Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Wife

surprise-for-herMother’s day is here and you still don’t have a gift for your wife – the mother of your child? Your wife is not just like any other woman in your life. She is the one you promised to have and to hold—through thick and thin and for richer or poorer. You cannot just get her a gift that is thoughtless or tasteless. This Mother’s Day, make sure you show her she is the world to you by getting her an amazing gift.

For those are still not prepared and are looking for the best gift ideas for their partner, look no more. Below are Mother’s day gift ideas for wife that will surely put a lovely smile on her face.

Breakfast in Bed

Mothers always have to wake up so early to prepare breakfast for the family. This Mother’s day, give her a treat. How about you give her the breakfast in bed. This will surely make her feel so loved and appreciated.




A Dinner Date

Married couples could be caught up with their everyday chores and work so it is almost impossible to have a romantic date anymore. This Mother’s Day, put all work aside and have a time alone. A romantic and probably candlelit dinner date can be a great gift for your wife this Mother’s Day. You can even cook a special Mothers day recipe for her. Your wife would surely love you more!

Alarm Clock with a Voice Recorder

As a wife, she has many responsibilities and sometimes, it is just impossible to cut in the very busy morning schedule of the two of you. Make time for your wife by buying her time that speaks with love. Buy a special alarm clock where you can record your own voice and leave a morning note for her to wake her up. Not only is this a sweet gesture, but it can also give her motivation to jumpstart her day right. This will also make her remember how much you love her.


Flowers and Chocolates

Nothing beats that sweetness of chocolate combined with a bouquet of flowers. Every woman love to feel appreciated and loved and it can be shown thru gifts that speak of romance and love. This Mother’s Day, rekindle the loving feeling by giving her chocolates and flowers. Don’t forget to include a card with your sweetest Mothers day messages on it to make your gift even sweeter.

A Diamond Ring

They say that jewelry is a girl’s best friend and that is quite a fact. No matter what age, girls adore jewelry, although they never purchase them on their own. Usually, they wait out for their special someone to buy them fancy jewelries, so this Mother’s Day, give her the king of all jewelries—a diamond. And not just a diamond but a diamond ring, which will signify your never-ending love and commitment to your wife, because as we all know, diamonds are forever and rings signify infinity. You can opt to engrave a message on the ring for a more personal touch.

Home Theater

Women are fond of watching movies, especially chick flicks. Make her movie-watching habit a better experience by bringing the theater to your home. Set up a home theater system that can give her a high definition and surround sound experience that will surely make her appreciate the movie more, as well as you as her loving husband!


Having a professional artist sketch out a portrait of her or the two of you will definitely be something she will appreciate. Not only is it personal, but it is thoughtful as well because it celebrates your shared love. You can make it even more special by writing a dedication along with the portrait.


Digital Camera

Women are easily attached to things and they always keep mementos of special events in their lives, like a movie ticket or a candy wrapper from your first date. Make her memento collecting easier by giving her a digital camera that can allow her to keep memories and make them last a lifetime.


One special gift idea is by not giving her something concrete, but by showing it with your actions through a grand getaway vacation for the two of you. Sweep your wife off to a place where she always wanted to visit. Arrange everything from your lodging, travel plans and tour itinerary to make the trip hassle-free and enjoyable. This will definitely make for a memorable Mother’s Day present.

Source: DHgate

Source: DHgate

Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace

As said, women love jewelry. Another jewelry idea is to give her a heart-shaped pendant that can symbolize your infinite love for your wife. She can wear this all the time and be reminded of your love for her.

365 Reasons Why You Love Her

Women are actually known to be more sentimental rather than pragmatic, so one idea is to list down 365 reasons stating why you adore and love her. This can be one of the best homemade Mothers day ideas you can make. List each reason in separate pieces of paper that you can roll up and place inside a decorated bottle. She can read one a day and this will not only make her feel loved on Mother’s Day, but all year round. This gift will show how much effort and thought you have put into making it, just to make her happy.


Women are stereotyped as bad drivers, which is actually not true (for most of the time). The truth is, women enjoy driving. It gives them a sense of empowerment as well as independence. It is also useful when their loving husbands do not want to accompany them to that big mall sale or to that girls’ night out. A car would definitely be a great gift as it is practical, as well as sentimental, because it means you trust and love her enough to give something as huge and expensive as a car.

But after all is said and done, no matter what gift you get your wife, the gift of time is still the best. Make sure you shower her with your attention and you will definitely make every day feel like its Mother’s Day.

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