How to Make a Diwali Card

diwali-greeting-cardDiwali may also be regarded as the Hindu New Year. The festival of lights, as many would call them. Diwali or Deepvali literally means “cluster of lights”. This Hindu holiday marks the story of the god Rama together with his wife, Sita, in their human form, returned to their home right after Rama’s victory against Ravana, the demon king that held her wife captive and the people, seeing them, have decided to light their way with lamps.

A five-day celebration, Diwali takes place every year during the months of October to November. Every region celebrates this momentous holiday differently. Parties, over-flowing food and sweets and of course, worship and prayers are to be expected. Another custom practised during this festivity is the giving out of Diwali cards, these cards are sent out to celebrants to offer Diwali greetings.

You may buy these cards on your local stores but if you want to make it more special and personalized, it is always a great idea to make your own. This will give it that “personal touch” that any recipient will surely appreciate. Making these cards is not really that hard to do. To guide you in creating the perfect Diwali greeting card, here are some pointers:

First things first….

Before you get started and get your creative juices flowing, t is ideal to set and prepare everything that you will need to make this project a success such as scissors, glue, card stocks, beads, glitters, sequin, metallic pens and such. Doing this first hand will not only save you time but also give you the opportunity to make more greeting card.

Steps in Making your Diwali Card

  • diwali-cardStep 1:  Cut out a piece of your card stock in a size that you desire and fold them in half. Typically, cards are in rectangular shape but your card is customized, so why not try circle-shaped cards or even pop-put ones, just to give the regular greeting card a twist.
  • Step 2:  Look for pictures of Lakshmi or Ganesha and stick it on the front of your half-folded card. It is believed that by doing this, the goddess of prosperity (Lakshmi) and the god of good beginnings and success (Ganesha) will bring you with wealth and financial success and will bless you with a good year. Stickers of these deities are probably available in your local shops. However, if you are the creative type, you can also consider drawing them out. The goddess is described to have lotus flowers on her hands while gold coins fall from it and Ganesha is known as the elephant-headed god.

Other than these ideas, you can also cut out pictures of them from books and magazines. As for your card border, cut an enough length of lace or cloth scraps that can cover all the sides of your card, apply glue or glue stick to it and make sure to stick it firmly on each of the sides of the front of your card with at least an allowance of half an inch from the edge. For this border, you can actually recycle used lace or extra cloths you have that you don’t have any other use for.

  • Step 3: Writing out your Diwali messages. Just like any other cards, the greetings are the most important part of it. Start yours by writing on the front part of the card then proceed with the rest of your message by writing it on the inside part of the card. Tip: Instead of using regular pens, why not try writing your personal greetings with a special metallic pen which is widely available everywhere. Suggested colors are gold and silver, to tie it with your Diwali-themed card. To Hindus, gold and silver are also a symbol of success and wealth. Now, your Diwali card is ready.

diwali-card-wishesThese three basic steps in making your customized cards are just guidelines. Since you want these cards to stand out and not be generic, why not add your personal touch to it. Make it unique and memorable. Keep in mind, Diwali is a celebration filled with vibrant, exciting and bold colors, lights all around. Think festive, enticing color combinations, Hindu art such as rangoli designs, diya, flowers like roses etc. Make each card distinctive from the other. Another very good suggestion to making your card one of a kind is by adding sparkles such as beads, sequin and glitters as if your card has been covered with jewelry.

Consider this card-making as an arts and craft project. Surely, the kids in the family would love helping you out with the making process. After all, this festive season is for the whole family to enjoy. This is a wonderful way to have a nice quality time with the whole family, without going out or spending that much.

Extend the joyful and festive spirit of Diwali and reach out to everyone; your loved ones, friends, colleagues and acquaintances through your specially-made and personalized Diwali greeting cards.

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