How to Flirt over Text

flirting-with-boysWho does not flirt! Adopting the best media for flirting is very important. I think love letters are quite old and calls via phone is expensive. In modern days, text messages in the best media for flirting. This article covers some exclusive ideas to flirt via text messages both for girls and boys. Actually this article aims to introduce you something new that are flexting. The text messages which are more than text and less than serious romantic may be termed as flexting.

Flirting with Boys via Text

If you are a girl the following tips for flirting with boys over text will assist you to impress anybody through texting.

  • Addressing his name in your text

Say his name at least every first text messages in your conversation.

Example: Hi John! I noticed you in the mall buying gifts.
How it helps: He will know that he is in your mind and you are texting him not a generalized text that is for everyone.

  • Be intelligent to express your emotion for him


If you don’t want to tell directly anything your text should contain hints about your emotion. For example, if a guy asks you to go out with him and you also like him, your text should express your emotion. This text doesn’t need to be very big. Some simple word can express your emotion if you can do it in an intelligent way. Here is an example for you.

Example: I am just thinking about having my favorite chocolate ice-cream. I know you’d also love it.
How it helps: In this text you have said that you two meet but you don’t say it very strongly.

  • Ask him some questions to make him easy

If the opposite person is shy you should ask something in the conversation.

Example: This seems interesting to me. Then what happened?
How it helps: This text assures him that you are enjoying his conversation and you eagerly want to know it. Your interest in him is shown in this text clearly.

  • Assure him that you enjoy his words

Let him know that you enjoy his words.

Example: Your jokes were so funny. I told them my friends and she broke into laughter too. You are amazing!!!!!<3
How it helps: This text helps him to know that you enjoy his company and it is a very good sign.

  • Your text should demand answers

Your text should be something like that he has to write something in reply.

Example: Hi john!! I am thinking about to buy a laptop. I don’t know too much about this. Would you come to help me???

How it helps: Such kind of sweet asking for help reveals that you have respect and trust for him. If your text doesn’t demand an answer the conversation will be boring.

You can use lot those silly and interesting love quotes for him to make your conversations enjoyable and interesting. Any way all those chats are to enjoy and flirt

Flirting with Girls over text

Following flirting tips are for boys to help them flirting via text messages.

  • Addressing her name in your text

Say her name at least every first text messages in your conversation.

Example: Hi Jenny! I noticed you in the mall buying gifts.

How it helps: She will know that she is in your mind and you are texting her not a generalized text that is for everyone.

  • Make your text live using punctuation and emotions

Example: Hi!!!! I am very happy thinking that you are reading this text and smiling…….<3<3<3
flirty-text-messageHow it helps: It makes your text interesting to her. But don’t use too more emotions. It can makes het annoyed.

  • Make laugh her through teasing

You can make her laugh while making a move. How about the use of sweet pick up lines that are comic and cheesy? That would be best to make her fall for you over the text.

Example: Hmmm……You are naughtier than I thought!!! It’s just amazing to discover this ……
How it helps: Girls like to be teased. This text makes her laugh which is a positive sign for you. But you must be careful about your words. They should be polite enough.

  • Make her interested

Example: Hi!!!!!!! I am just thinking something about you…….
How it helps: After reading this text she may want to know what you are thinking about her.

Say something about last meeting

Example: Hi!!!!! Last evening was the most wonderful evening in my life!! I hope we will make such company again and again ❤

How it helps: This type of text helps you to make her know about your feelings for her. She will know that you are enjoying her company.

Some example of flexting that works both for girls and boys

  • I am in a big trouble….I just can’t stop thinking about you! :p
  • You are looking very sweet!……….How do I know? Simple……You are always sweet.
  • I can’ sleep! 😦 ……….. May be this is because you are thinking about me. Please stop it………. I have work early tomorrow….:)
  • Please save me!!!!!!!! I can’t do anything other than thinking about you 🙂

Romantic Ways to Treat your Girlfriend

surprise-for-herGirls love attention from their boyfriends. The fact is, for a romantic relationship to thrive, men should give the time that their ladies long for. As one saying goes, “Time is the best expression of love”. So if you want to make your girlfriend feel special and happy with you, think of ways on how to spend the time with her or make her time memorable even at a distance. There are romantic ideas listed below to help you treat your girlfriend and surprise her with things that can touch her heart and bring a smile to her face. Read on and get ready with that special treat just for her!

Candlelit Dinner


Though a romantic dinner is done by couples since time immemorial, it has never ceased charming a girl. Plan and prepare a romantic dinner for the woman of your life. Include a bouquet of her favorite flower and lighted candles to make the moment more romantic. You can even ask her to dance with you with a romantic song in the background.

Simple Things


For many women, the small and simple things matter very much. The simple things that you do with love for your girlfriend will be completely impressed upon her heart. Give her a teddy bear, a box of chocolate, a flower, a greeting card, a short love letter, a cologne or perfume, a sweet message in the morning, or a tight hug when she least expect it. These things can easily be bought and still others are free, yet when heartily given to your girlfriend, how much they cost do not matter much as long it is a romantic gift given with love. It is the thought that counts. The simple things become so dear in the eyes of your beloved when you take extra effort to notice those little things that she cares about. Most importantly, say I love you even at the most ordinary moments and say it often.

Expression of Passion


What you say is as important as how you say it. To be romantic, be passionate about your love for her. If you are truly passionate about her, it can be seen in how you look at her, how you talk to her, how you do things for her, and even how you hold and kiss her. Express your passion to your girlfriend by gazing at her lovingly, holding her hand even in front of your friends, hugging her, dedicating a love song for her in the radio, or you can sing your theme song when you are out on a date.

Lyrical Love


Unlike men, women are generally particular with words. Women are more auditory than men, and words can motivate them. So watch out what you say to your girl. Adorn your language with sweetness. You can record what you want to say in a CD for her to listen to or you can write a love note to her. You can also use poems to make your words romantic and unique. Or you can buy a greeting card or design it yourself and write down the things you love about her and thank her for the sweet gestures, care, and love she gives to you. You can even sing for her!

Camera Click


When you want to reminisce the special moments you had together, go back to your photos. Assemble your pictures together to form an album or souvenir book. Or you can create a slideshow of pictures and words that show how special those days have been to both of you. If you want to focus on the present, enjoy the time together by taking pictures of you together and create a story out of the assembly of the pictures taken. Express your appreciation of her by using a photo album, whether digital or the conventional one.

Love History

It is touching for a woman to relive your love story again and again. So, why not give her that surprise? Shop for good papers, notebook, or organizer, and a pen to start with. Write down a script that adequately tells your love story from the start of your romance until this day that she is with you. If this is not your thing, create a story using a compilation of your photos, love quotes for her, love songs, pictures of places you have been and things you enjoy doing together, and your own personal words. You can even style up your love history by using a timeline and icons of things you have shared.

Every woman’s heart will melt when her guy treats her special among the rest of the women in the world. This list enumerates sure ways of letting her feel that she is loved and appreciated by you.If you want your girl to stay with you and be consistently in love with you, shower her with romantic gifts and gestures.

My Collection of Love Quotes for Him

romantic-love-quotes-for-himIt’s him that makes my heart dance with happiness and joy. It’s his eyes that mesmerize my soul. When I am with him, time goes by so fast; the world evolves without my knowing. His sweet and gentle words soothe my heart. He’s always in my mind, I always think about him. I just don’t know what to do. There’s one time that all I can do in a day is to think about him and dream a future with. I knew right there and then that I’M IN LOVE.

Have you ever found your Mr. Right, your one true love? If yes, you will surely cherish and treasure him in your heart. True love is hard to find, most of you know that. It’s like finding a needle in a mountain of hays. It’s like diving in a deep blue sea looking for a rare gem. There will be a few flirting and dating here and there. It’s really difficult. But once you find it, you will be lucky. You will feel like the whole world is yours. Just simply because you have found the right guy, the true love of your life.

No one can ever tell that she found her true love until she’s with him for the rest of her life. Even me can’t tell that. I am with someone I truly love but I still can’t tell if he’s my true love, if he’s really the one for me. Nevertheless, I want to make him feel special while having me as his girl. So I could do is try my best and give him all the love and care that I could offer… I also want to express my love for him, but unfortunately I’m not so good with poetry so I usually use romantic love quotes. Below are some of the romantic and sweet love quotes for him.

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you,
I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I’d like to run away from you,
But if you didn’t come and find me,
I would die.
~ Shirley Bassey

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Love asks me no questions, and gives me endless support…
~ William Shakespeare

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I first saw you, I was afraid to meet you,
When I first met you I was afraid to kiss you,
When I first kissed you I was afraid to love you
But now that I love you I am afraid to lose you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Everyday we tell ourselves we’re better off without each other,
But then every morning I wake up and realize I love you more than the day before.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s YOU. You mean everything to me…
You are the first thought in my head in the morning when I wake up;
My last thought before I go to bed.
You smile at me in my dreams…
When you are sad, I feel sad, and when I see your true smile,
I feel incredible, like there is no other thing around and all I can see is you.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

No matter what anyone else says
No matter what they do
They can’t keep me from falling in love
can’t keep from wanting to be with you
Everyone seems to like you now
And I’m sure they always will
But no matter what they think of you
It won’t change how I feel
I love you

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