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Have a Blast with These 40th Birthday Party Ideas

“I’m not 40, I’m 18 with 22 years of experience”

40th-birthday-ideasBirthday parties are an annual thing and are very much looked forward by most kids and youngsters but when people reach the mature age of forty they think that their fun days are behind them and it would be better to have a quite affair with only family. But why should you spend your fortieth like this when you can do so much more!

Fortieth birthday is a big deal and most men seem to think so too. But women in general do not particularly like getting older and forty just marks another milestone of their life that they have crossed and gotten loads of extra wrinkles. So women are sensitive during this time and might be even a little grumpy so you have to be careful while planning the party; throwing a surprise birthday party and inviting a lot of people won’t get you in her good graces. Make sure the feelings of the birthday girl or boy on the occasion and then arrange accordingly.

Reserve A Hall At A Restaurant For A Surprise

If the birthday girl or boy is very happy about the day then you can give them a fun, exciting party by hiring a banquet hall and inviting all her or his friends and family and colleagues. This is for a big party which would be extravagant. You can get a huge birthday cake and excellent food for the party guests would make them content.

Rent Rooms and Go Away For The Weekend


At this age people only like to invite their family, a few relatives and close friends. But why should you have a quiet event instead of having a lot of fun. One idea that I really like and you can easily do because it is not as expensive as you would think. Find some of the best birthday getaways and spots to visit. Hire a few rooms at a quiet, faraway spot like a bed and bath for the weekend and invite your closest friends for celebrating your birthday with you without getting disturbed. You can have dances, dinners, games and a lot of fun. And you deserve a break after working so hard for a long time and get to spend your money on yourself.

Have a Picnic Birthday Party


If you are more of the stay at home kind of person then your backyard is enough for a great get together. Arrange a picnic with baskets, umbrellas and mats, and invite everyone you know for a terrific time. You can also go one step ahead and make it a barbecue party instead; children and adults love barbecue parties so it would be perfect.

Classy Ideas For Your 40th Birthday Party

If you and your friends like to sit together and have tea then a classy birthday party theme is for you. There is not much to do in such parties because they are kind of sophisticated and elegant events. There are mainly adults invited, there is a small toast and everyone has food and cake and pretty much a fine time. These parties combine show and fun together.

Bring-back-the-youth Ideas For Your 40th Birthday Party

Birthday Party in Office --- Image by © Tim Pannell/CorbisSome people love adventure and excitement and not the listening to loud music and dance excitement but actual adrenaline kind of excitement. If your friend turning forty is of this nature then you can give him or her the surprise and the time of their life. You can take the birthday person to a theme park where you can do all kinds of physical exercises and adventurous stuff. You can also take them for sky diving which in my opinion is better because of the adrenaline rush and the possibility of injury makes it even more exciting.

Hire A Bowling Alley

At the age of forty people usually have kids, friends and are close to relatives. So whenever you feel like you need to do something new or different, you could hire an activity center for the day and invite a lot of people to have fun and play games; I especially love ice skating because it gives a feeling of freedom and independence but bowling is fun too. The good thing about these centers is that they have games which can be played by all age groups so no one needs to worry about getting bored. You can have fun; eat, play and talk.

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