Mothers Day Card Ideas

Sometimes, material gifts that we thoughtfully chose are not enough to express our appreciation for our mothers. Mothers are the one who reared us and took care of us from the moment we were conceived, and up to the present. They never stopped caring for us. So why not show your gratitude by, not just giving her something you think she might like, but also giving her the gift of your words on this mothers day? A sweet and loving message can be a good way to express your undying love for the woman who will sacrifice her world for you. Make it extra special by skipping the store-bought cards and making the cards on your own. She will love the effort you placed in your gift.

Mother’s Day DIY Card Ideas

Trip Down Memory Lane

Reminisce the times you shared growing up with your mom by making a card filled with pictures of the two of you from then and now. Choose the ones that highlight the best days of your childhood with your mom and the best photos of the two of you in the present. The card will remind her that you appreciate how she is as a mother to you and show her your love for her through the years.


  • Photos (If you do not want to cut up original photos, you can scan them and print them out)
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sturdy Cardboard Paper (can be the color of your choosing)
  • Envelope
  • A Good Sign Pen


  1. Fold the cardboard paper in half as you would a greeting card.
  2. Cut out the photos you chose and glue them on the front side of your card. Save one current photo of the two of you for later use. Be creative in your positioning of your photos. You can also make a border for the card so the photos look framed. You can do this by getting a colored paper (different color from the card) and cut it into thin strips. Glue the strips into place around the card.
  3. After you’ve finished designing your front side, flip open your card. On the flip side of your card’s front side, glue on the center your favorite current photo. Write a sweet caption below it. (E.g. “From the yesteryears until now, you will forever be the best mom!”)
  4. On the adjacent page, write your heartfelt mother’s day greetings.
  5. Place the card inside a nice envelope and decorate it with your doodles or use scrapbook materials to make the envelope look special.

Paper Plate Special

Who says you cannot make something special out of common household items? Rummage through your picnic stash and grab a paper plate to make this extraordinary mothers day card for your mom.


  • Paper Plate (Preferably not the waxed kind)
  • Colored Paper
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
  • Colored Pens


  1. Before folding the paper plate into a card, use it to trace out a circle on a colored paper of your choice. Make two patterns. Use one of the circles as a guide to draw your border design. Save the other one for later. Once you have your border design, cut it out and glue it on the plate. Once it is securely glued down, fold the plate as you would a landscape greeting card.
  2. Start cutting out design patterns to decorate the front of your card. Flowers are good for mother’s day.
  3. After you cut out your patterns, glue them on the card wherever you would like to place them. You can also choose to write down your mom’s name or the word mom itself on the flowers and glue it across the card.
  4. Get the other circle pattern you saved and cut it in half. On the inside, adjacent to the flip side of the front, glue the half of the colored paper circle. Write your heartfelt message on it using colored pens.
  5. As an option, you can punch out a hole through the ends of the plate and run through a ribbon to securely close the card.

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Print Out Goodies

If you feel like DIY handicrafts are not your strong suit, you can browse the Internet for free Mother’s day greeting card templates. All you have to do is get a sturdy printable cardboard and print your chosen design there. Afterwards, you can write your words of love inside the card. It may not be fully handmade, but she will appreciate it all the same because you made the effort. If you feel like the printed card is not enough, buy a fresh bouquet of her favorite flowers and add the card to it. She will definitely love your gesture.


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