Birthday Gifts for Teens

happy-birthdayWhat could every teenage girls wish to have with their birthdays? Every great party comes with extraordinary gifts. Of course! It’s every teenage wish to have really good gifts. Made it be just a gadget, a trip, or the trendiest items. To help you with what fits the most to whom you are giving a present with here’s some consideration:

  • The trendy girl whose attention is more about dressing up and looking so into fashion.
  • The Techy teen who spares money and saves to buy the latest gadget
  • The “DORA”-like, who adores travelling and experiencing everything in the world.
  • Or the simplest type; who appreciates simple things or does not look at the value.

Photo Credit: Omer Wazir

For Trendy Teens

If your giving on a trendy girl, make sure you’re updated to what’s new. She’s the type who looks for new one. Electronics can never be wrong and the coolest one spells it all. Look for the unique design that caught attentions. Here are good samples:

  • Smartpen – where anything works for you anytime, anywhere using a WiFi Smartpen or the convenience of Echo Smartpen. Both are designed for everyone’s pleasure that technology has to offer to any teens especially the students. Giving this could probably make your receiver shout for joy.
  • Cute Laptop, Cellphone and Gadgets Accessories – Most of teens spend time in front of their computers busy with some stuff. Unwrapping something that would make their gadget look a lot prettier would surely create a great shape of smiles on their face. Find something that has to connect with their sense of fashion and style.
  • Fashionable Headphones and Earphones – best option to give to a teen music lover. A pair of unique fashionable headphones for sure is a good choice. Its colour, design and uniqueness are good key points. Choose what best fits to whom you’re giving and never choose the one you think is boring.
  • Passion for Fashion – One great choice for a dress-at-your-best teen is a highly fashionable handbag. Fabulous dresses and accessories are highlighted as well. They sure love dressing up and look good, so wrapping a good set of makeup is also great. Brush set, nail art kit and polishes, make up guide and books are also a great choice. And oh! Trendy jewels and accessories are top choices as well.

For Techy Freaks

The Techyteens always look for the newest gadget. Giving them up to date items will surely make them go crazy. Look for the cool and the newest, because they for sure are following what’s the latest. Best samples are iPads, Tablets, iPods, or Smartphones. These are teen’s must-have. Following what the latest is really expensive, you have to really earn a lot so you can buy what’s hot. With these new gadgets, who would say no for a gift like this? However if you have issues with your budget, worry no more. Alternative gadgets are available in the market today. In choosing good quality at cheaper price items you just got to be keen enough because tough choice comes from a wise mind.

For “DORA” Explorers

Are you giving to a teen whose time is more spared on travelling? Well a trip gift doesn’t have to be ignored. They can still enjoy exploring at their age. It just had to be safe, reachable, and cost-worth. Places for teens are those that best suits them and should be fun, learning and interesting. Most places that fit them are parks, museums, and beaches will do. It would surely make them remember their birthday and the one who made their birthdays special like you. Moreover, if you will give gifts like this don’t forget to keep them reminded about “SAFETY FIRST” and your travel idea is what would best matters.

For Simple Teens

The last one is the type who appreciates anything: give her book she’ll read it, give her dress she’ll wear them. Bring her anywhere she’ll enjoy it. Give her stuff she’ll keep it. Give her anything she’ll use them. This is the easiest person to give presents to. She’ll all appreciate things like: Stuff toys, perfumes, books, dress, shoes, everything. You just had to be creative. However don’t get her wrong, don’t just give her, treat her as someone special, and that you are giving her something special as well.
And hey, sentimental presents are good too. There are a lot of things need not to buy but to make and pull out the most creative mind out of you like scrapbooks that keeps sentimental memories. That for sure will draw a different yet sweet smile on the face of the teen girl you are giving.

Choosing gifts don’t really have to be expensive; creativity and sincerity is the key. Take time to know who you are giving to. Categorize her, and your job of choosing what to gift will be a lot easier. Be keen, be wise and nice.

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