Easter Egg Games

easter-egg-gamesIt’s Easter! If you happen to spend your Easter with your kids and their company, you might probably need to think of some fun activities that will keep them busy. This is where you can take advantage from using Easter eggs. There are number of fun Eater egg games that you can execute for your kids to enjoy. You can even invite other kids from the neighborhood to join the fun.

They can be hassle and we’re short on time… Don’t fret. These samples of Easter egg games are fun to play but don’t require expensive materials. They are easy to play too. No more complicated rules and restrictions for kids. So what are you waiting for? Let the game begin!

Easter Egg Games to Play

Steal the Easter Flag

What You Need:

  • Four Red Flags
  • Four Blue Flags

How to Play:

  1. Attach Easter Bunnies at the front of each red flag while use Easter eggs for the blue flags.
  2. Place the Red flags in one row on one side of the room and the lay blue flags in the opposite side.
  3. Group the children into two teams to play for the red team and for the blue team. Members of the team should run to the side of the other team and try to steal their flags and bring them to their side. Players who try to steal must avoid being touched by the other team member.
  4. When a player is touched by the other team, he/she must stand still until his/her teammate is able to touch him/her. The team who is able to steal three flags first from the other team wins.

Easter Egg Pair

What You Need:

  • Easter Eggs made from Construction Papers,
  • Scissors or Pinking Scissors

How to Play:

  1. Cut each Easter egg in half.
  2. Make sure to cut it at an angle or to cut it using pinking scissors to provide decorative cuttings to the paper.
  3. Mix up the cut out eggs and give each to the children.
  4. Let them find their matching half of the egg.
  5. The pair who matched first is the winner of the game.

Easter Egg Roll and Win Race

What you Need:

  • Boiled Eggs or Plastic Eggs

How to Play:

  1. Put a mark for the starting line and the finish line.
  2. Place the egg at the starting line.
  3. Let the players stand at the starting line without holding or touching the egg.
  4. Each player races to the finish line by rolling the egg using only their nose.
  5. The player who finishes first wins the game.

Slide and Hit Easter Egg

What you Need:

  • Boiled Easter eggs,
  • tape

How to Play:

  1. Use one Easter egg as a hitting target.
  2. Place it at the centre of the room or playing area.
  3. Make a circle around the target egg using the tape to serve as a boundary between the target egg and the eggs used by the players.
  4. Start the game by letting the children roll their eggs with their hands towards the target egg. The one who rolls the egg closest to the target egg wins.
  5. The player who hits the target egg inside the circle gets to win a special prize!

Easter Egg Catch

What you Need:

  • Raw Eggs

How to Play:

  1. Let the players play by partners. Let each pair stand and face their partner.
  2. Give a two or three-step distance between the pair of players.
  3. One of the partners takes a hold of the raw egg.
  4. When the game master signals start, the player holding the raw egg should toss the egg to his/her partner and his/her partner should catch the egg.
  5. When the egg falls or breaks, the pair of players is eliminated. But each time the partner catches the egg, the pair should increase their distance apart. The pair that remains with unbroken egg is the winner.

Easter Egg Hoard

What You Need:

  • Cut-out Easter Eggs made from Construction Paper (About 100 or more)

How to Play:

  1. While children are out of the room, conceal the Easter eggs in different parts of the room.
  2. Let the children in the room and at the count of three, let them search for as many Easter eggs as they can find. The one who gets the most Easter eggs wins!

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