Birthday Cake Designs for All Ages

birthday-cake designsBirthdays will never be complete without a cake that usually emphasizing how old a celebrant as they blow the candles on top of it. All ages wish not just for a delicious cake but to have an extra-ordinary cake that represents how others see them. This is a kind of gift that will not just excite ones taste buds but will also tickle their mind how a cake was baked especially for them.

Though buying a cake on pastry shop and looking for a nice cake to give for a celebrant is a hassle-free task for everyone, baking your own cake and putting lots of effort on it is the best gift that a celebrant can have from you. This may take so much time and effort for just one day, but it is truly a rewarding feeling to know that you make them happy on this special day.

Also, baking cakes will not require you too much money than buying a ready-made one so why not masters your baking abilities for this?
Considering the age of the celebrant, there are different ideas available for you to choose from. Below are some unique ways to decorate your birthday cakes that will be more appealing in your celebrant’s eyes.

Birthday Cakes for Young Kids

birthday-cake-for-kidsKids will always be kids when it comes to cakes and sweets. Make sure to select a suitable Kid’s Birthday Cake Themes when you are celebrating kids birthday to highlight their favorite color so it will be even look more pleasant in their eyes. Know their favorite cartoon characters and superheroes and put it on the top of their cake along with the candles. If your kids love sports such as basketball or baseball, why not bake a cake shaped like those balls of the game.

Little boys who love gadgets will surely melt their hearts for an iPod shape cake. This will never be hard to bake since iPod have a rectangular shape so you won’t need too much effort to shape it. Just create the design of iPod’s buttons and screen and it will be perfect. For little girls, princesses and castle will always be a great image to look at during this early age. Add some flowers and butterflies for a more fairytale effect on your masterpiece.

Photo: cakepicturegallery

Birthday Cakes for Teens

birthday-cakeTime will pass when our babies will soon be teens and once in a while, it is not bad for us to make them remember those years where they once been a baby. Bake a bunch of cupcakes and put it in layers full of printed old photograph showing their early childhood days. Let them be tease by their friends on how the time changed them. Just make sure that photos involve will not bring embarrassment to our celebrant, and the room will surely be filled with chuckles and laughter.

For bigger occasions like debuts, why not give your teens a rewarding gift as they turn this early maturity in their life? You can try to have a simple cake with a special item inside such as real jewels for girls and awesome car key for boys – that would be a big surprise gift for sure!

Photo: Cake-Photos

Birthday Cakes for Adults

birthday-cake-designsFamily and work are the main things that are keeping our person in adulthood stage of their life so busy. With this reason, make sure to let them enjoy their time during their birthday by baking cakes showing how busy they are nowadays. Bake a cake with a shape of a laptop by producing two layers of rectangular cakes, one for the keyboard and the other for the screen. You can send a personalize birthday message to the celebrant with the use of icing or frosting to write on the laptop’s screen.

For those adults who are going solo and loves to party, why not bake a cake shape like a beer mug. This will represents the celebrant’s love for beer while hanging around with friends during parties. This is done by cutting a bake cake with the shape of a mug and using the excess cake as the handle. Decorate the cake with white frosting and add a yellow icing to represents the beer. Add another layer of white frosting on the top of the beer to look like the foam of the beer.

Birthday Cakes for Elders

50th-birthday-cakesPutting too many candles that represent the age of an elder people will only make our celebrant to lose their breath – by candle blowing! Best way to design a cake for an elderly people is to emphasize their age by shaping the cake itself. This is done by baking two rectangular or square cakes and cut it to a shape of the corresponding combined numbers of their age.

Most elders are conscious about their health so just simply add the frosting and eliminate too many sweets on it so they can enjoy eating your cake with no worries.


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