How to Flirt with a Man

How-to-flirt-with-a-manWe’ve all seen it in the movies: the girl gets the guy with just a flip of her hair or a subtle glance. Yet in reality, we all know flirting is more difficult than what Hollywood projects it to be. To make sure your potential love interest or crush won’t be heading out the exit anytime soon, spice up your interactions with him through these fun flirting tips:

Lingering Eye Contact

The best way to gauge his interest in you is to show him you are interested. A little assertiveness won’t hurt, but make sure you aren’t using aggressiveness! First, let him know you’ve got an eye on him (literally!) through lingering eye contact – hold your gaze long enough to capture his attention. If he holds the eye contact, it’s likely he likes you. Next, smile coyly to show you’re relaxing and fun to be around. If you’re not comfortable with either smiling or establishing eye contact, you can figure out ways to make your paths cross, e.g., walking near his desk, dropping something near him accidentally, going to his favorite place, etc.

How to Spice Up Conversation

How-to-flirt-with-a-GuyWhen you start talking, find a way to have some common ground in the topics you discuss. You can open the conversation with a question, which is a sure way to let him know you’re interested in what he has to say! Stroke his ego once in a while by directing the conversation to him, though make sure that it doesn’t defeat the purpose of the conversation.

Relax your nerves and show him you’re comfortable having him around. You can also find small ways to physically touch him, which shows your willingness to connect at a limited level of physical contact. For example, you can tough his forearm during the conversation or when you’re both laughing. This can come across as a playful gesture. You can also accidentally brush your hand against his or lean into him if you’re caught up in a tight space. And if you’re comfortable enough, you can also put a hand on his shoulder.

There are ways to make an interesting conversation. Aside from paying attention to what he’s saying, you can also spice it up by leaning close to him and lowering your voice. This works in crowded spaces, where the volume of your voice will encourage him to get closer to you in order to hear what you’re saying. Also maintain your eye contact with him while walking.

How to Hook Him

Before the conversation gets boring, end it so that he’ll be wanting to talk to you even more. Always leave an opening to encourage him to want to see you again. Phrases such as “Wish that I could stay longer but I gotta go. See you around!” or “I still have a lot to do, maybe up for some coffee tomorrow?” If you’re a little daring, you can also lean in like you’re going to kiss him, but before your lips can touch his skin you whisper in his ear, “I had a great time. Wish we could do it again.”

More Flirting Tips

  • Don’t make him do the things you don’t like.
  • You can send some humorous flirty messages to him
  • It’s fine to show some skin, but make sure you’re comfortable with it. Never show more or less than usual.
  • Don’t ever demean yourself by being silly in front of him just to catch his attention. Guys usually want an intelligent conversation.
  • Be yourself. Don’t ever pretend to be someone you’re not just to flirt with him.
  • Don’t make yourself appear pathetic or clingy in front of him. That will surely shoo him away from you.