Home-made baby shower decorations

Baby shower is a very important ceremony to welcome the baby into the world. There are ways in which one can make it memorable without spending much. Choosing the perfect cake, having the right menu, creating an interesting theme and choosing the right gift for the guests needs detailed planning.  Organizing a baby shower for your friend might leave you exhausted and not to forget, broke. A lot of people think baby shower is an expensive affair to deal with. But here are few ways of to do baby shower decorations, which does need much expenditure. You can sit back and watch the magic unfold.


  1. Home-made candles – Spend some time making candles. It is not a rocket science, trust me. You can make you fancy candles with the perfect color and aroma. All it needs is a pot of wax, colors and some perfume. You can use search engines for you benefit. There are many free tutorials teaching you how to make different types of candles. Spend some time researching and you will realize you can do it too. A candle can help you spread the perfect aroma for the party. It can also be a very good return gift.
  2. Cake decoration – cake is the most important part of any ceremony. A lot of eyes go looking for the cake even before they have entered the house. While getting the cake decorated from an expert may leave you penniless there are alternate ways also. Visit a cake decorating supplier. Check out different tools available in market. Think how you want your cake to look like. Ask them for a few tips. Now when you have done enough research in cake decoration. Go ahead and decorate your own cake. Have a cake decorating session. Gather all the cake decorating tools. Call your girl friends. Have some girly talk. Your cake will be ready in no time looking ever so beautiful and you can catch up on your gossip too. Let the guest of honor choose her favorite cake decoration and announce the door prize.
  3. The return gift package – the return gift package is something that everybody waits for. They would be lying if they say they do not care about the gifts. The truth is that everybody loves gifts. There are ways in which you can make it special too. Learn different wrapping techniques. Again internet is the best way to enlighten you. When you finally decide on which kind of wrap to go for Wrap the gifts you plan to give away on your own. Have a personal letter of thanks attached to each return gift. It saves you from spending much on gift wraps by giving it to the professionals and your guests feel special too when you hand them over the gifts which personal note of thanks.
  4. Make tassels at home – Cut the cloth or the paper into a strip and tie them together. Decorate them with sparkle and dip in different color liquids. Then tie them together at one end and your home made tassel is ready. It needs no investment if you already have tiny bits of cloth at home which you do not plan to use in future. The color papers can come handy from the kids next door. You can add extra sequins later. Baby rattles are also welcome for the touch up. These tassels can be hung on the pelmets, chairs, tables or any other place. It will just beautiful in every nook and corner or your house. You can also have them color co-ordinate. Pick the three colors you like the most and make the tassels out of them. They will not only look beautiful but also go with the theme.
  5. Add colors to the cutlery – paint you cutlery sets with different color. Blue for the boy and pink for the girl. Or just have a dash of every color. Do not babies just love colors? Who are we to make choices for them right? So just let you imagination flow. There are special paints that are used for cutlery sets. You might want to do a quick Google search about the ones that are not harmful. Color them according to the theme that you have zeroed on. They will look beautiful when held in hand and you are sure to receive compliments for you art work.
  6. Table decoration – even a table can look appealing by decorating it with confetti’s. The placement of dishes can be made interesting. Little arrow marks is very cute way to guide guests from dish to dish. A small pamphlet of what dish it is and what is it best eaten with will keep the guests hooked to the dining table. Also place some funky table mats. A nice table cloth matching the theme of the party is really works wonder in the overall presentation of the table. Decorating the dining table is a much understated affair and you will soon realize the power of it.
  7. Hand-made paper lanterns – there is nothing better than a series of beautiful lights to keep the mood at the best. Paper lanterns are east to make a play a huge role in keeping the festivities on. They can be places in the corner of the room, on the center of the table, hanging on the pelmets or almost everywhere. You can also have personal messages written over them. It will look beautiful when lit up. These lanterns go well with theme parties. Just decide your theme and choose lights accordingly. Try and recreate different moods scenes from you favorite movie by choosing the right kind of light.
  8. Itsy bitsy decoration – little craft skills can prove to be very helpful while decorating your house for the baby shower. Make those colorful pennants at home. Use different colored papers. Beautiful butterflies can be cut out of paper and placed on the flowers. Tiny stars in the balloons are of course a very old and well worked trick in parties. The wind chimes can have small confetti in them with different baby names on it.  So every time confetti falls there is a voting over the baby name. The winner gets to have a bigger piece of cake which again you have decorated.
  9. Decorate the mock tail glasses – discover new blends in the mock tail. Add different syrups to make it look colorful. Try out different recipes suggested by your friends. These recopies are going to do wonders in the party. Do not forget the glasses. Decorate them with little colorful umbrellas. Have different shapes of fruit cut and placed in the rim. People will love something to bite on.
  10. The seating – decorate the seating area with a beautiful cloth. It can be knitted or painted on. The loose ends can be ties with different colored pins. Add few flowers to the chairs. Place the chairs in a circular fashion in case you have games in the schedule. Place the chairs in a way that no guest is left along. Let there be a group of chairs for the gossip mongers. You can also decide to give floor seating with nothing but a mattress to sit on. Choose a set of pillows to go well with the theme. You can have few lamps placed on the side to go with the theme. A comfortable seating can become the center of attraction when done beautifully.
  11. The food assortment – you can choose what to lay on the food table according to the theme of the party. Add some colors to those candies. Have a jar full of colorful candies. The sandwiches can take different shapes and colors too according to the theme. You can choose the flavors you want to add in the menu with respect to the theme again. Have a separate drinks table which serves the drinks in different flavors. These drinks can be presented in beautiful glasses. Ask the guests to paint their glasses with their favorite colors and write a message for the proud parents or the kids. Add tissues on the table. These tissues can be made to look interesting when folded in different shapes. You can also have different caricatures on the tissue. Again, keep the theme in mind and work your way up to the table. The food table is the most important part of any function.


There are different ways in which you can decorate your house and they do not have to be very expensive. Try thinking of the waste materials in your house that you no more use. Try to make something out of them. The small handkerchiefs which you do not use can be made into small dolls. The waste papers can be made into confetti. Cut them into different shapes such as hearts and stars to make it look more beautiful. Decorating you house for a party can be a great way of de stressing. Few simple tips can make you look like a wizard in the house without spending much.