Great 80th Birthday Gifts

80th birthdayTime and attention speak our love louder than words can say. This is especially true for people turning 80. The 80th birthday is a very big event in one’s life which deserves a one-of-a-kind gift. Reaching the age of 8 decades is never an easy feat. Hence, celebrants deserve nothing but the best on this important milestone in their life.

Looking for this one-of-a-kind gift is rather difficult to do. What gift can best speak our love for our 80-year old love one? No matter what the gift is, careful thought should be invested in choosing the kind of gift that spells care and affection to the recipient. The following is a top ten list of best birthday gift ideas that you can offer to the aged friend or family.

Best Gift Ideas for 80th Birthday

family-portraitFamily Portrait

It is always touching to the heart of a person to see the family extending. To do this, you can prepare pictures of every member in the family arranged in a family tree or placed in picture frames. You can also do a painting or pay somebody to paint the family tree portrait of the recipient.

Nostalgic Item

Things that he/she have used and enjoyed in his/her past years can be used as birthday gifts. These nostalgic items can bring back loving, fun, and good memories of the olden moments. Choose something that is still available today like a copy of CD of his/her favourite movie, favorite music album, or magazine.

Hobby Box

Find out the hobby of the special person of the day. Gifting him/her with things that he/she can use in his/her hobby will surely bring him/her happiness in his/her birthday. If he/she still enjoys gardening, give her some gardening tools or a pot of her favorite plant or flower. If he/she finds joy in collecting some items, like stamps or coins, add his/her collection with your special gift.

sports-birthday-giftRecreational Gifts

Persons at this age usually have bicycling, bowling, or golf as their recreation. Find something useful connected to their recreational or sports activities to give them during their birthday. A recipient who loves to play bowling can be given a film on this sports for him to enjoy watching. Audio books about their favorite recreational activity or sports can also be given as 80th birthday gifts.

Gifts for Necessity

80-year olds already have difficulty accomplishing even small tasks and chores that they still like to do. Help them cope with this difficulty by giving them practical gifts such as flashlights, magnifying lens, or extra batteries. They would also appreciate it very much when they are given things to help them get in touch with friends and relatives like a pad of paper for writing letters, pens, or greeting cards.

Relaxation Gifts

Their age makes them easily susceptible to weariness and aching muscles. A touch of relaxation can be wrapped with a gift containing soothing hand and body lotions, medicinal ointment for the tired muscles, body scrub or spray, or an ice pack. A CD of their favorite music can also relax their mind from a tiresome activity. Or, better yet, give them a light massage during their special day. If you can’t do this, hire someone who is good at body massage to rejuvenate them.

Time-Off Day Gift

Spend a day with the birthday person and let him/her take time off from doing his/her usual work or chore. This will be a precious gift for him/her which serves as a loving and self-less act to help ease out the load of work he/she carries. You can offer washing the dishes, cleaning the pantry, washing and drying the clothes, and any other chores he/she needs to do that day.

birthday-scrapbookPersonal Message Book

Encouraging and loving words can do mightily to lift up their spirits. Their birthday will be filled with so much color and meaning when they receive more than just the material things that money can buy. One of the things that they need the most at this stage of their life is loving affirmations from the family and friends. Prepare a personalized notebook, diary, or birthday scrapbook and ask friends and family members to write dedications and happy birthday wishes to the beloved birthday celebrant.

Documentary Film

Though this can be a costly gift, it renders time, effort, and personal touch to the gift. This can be done by doing a biography of the recipient by filming an interview of family and friends. You can include achievements and successes made and achieved by the birthday celebrant. The documentary film can be presented during a party or be given privately for the family to watch together.

Photo Credit: WordRidden

Birthday Party

The presence of family members and friends during their 80th birthday will be a heart-warming occasion for the birthday celebrant. He/she needs to be reassured of the support and care of their loved ones. A party can bring old and familiar faces and ties together and makes him/her feel well-loved. A surprise birthday party will be great! Design the party base on his/her interests or favorite things and make him/her the star of the party.


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