Birthday Card Ideas

handmade-birthday-cardsBirthday can be one of the most special and much awaited event in one’s life. Aside from receiving gifts and enjoying the party the celebrant or the family of the celebrant will throw, it’s also a time when the celebrant can feel that he/she is loved and appreciated. This can be shown through birthday cards and notes, especially those handmade ones.

As the market is slowly crawling up, prices including greeting cards are as well at stake. It’s apparently increasing as everything in bazaar upsurges. To help ease the pain of your breaking pocket why not try an alternative and cheap yet shop-like birthday cards. Open your creative mind and let us make good cards out of your on-hand materials. Here are some good ideas to create a low-cost but gorgeous birthday card masterpiece.

Photo Credit: Accoline Handmade B-day Cards

Tips in Making Your Own Birthday Cards

  • craft-makingGather your tools and materials. Run down your essential equipment to get things ready and get it all started. First, begin with your papers, get a hold of it and make sure it’s thick enough to fight crumples and has good quality that could possibly elongate the lifespan of your card for memory keeping. You can select with paper folders, construction papers and other durable and craftsy paper.
  • Content and Colors. Next, take your writing and coloring materials like pencils, pens, markers, crayons, colored pens and pencils, and if you’re into painting; you can use watercolor too. Then bring nearer the other necessary materials you think you will be needing like scissors, glue, ribbon, feathers, beads, and other crops.
  • Additional Features. You might also need something that connects you and your addressee like old photos, common belongings, or any crop that shares memories between you and your recipient. This can all be useful in creating such lovely and amusing card. Gather all materials within easy reach, then start working out with your imagination before going into your piece so you could create a really good art.

Ideas for a Perfect Birthday Card

  • Interest of your Recipient. In making cards you need to have at least a hint on what would probably please your recipient. Their favourite color, characters, as well as their style and attitude are some of the best pointers that can be a good core of the card you’re making. Forget not on what interest your receiver the most. If he’s into fashion include pictures of fabulous dresses and shoes in your decoration. If it’s for a bubbly, and wacky celebrant; have fun and show it in your craft. If you’re giving it to a kid be colorful and playful, they adore colors and balloons.
  • Relation Ship: Consider Your relationship with the person, When you are selecting a Birthday Card to Boyfriend then you should select a birthday card which will radiate you love and affection to him.
  • Creativity is the Key. Do not limit your creativity so you could come up with a great outcome. Decorate and design your birthday card infinitely, mix and match but do not overdo. Shape it out, cut it down, fill colors and draw into it, be buoyant and don’t be afraid to get messy. Do whatever plays within your mind, because you can be extremely artistic in your own little way. And to sum it up– Be creative, that’s it.happy-birthday-wishes
  • Birthday Messages. The most important part of a card is your message where your greetings are located. Write what you want to say that you can’t do orally. It’s one noble way of expressing what you want him or her to know. If you can’t say it through your mouth then tell it through your hands, so they’ll know not by their ears but their eyes. Use any famous aphorisms but do not fail to include your own words. Personal birthday messages are more heart melting than those common sayings. Here are some famous quotes that you may use:

“Today you are You, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive that is Youer than You”
~Dr. Seuss

“Life is to be enjoyed, not endured”
~Gordon B. Hinckley

These are some good examples; however you may also use poems and essays. You can even inscribe your own poem as you pull out the poetry in you. And oh, don’t forget to remember that personal birthday messages are the highlight in making your card.

Be expressive, you don’t need to limit your words with the quantity. If you think you have lots of things to impart then lengthen it out, you can always choose to make a huge card, size won’t matter. You can have it to as big as the one you’re giving it or as tiny as a fourfold pad paper. What would matter most is the content, do not count on how much word have you made but count on what and how to unfold your birthday messages to make your celebrant’s birthday , a day. Crack a joke, be emotional, shout your words or trick her out, make the most of your insights and jot it down. If it’s for a kid then obviously you got to pull out the childish part of you and write what kids can fully understand and comprehend.

You have to at most compliment your work with what is appropriate, that is why you have to be concerned about what you only need to be sure that you had hit the bird and got what you really need. Making someone’s day special doesn’t need to be really expensive. All you need is your courage, your eagerness and willingness, and then lastly and most importantly is to bring out your CREATIVITY.



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