Romantic Ways to Treat your Girlfriend

surprise-for-herGirls love attention from their boyfriends. The fact is, for a romantic relationship to thrive, men should give the time that their ladies long for. As one saying goes, “Time is the best expression of love”. So if you want to make your girlfriend feel special and happy with you, think of ways on how to spend the time with her or make her time memorable even at a distance. There are romantic ideas listed below to help you treat your girlfriend and surprise her with things that can touch her heart and bring a smile to her face. Read on and get ready with that special treat just for her!

Candlelit Dinner


Though a romantic dinner is done by couples since time immemorial, it has never ceased charming a girl. Plan and prepare a romantic dinner for the woman of your life. Include a bouquet of her favorite flower and lighted candles to make the moment more romantic. You can even ask her to dance with you with a romantic song in the background.

Simple Things


For many women, the small and simple things matter very much. The simple things that you do with love for your girlfriend will be completely impressed upon her heart. Give her a teddy bear, a box of chocolate, a flower, a greeting card, a short love letter, a cologne or perfume, a sweet message in the morning, or a tight hug when she least expect it. These things can easily be bought and still others are free, yet when heartily given to your girlfriend, how much they cost do not matter much as long it is a romantic gift given with love. It is the thought that counts. The simple things become so dear in the eyes of your beloved when you take extra effort to notice those little things that she cares about. Most importantly, say I love you even at the most ordinary moments and say it often.

Expression of Passion


What you say is as important as how you say it. To be romantic, be passionate about your love for her. If you are truly passionate about her, it can be seen in how you look at her, how you talk to her, how you do things for her, and even how you hold and kiss her. Express your passion to your girlfriend by gazing at her lovingly, holding her hand even in front of your friends, hugging her, dedicating a love song for her in the radio, or you can sing your theme song when you are out on a date.

Lyrical Love


Unlike men, women are generally particular with words. Women are more auditory than men, and words can motivate them. So watch out what you say to your girl. Adorn your language with sweetness. You can record what you want to say in a CD for her to listen to or you can write a love note to her. You can also use poems to make your words romantic and unique. Or you can buy a greeting card or design it yourself and write down the things you love about her and thank her for the sweet gestures, care, and love she gives to you. You can even sing for her!

Camera Click


When you want to reminisce the special moments you had together, go back to your photos. Assemble your pictures together to form an album or souvenir book. Or you can create a slideshow of pictures and words that show how special those days have been to both of you. If you want to focus on the present, enjoy the time together by taking pictures of you together and create a story out of the assembly of the pictures taken. Express your appreciation of her by using a photo album, whether digital or the conventional one.

Love History

It is touching for a woman to relive your love story again and again. So, why not give her that surprise? Shop for good papers, notebook, or organizer, and a pen to start with. Write down a script that adequately tells your love story from the start of your romance until this day that she is with you. If this is not your thing, create a story using a compilation of your photos, love quotes for her, love songs, pictures of places you have been and things you enjoy doing together, and your own personal words. You can even style up your love history by using a timeline and icons of things you have shared.

Every woman’s heart will melt when her guy treats her special among the rest of the women in the world. This list enumerates sure ways of letting her feel that she is loved and appreciated by you.If you want your girl to stay with you and be consistently in love with you, shower her with romantic gifts and gestures.


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