Usually parents would pay it forward and assure their children of living better lives than the ones they had. This of course includes celebrating their birthdays year after year. Giving a new experience year after year is perhaps the ultimate goal of every parent in planning their child’s birthday. So now, parents can get fun filled and unique ideas on prospective places that they can celebrate their children’s birthdays especially for surprise birthday party.

Image Credit: D Sharon Pruitt

Hitting the Lanes

A great fun-filled and balanced venue to host a child’s birthday is a bowling alley. Ideal for older kids, these lanes would definitely cater not only children but also to accompanying adults as well. Sports activities also encourage healthy competition among peers as well as provide both mental and physical exercises for children. Take note though that anyone below 9 years old might not be able to lift the ball so younger children, steer clear of these lanes.

Park without Rides and Cars

Though it has no relation to theme parks or car parks, outdoor parks provide the same amount of fun. The vast open space provides an area for fun-filled activities designed as energy release for energy filled children. Aside from the wide space, parks are also hassle free because you need not worry about the mess the children may make. No risk of broken decors, house ornaments as well. Just make sure that children are closely supervised so as to prevent any accidents or untoward incidents from happening.

Storming the Fire Precinct

A trip to the Fire Precinct can be a refreshing idea to host a birthday party. Children regard people in protection as heroes. Imagine the glee of children spending time with their idols and perhaps affirming that they also one to be firemen when they grow up. Sliding down the fire pole or climbing up the stationary fire truck is an experience definitely worthwhile for children. Furthermore, taking pictures of children wearing firemen gear would also add value to their trip.

Rediscover the Past, Present and the Future

Educational birthday celebrations put different twist to learning. Hosting a birthday party at a museum adds learning value to the fun-filled experience. Scout for interactive museums for national history, natural science or planetariums etc. that give a healthy dose of science and history without the traditional classroom setup. Children at a young age are like sponges thus this will be an opportune time to educate children on the richness of history and natural science without them realizing it. Furthermore, different learning styles are reinforced in museums making easy absorption of information for children.

Feel Good: Celebrate in a Fast Food

Fast Food chains are not only known for their fast food preparation but also their quick-fix concepts during preparations. In addition to a ready play place and function room, fast food chains have party packages including party favors, banners with happy birthday wishes and mascots. Sometimes, the celebrant just has to bring himself/herself to the venue and the rest is taken care of. In addition, if you are celebrating on a tight budget, you can never go wrong with reasonably priced value meals to give you much savings. Make sure you are buying a birthday Cake with kids birthday Cake theme to make the birthday something great

Like any celebration, it’s the celebrant that is the main attraction during birthdays. Find ways to arouse the interest of the little ones and at the same time, make the party value-added with a twist of learning.


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