Christmas Party Ideas To Make a Fun-Filled Holiday Experience

christmas-partyChristmas is the merriest time of the year. Having a feast with family and chit chatting during the holiday season has its own charm. The colorful decoration, the delicious food, and the companionship make the Christmas party more enjoyable.

The most important thing while planning a Christmas party is- decoration, invitation, and food. Prepare three master lists to keep a track of everything for the party. To inspire you, here are some Christmas party ideas to make your gathering more memorable.

Christmas Party Themes

Rather than throwing a conventional holiday party, why don’t you make it a themed Christmas party this year? It will get everyone in the holiday spirit and will make it memorable. Some of the creative party themes include:

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  • Cookie Exchange Party

Nothing says the holidays more than the delicious homemade cookies in different shapes and sizes. This year, why don’t you host a cookie exchange party to try out a variety of sugary goodness? Ask your guests to bring a batch of their homemade cookies to share with everyone. You can ask the baking beginners to bring store bought cookies and ask the guest to guess which ones are homemade and which ones are store bought. Do not forget to serve milk for dunking the cookies. You can also tell the guest to choose a cookie category from bars, bark, and cutouts. This will avoid getting identical cookies.

  • Tree Trimming Party

Putting up the Christmas tree as a grown up is always a joyous occasion. A tree trimming party is ideal for such occasion. Set up a mini evergreen tea with lights or garland. Then ask each of your guests to bring an ornament to hang on your tree. You can also ask the guests to tell stories about the ornaments they brought. When you have hung the last ornament, do the honors of adding the tree topper and plugging in the lights. Return the favor to your guest by hanging a small gift bag on the tree for each of them to take home. You can fill the bag with candles, chocolates or any holiday treat.

  • Holiday Movie Party

If your family loves, watching movies, then organize a Holiday movie party for them. You can host a movie marathon with classics like “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Bad Santa” . You can also make it a black tie affair. This will give everyone an excuse to dress up.

  • The Wrapping Party

Wrapping party is one of the most tiresome and frustrating activities. Watching the recipients tear your wrapped masterpiece can be heartbreaking for some. So, to make this a fun activity, throw a gathering for friends where everyone brings some basic supplies and their bundle of gifts to wrap together.

  • Gift Exchange

A gift exchange party theme is a great idea for a Christmas party. It keeps the cost low, and the suspense high as the guests try to figure out who their secret Santa is. While you are making the invitation, do not forget to mention “Gift Exchange” as your event type. You can also set a price range for the gifts. Use Evite’s gift exchange feature to ensure that choosing names are completely random. A week before the event, send everybody an email with the name of the person they will be shopping for.

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas


Invite the guests as soon as you set a date for your party. Try to give them more than three weeks’ notice. Invite them first by phone and then follow up with a written reminder. You can also send the guest a Christmas card. This will do a double duty- as a holiday greeting and an invitation.

Picking up the right christmas invitation wording is very important because it sets the tone for the event. It also lets your guests know how to plan to plan for the party. The invitation messages also depend on the type of party, the guest lists, the location and the theme that you want to incorporate.

If you are inviting only close friends and family, then the wording for the party invitation should reflect the atmosphere that your party will have.

If you are holding a formal event, inform the guests about the proper etiquette by specifying the dress code, meal, type of drinks and any other essential details. Address the recipient using the proper titles such as “Mr.” , “Mrs” or “Miss” . Write the date of the events in words rather than using numbers. Also, let the guest know if a reply is needed or not. Look over the information to check for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Food is the most important factor in any party, whether you are holding a brunch or a cocktail party. Here are some simple ideas to help you sort your food menu quickly.


The first thing you need to do is plan the main dish. List the recipes that you are confident about cooking. Then build the rest of the menu around it. If you have chosen a complicated main dish, then keep the rest of the dishes simple so that they can be easily prepared in advance. Limited food choices will keep things easy for the host and even the guests who may be traveling from party to party. Make sure you have enough to feed a crowd.


Impress your holiday guests with some mouthwatering christmas appetizers like mini pizzas, part dips, and tomato tartlets. You can also serve barbecue chicken on platters of fresh iceberg lettuce. Make sure you arrange the party food into a beautiful display.


For the drinks, plan a variety of nonalcoholic drinks beforehand. Buy more than you think you will need. Keep lots of ice in the freezer. You do not need to set up a full bar at the partyunless you are having a cocktail party.


For a Holiday brunch, you can offer savory dishes like strata, quiche, muffins, French toast and zucchini bread. Round the meal with holiday cookies, tray of fruits and decadent dessert. For drinks, you can serve freshly squeezed juice, coffee, and mocktail.

Snack parties are easier on wallets and a lot less messy. Keep the menu simple with cheese and crackers, olives and assorted nuts. It will get the guests in the spirit of the season. You can also serve mini-sandwiches, mini pizzas, and cheese fondue and meat skewers for heartier snacks.

For desserts, you can choose bright red candies, cream filled macarons and fruit tarts. Top the tart with berries to make it look colorful.

Christmas Party Decorations


Set a Christmassy mood throughout the house with these simple decorating ideas. While decorating the house, make sure you cover all the indoor spaces. Do not forget the mantelpiece. You can dress up the mantelpiece with wreaths, garlands, stockings and twinkling Christmas lights. You can also hang different decorations in a single color like red tree lights, red ornaments, and red tinsel.

You can keep the Christmas decorations modified and modern by hanging just one type of decoration like ribbons or lights. You can use colorful paper into origami ornaments and decorative garlands. Tie good quality ribbons on your tree branches. You can tie small bows on upper branches and big bows on the lower branches. If you want to keep the decoration simple, choose red or white ribbon or shiny metallic ribbons for a rustic look.

A beautifully set table can make the food look elegant and inviting. You do not always have to spend a lot of money to do it. A beautiful tablecloth, fruits, flowers and candles can create an elegant table decoration. Do not organize candlelight feast, as it can be dangerous.

A flower decoration is a must for a Christmas party. Keep a big bunch of red and white flowers at the centerpiece. Use white plates, crystal and napkins to add elegance to the table. You can top your napkin with rosemary wreaths to add a festive fragrance to your dining room. You can also dress your wine bottles in style for the party. It will look stunningly beautiful.

You can also make use of your scented candles as Christmas centerpieces. There are so many christmas decorating ideas for candles. You can turn it into something magical. I saw some beautiful Christmas candle decorating ideas here.

You can also give a tasty twist to your traditional decoration this year by going for a candy themed party. You can try chocolate bar ornaments or gummy bear garlands for decorating the house. This decoration idea is cheap, colorful and will let you snack while you work.

You can also make Christmas ornaments with dough. Take two parts flour, 1 part salt, and 1 part water. Knead the dough until it is liable. Use cookie cutters in different shapes and sizes like candy canes, balls, and gingerbread men. Bake the cookie in the oven at low temperature until the dough hardens. You can then color the ornaments with paints, glitters, and markers.

It takes a lot of efforts to pull off a Christmas party. These merry Christmas ideas will make your party holly and jolly for your near and dear ones. We hope you like our tips and ideas. You can share your experience with us in the comment section. We would love to receive them.


Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

christmas-stockings-stuffersGiving Christmas stockings has been a typical Idea for Christmas ever since the earlier centuries when every house had a fireplace. Hanging them from mantelpieces, staircase railings, or even the Christmas trees themselves is becoming more and more common, despite the lack of fireplace, but finding proper gifts can be difficult. Gifts don’t need to be pricey or fancy to be lots of fun, no matter what the age group!.

Before you begin, make sure you understand who the stocking is intended for. Sometimes it’s easier to make generic stockings for everyone involved, but a lot of the time there’s some age variation involved. Are you filling the stocking of a small child or a grandparent? This is never a bad thing, people of all ages can enjoy the gift of a stocking, but keep in mind that sometimes adults are surprisingly unhappy to receive a stocking. It can be interpreted as insulting or as a gift only for children, but overall most people appreciate the thought and sentiment. Also keep in mind that individual interests, preferences, and what they may have asked for as an individual. Once you’ve discovered their preferences, sometimes it can be extra fun to pick a theme for a set of gifts.

Always aim for small gifts, so that they fit in the bag. Inexpensive Christmas gifts are usually a good idea, since they can be just as meaningful as something pricey. For children it’s always best to choose something that is likely to keep them entertained for hours on end. Books, crayons, and the classic slinky are always good choices for the younglings. For adults it’s best to chose items that are more useful than a slinky. Office gadgets, kitchen accessories, and small electronics are great for adults. Electronics (especially various car chargers) can get a bit pricey if you don’t know where to look, so make sure to compare prices on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or other stores online.


When you fill the stocking you should also consider the shape of the sock. Small items can either be placed at the top, to ensure they don’t get broken, or at the bottom, in the spirit of “saving the best for last” and prolonging the fun. Longer items can be placed in the leg of the stocking, and filler items can be placed randomly in the stocking to stuff it to the fullest. For even more fun, consider wrapping some of the more intense items to help build the excitement as well! please note that Now days the christmas trees, christmas stockings and christmas table settings has become an unavoidable part of Christmas Decorations

Personal Items. You may think adults or older children are difficult to shop for, but including personal items can be a great idea. Using shampoos and soap as stocking stuffers are always desirable, since they’re not only small but also useful. Hairbrushes, loofahs, hand lotions, and fancy soaps can also be used, as well as electric toothbrushes. Travel and trial items are usually the proper sizes to fit in stockings. If you know someone who travels a lot, or is going to travel after Christmas, these can be perfect gifts. Stress balls, or other stress reliving items can usually fit in a stocking as well. You can even include several in one stocking.

Discover the hobbies of your intended recipients hobbies. If someone wants to be an artist, try a simple paint set, or some pencils and a small traveling notebook for those artistic ideas on the go. If you’ve got a theme, you can combine an object and a gift card, for example a gift card to Barnes and noble inside a small book, or a tape measure connected to a coupon for home depot.

Go for traditional Christmas stocking stuffers. If you’re concerned about what kind of gifts to give, stick to traditional ideas like play dough, lego kits, Christmas cards with wonderful christmas messages or short Christmas Poems, balloons (even water balloons), stuffed animals, toy cars, or squirt guns. If you don’t want to be too predictable, add food and candy. A lot of different foods can fit into stockings. Different candies and fruit snacks for children, or bottled soda and beef jerky. For adults, you can add tea bags, coffee grounds, gum, or a chocolate orange. Chocolate oranges can be flavored in several different ways, and even regular oranges can be used considering that they fit so well in the bottom of the stockings. You can add some flavor to the top of the stocking by hooking candy canes over the rim or draping fancy shoelaces over the side to hint at more gifts to come.

Gadgets. Small technologies and gadgets are always a favorite among adults of any age. Pocket and car calendars, multi-tools, small school supplies (students and office workers always appreciate a small, easy to carry stapler). Alarm clocks, wristwatches, flashlights, etc. If you’re child is reaching that age, a cell phone may be expensive but not out of place. If you’re worried about the money involved, tracphones and pre-paid plans can make a cell phone cost effective and still exciting as a gift.

Money can also be a creative idea. Two dollar bills can be used, and most banks carry them if you just ask. Wheat pennies, dollar coins, state quarters, and other interesting ideas can be used as well. Money doesn’t even need to be wrapped, but if you’re not careful it could get lost. Gift cards can be used as well, covering store purchases, or even music downloads and other online items.

Always remember to have fun when giving gifts. Include small gifts that are just for fun, like pretty stones or candles. Scented items are always friendly, but remember not to place them near chocolate least the chocolate take on the taste of whatever the scent was.

Pet lover Gifts. If you’ve got pets, or your friends or relations have pets, feel free to include them in the gifting as well! Dog or cat treats, collars, squeeky toys, and food bowls are great gift ideas, plus you can always include something for their owners such as a laser lights for chasing (this is especially good for cats).

So there you have it. Ways to brighten christmas morning before the official present opening begins. Ask around, discover who wants what, and always keep an eye out for small trinkets and enjoyable items to place in those traditional stockings at Christmas.

My Christmas Gift for my Brother

It’s Christmas time! The long wait is now over. There is someone who truly waits for Christmas to come. Who is it? It’s my brother.

Yes, Christmas time is gift-giving time. This is a season when people expect, buy, give and receive gifts. My brother is included to the category of “expecting” and eventually “receiving” gifts. “Unfortunately”, I am included to the category of “buying” and “giving” gifts this Christmas.

How this expecting, buying, giving and receiving case starts? It was way back on August. It was his birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money before. So I promised him to buy a gift on Christmas day. So he said he can wait, HE WILL WAIT…

So since today is Christmas, I have to fulfill my promise that I will buy him the gift he wanted so long time ago. Good thing my boss is good enough that he sent me my bonus earlier. I’m saved. So I instantly withdrew cash and go to nearest shopping mall. And look what I’ve got for my brother….




galaxy y

Yes, a new Samsung Galaxy Y. Yeah, I know this doesn’t cost much, but for me, it costs so much. Hahahaha. It left my bank account drained. My salary is not five-digits so don’t be surprised. I bought a Christmas card too, i wrote some Christmas messages, wishing him to enjoy my gift… I went home, I saw my brother waiting for me to come home. He was so excited; I can see it on his face. As soon as I opened the box of his new phone, I saw his face lightened up and flashed the big grin.

Well, although I spent a lot on this present, it’s all worth it. This may look that I gave material gift to my brother but it’s beyond that. I gave him the gift of patience, joy and happiness. In return, he gave me the gift, a special gift. The gift of happiness and satisfaction seeing him enjoy and truly appreciates what I got for him. It’s enough for me. I’m happy with that.

Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas

merry-christmas-copyChristmas Celebration

Christmas is a joyous festivity in a year, aside from New Year’s Day. Everyone seems celebrating and in a festive mood as soon as the month of December starts. Different traditions and observations are also held during this day. Shopping malls and gift stores are swarmed with shoppers and early birdies. As we welcome the season of joy, peace, sharing, forgiveness and giving, we prepare treats and gifts for our family, friends, neighbors and everyone close to our hearts and have touched our lives. We send our best wishes and Christmas messages, hoping that they too would enjoy the warmth of the Yuletide season.

Christmas Gift Hampers

We want to share our affordable christmas gift ideas with you. Feel free to mix and match. You can also think of themes that cater to the receiver taste and style, and you can also color-code. Be very creative in the presentation. Make sure that the items are arranged beautiful and the hamper is wrapped stylishly. You can use different materials to wrap up your hamper. Here are a few Christmas hamper ideas I came up with  that hopefully will help you with your hamper themes this year. Cheers and good luck!

  • Christmas feast hamper (Pasta, sauces, ham, cheese, etc.)
  • Christmas breakfast hamper (Pancake, coffee, cream, syrup, peanut butter)
  • Movie treats hamper (Popcorn, soda, potato chips, DVDs, movie passes)
  • Chili and spicy treats hamper (Pepper, hot sauce, Korean kimchi, chili oil)
  • Wine and cheese hamper (Red wine, white wine, fine cheese, nuts, crackers)
  • Gummy bears and candy gift hamper (Gummy delights, lollipops, gum balls)
  • Mexican delights gift hamper (Nachos, salsa, margaritas, olive oil, lime juice)
  • Champagne and chocolate hamper (Champagne, crackers, chocolates, nuts)
  • Chocolate and sweets hamper (Chocolate bars, chocolate mousse and dips)
  • Barbecue and beer hamper (barbecue sauce, beer, chips, canned sausages)
  • Relaxing lavender and chamomile spa hamper (Lavender and chamomile spa scents and treats)
  • Bath and body hamper (Shampoo, bath soap, shower gels, etc.)
  • Cooking utensils hamper (Scoops, ladle, wooden spatula, etc.)
  • Tools and screws hamper (Hammer, screwdriver, screws, nails, etc.)
  • Office and desktop supplies hamper (Stapler, puncher, staple wires, paper clips, sticky notes)
  • Fruity flavors hamper (fruit flavorings, fruity scents, fruit-based lotions and bath treats)
  • Foot spa hamper (Foot soak, relaxing oils, spa salts, foot scrub)
  • Fragrances and moisturizers hamper (Perfumes or colognes, scented moisturizers, scented body mists)
  • Mittens, scarves and warmers hamper (Gloves, scarves, winter caps)
  • Shampoo and hair care hamper (Shampoo, conditioner, hot oil kit, hair gel, mousse)
  • Candles and scents gift hamper (Scented candles, scented oils, potpourri, etc.)
  • Baking lovers gift hamper (Recipe books, baking tools like pastry cutters, cupcake molder)
  • Winter treats hamper (Lip balm, mittens, scarf, moisturizers)
  • Gardeners’ delight gift hamper (Gardening tools, seeds, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Music lovers’ hamper (CDs, music composition notebooks, music books, etc.)
  • Bookworms’ gift hamper (Novels, classic hardbound books, paperbacks, book markers)

More Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

  • Make sure to consider your recipients lifestyle and interest in choosing the theme for your hamper.
  • You can also arrange your hamper by theme. You can choose from the ideas above.
  • You can use cellophane, clear plastic, or clothe in wrapping your hamper.
  • Don’t forget to attach a gift tag with Christmas greetings on them.

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Christmas Tree Toppers

christmas-treeWhen thinking of Christmas decorating ideas, first in the list is the Christmas tree. Christmas tree goes beyond being just a mere decoration, but has greater and deeper significance in family values and traditions. It symbolizes unity and generosity within the family, as each one is called by the ‘star’ to gather around it and celebrate the birth of our Lord as one family. There we stack our gifts, carefully selected, symbolizing our affection towards our loved ones. Christmas tree is the centerpiece for our gathering in the Christmas Eve.

Further, Christmas tree consummates the living room all geared up for our Christmas celebration. It is the embodiment of our Christmas theme, that’s why we have to be very particular in decorating it. Nothing can complete a Christmas tree except a unique piece of tree toppers. For many years, our idea of tree topper is confined only with the traditional star tree topper. At present, we are lucky enough to have manufacturers and designers who are able to think outside the box and introduce to us new concepts of tree toppers.


Now, we have the so called- angel tree toppers. Angel tree toppers are elegant piece of tree toppers which can make your tree standout. This kind of toppers comes in different colors and sizes to suit the size of your Christmas tree as well as the Christmas theme you have adopted. The intricately-designed face of these angel tree toppers never fails to take the breath of everyone. Their innocent and beautiful face that perfectly matches the elaborately designed robe makes them so attractive. Whether made of glass, fiber optic or just porcelain, angel tree toppers are just perfect. What’s good about these tree toppers is that, with proper care, they can be used and reused in the succeeding years and while they earn sentimental value to the family.


A classic choice was the traditional star tree topper. At present, manufacturers are able to come up with a more stylish design from the basic star shape toppers. The traditional star tree topper was the first of its kind and bears a religious significance. It was to symbolize the star that guided the three kings, towards their journey to Bethlehem to witness the birth of the Lord. With star tree toppers, style and (Christmas) spirit became one.

Santa Claus

Another innovative design for tree toppers was the Santa tree topper. Jolly old St. Nicolas his other name; he plays a significant role in the Christmas of every child and those who are child at heart. It was a story told since childhood that during Christmas Eve, an elusive fat man all dressed in red and black boots travels from North Pole and climbs down the chimney of every house and to give gifts or toys to kids and leave them in their Christmas socks. From then on, we never stopped loving and anticipating the arrival of Santa in our chimneys. This Santa tree topper will surely bring out the child in us.


Dreaming of a white Christmas or laying in a bed of snow and make yourself a snow angel or just play with snow balls, then a Snow man tree topper is perfect for you. In the same way as a Santa tree topper, kids will surely be delighted seeing a Snowman atop the Christmas tree. You can add some merry christmas messages on snow mans top to make it little bit attractive and funny. The snowman tree topper comes in many styles, a stuffed snowman as a tree topper is sure to keep the grin in your children’s face. A crystal snowman tree topper on the other hand is an elegant yet bubbly piece of a tree topper, which creates an awe-inspiring effect when it diffuses Christmas light. A hand painted snowman tree topper is a more personalized choice, which never fails to warm the hearts of those who see it. Snowman tree toppers are indeed a fairy tale come true.


Finally, there’s a snowflake tree topper. Snowflakes come in many varieties and they always evoke a magical and romantic feeling to those who see it. Whether made from acrylic, plastic, glass, porcelain, or even cloth, they become magnificent when embellished with glitters. Lighted snowflakes are also great tree topper idea as they induce a warm and cozy ambiance about your living room, making them perfect for your Christmas tree.

Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards  is another good item to decorate the Christmas Tree. Thes Cards can have some great Christmas messages and It will look magical and attractive

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Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Celebration

merry-christmas-pic Christmas day is just a few days away. I can now see people rushing to shopping malls to buy their Christmas presents for family and co-workers. There are also parties being held everywhere. It’s indeed a countrywide festivity whereas millions of people around the world are celebrating. And exchanging christmas greetings and Christmas gifts is something that will always be a part of the celebration.

Are you short on funds and fears the upcoming Christmas holiday season? Don’t fret! Gift giving isn’t supposed to be something daunting. There are a lot of gift choices out there that doesn’t cost much, but aren’t considered as cheap items either. Here are a few ideas you can consider:

christmas-gift-basketChristmas Food Basket

You don’t need to place expensive food treats in a food basket to make it a proper gift. You can place several food pieces in the christmas hamper that are inexpensive like trail mixes, fruits, cheese, bread, jam, or baked goods. They don’t have to be branded. If you select quality food products, that’s good enough. You can go the extra effort by placing baked goods you made yourself! This food basket is very affordable because you’re in control of which products to buy. Decorate the basket to make it look elegant like tying a ribbon or putting Christmas ornaments you have lying around. You can get more christmas hamper ideas from internet

Image Source: Mothernaturebeauty

Small and Cute Clocks

You can never go wrong with gifting a clock. Clocks are always useful to everyone and are incredibly affordable. Just make sure you buy one that looks sturdy and you think fits the taste of the recipient. For example, if the recipient is a teenage girl, give her a cute clock with a vibrant design. If an old man, give a clock that has a timeless look. You have a lot of options for clocks as well. There are automatic clocks, manually wound clocks, digital, analog etcetera.

Personalized Mugs

Mugs seem like the universal gift for any occasion because it’s useful and inexpensive as well. Differentiate your usual gift by designing the mug in a fashionable way. You can design it with glitter glues or permanent markers. You can even have it printed from a professional printer. This service is cheap so you do not have to worry about the cost. You can have them print your photo on it or a graphic design you made, so that every time they drink from it, they’re sure to remember you. Make sure that you will attach a note with your Christmas greetings to them.

Bath soaps and salts

Toiletries are often inexpensive, even the ones that do look pricey. Gift your loved ones with beautiful bath sets that they can enjoy and appreciate. Not only will the gift look beautiful, but they will be able to use it as well. You can also attach a Christmas card with a note of wishes for your recipient. This will make your gift extra special.

chocolate-christmas-giftChocolate or Candy Bars

This may seem a cheap christmas gift idea but when you bundle a bunch of chocolates together with a pretty ribbon, it will seem classy. And who doesn’t love to treat their sweet tooth every now and then? This is a very affordable gift that you can find anywhere. You can personalize it by buying chocolates/candies you know your recipient loves and then tie them up together with a ribbon in the color that they love.

Address Book

A universal gift that never gets old is the trusty old address book. These come in various sizes and colors and are most definitely inexpensive. Find one that will suit the tastes of the recipient and place it inside a decorated box to make it look presentable. If you want to add more to the gift, you can also buy a beautiful pen to match the address book.

There are many affordable gifts out there you can choose from. Just be patient in browsing stores and in exploring your imagination. After all, it’s not about the price tag attached to the gifts but the thought that comes along with it that matters. You can also make your own homemade christmas card to attach to your gift and write your heartfelt wishes along with it.

11 Days Before Christmas

my-oralHey peeps!

I wasn’t able to write last night, or yesterday. Want to know why? Coz I just got my tooth extracted. A major OUCH! Want me to go to the details? Yes?

So here it goes….

I didn’t plan to get my tooth pulled out in the first place. I initially planned to just get my teeth cleaned and filled. Yes, I was having problem with one tooth. It has hole and I thought filling would fix the problem. But the dentist advised me to undergo through total extraction of the tooth. I was like “oh my”…

And so, the procedure went on. The dentist, her name is Lourdes, cleaned my teeth one by one. At first it was fine. I didn’t feel any pain. It was soothing actually, with the thought of having major maintenance and cleaning of my oral health. However, as the procedure went by, it was becoming more and more intense. She used different tools. And when she asked me to gargle and spit it, I saw lots of well, blood and I got scared. I almost fainted.

And finally, thee cleaning procedure is done. And when I thought I can finally breathe comfortably, she wiped something on my gum, the part where the decayed tooth needs to be extracted. Before I knew it, she inject me an anesthesia. It started to feel numb. And then she finally extracted it. Surprisingly, I didn’t get scared at all. I actually like the thought of getting rid of that tooth that causes me pain every night.

I went home and the first thing I did was to eat porridge. I WAS SO HUNGRY!

Then, I fell asleep… and sleep and sleep…

I woke up this morning very dizzy but I am feeling better and so I was able to write again.

So that was about it. That was my experience 11 days before Christmas, err rather 12 days before Christmas.

Til next time peeps!