How to prepare for your New Year

Well then if you enjoy celebrating holidays, more especially festive season holidays such as Christmas and New Year, you might want to know the best ways to prepare for New Year. First things first, preparing for New Year might take planning, this includes learning from others, or we might say copying ideas from friends and families, and even from the internet. You can always copy New Year ideas and then schedule them for the next New Year to come in case you were a little late to learn and then imply those ideas for New Year. So the only way to cope up is to write down every new year idea that you will come up with or any that you will see somewhere then try to modify and make it more of your style to make sure it seems unique, because every idea can be improved so you also have to be creative and make every copied idea into your own

New Year sales

These are the sales that everyone who is excited about new year should always be waiting for each year, because there is nothing that can spice up your special new year’s day than having to buy a last minute special deal on products in the shops, because you happen to pay less for the products you buy. So the good thing is other shops always have holiday special deals for the whole festive season so you probably will have enough time to purchase what they have on shelves. But for the smaller shops you will have to wait for those special deals which come when New Year is said to be tomorrow. They are called the last minute sales.

The New Year clip art

If you are one of those that enjoy sending Christmas and New Year greetings on post cards, then you are in luck because this part is always not hard to do as you only need to buy a post card with your favorite new year wish message on it and you are ready to send it to someone.

New Year decorations for sell?

Did you know that you can buy decorations for new year?, well yes you can actually buy decorations to use for your new year, these are kits and new year packages that contain lots of stuff to be put inside or around the house, they make the whole decoration thing easy for any one as you can change the theme and mood in the house in just minutes. Once you buy decoration packages you will start to buy them every year so you can easily decide which mood and theme you want for New Year or Christmas.

New Year Breaks

Those few days between Christmas and new year were not just made for left over chicken, so that you can just sit in your sofa watch TV with your never ending chocolates, you should make the most out of your new year breaks by going out and grabbing yourself some special deals, because it’s at this period of the time when you can expect to get yourself one of the last minute deals in shops, hotels, malls anywhere be sure you are out there to enjoy. You should stay close or even travel far, see your new year with style and do something a little more differently, its why it’s called a new year, it’s the time to do everything a little more differently spice up your life and get ready for the start of a whole new year.

Best Places for New Year

To choose the best places to visit for New Year, it depends on who you actually are going to spend your New Year with, like, if you are going to travel on New Year with your kids you will have to take them to a fun place like theme parks, just places where there’s other people around. While on the other hand quiet places like hotels would be more suitable for couples, like going to the beach.

Happy New Year wishes and E-cards

For those of you who have many friends and may not be able to send a happy new year’s card to all your friends and families, these days it’s possible to send millions of people new year wishes using digital cards, so don’t stress on it because it can be done online, you just have to send the new year wishes E-cards/digital cards straight to their emails or to their phones using mms technology.

Count down to New Year

Don’t miss the count down, if you are in an area where there is a place where people gather to go celebrate New Year’s count down then you should go and join others in the happy celebration of a New Year and a happy new beginning that you have finally reached the New Year alive.

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Happy New Year 2014

new-year-eve-wallpaperSo this is it! The year is bound to end. It’s time to welcome the New Year. Let’s embrace and welcome it with a blast! Early this morning, I had to wake up early and buy some stuff for the new year’s eve. I am planning to cook some noodles, rice cakes and barbecue. I am expecting this night to be extra fun! My cousins and nieces will be here to celebrate with us. How I am looking forward to it…

So while I’m still working right now, yes, working at this time of the year when people are supposed to be in a vacation, in my new year celebration, I am already thinking about what to eat first. LOL, what a nice thinking right? Coz there’s a lot of food available and it’s just up to my mouth what would it enjoy. I wish I can prepare the food earlier but I still have to make those bucks.

This morning, when I was in the market, there are a lot of people. Wow, I can’t believe that as early as 5:00 AM, there will be hundreds if not thousands of people in the market that early. The fun part here is, there are relatives and family members bump and greet each other a Happy New Year. At the middle of the fish market, in the middle of the crowd, families are able to express their new year messages and wishes to each other…

So while I’m still online, I’d like to greet all of my followers and readers a Happy New Year. May your 2013 will be better than the previous year. May you enjoy the bountiful life and be blessed with countless of joys and happiness. Happy New Year to all of you! Have a blast and be careful on fireworks!

10 Best New Year Card Messages

new-year-cardsNew Year is coming. It’s just a few sleeps away. I can’t wait! I’ve visited the local bookstores to browse for New Year cards to send to my family and loved ones. It took me so long to find the perfect ones but still came up with some choices. I went home and I started to think about what to write on these cards. Although I was able to come up with some new year messages, that surely took my sweet time as I got my mind blank with words. Yes. I can’t find the right words to say Happy Holidays. I have 6 recipients of cards – my mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandma and grandpa.

So, I thought most of you who also sends greeting cards on New Year maybe facing with the same predicament so I’ve came up with the resolution of making a list of 10 best new year card messages. So here are they:

New Year is the holiday the brings happiness and cheer
Sharing the love and blessings with family and peers
So here I am expressing my greetings,
Hoping that you and your family will be merry and at peace
Happy New Year!

May you be blessed with a heart
Filled with peace, love and happiness
May God shower your with lots of blessings
Happy New Year!

Let’s celebrate and make some noise
Grab your hats and firecrackers
Let’s party all night and make this night special
As the New Year is here to come
Happy New Year!

Wipe your tears and leave behind the sorrows
Smile, embrace and welcome the new, brighter tomorrow
Have a happy and prosperous New Year
A greeting from my family to yours.

May you realize all your goals in life.
May this New Year be the start of your successful and better career
Happy New Year to you and your family

Celebrate this day with a smile
Cherish the moment with your family and dear ones
Forget about all the worries and problems for once
Just party and treasure the memories for life
Happy New Year!

May our almighty God smile on you
In this coming New Year
And bless you with gift of love and hope
Happy New Year!

May this New Year fill your heart with love and joy
And hold it in throughout the year
May you have a peaceful and blessed year ahead.
Happy New Year!

Good Health
Good Friends
Better tomorrow
All these are my New Year wish for you.
Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

You are one of the people who made this year enjoyable and worth living
For that, I thank you.
I’m grateful to have someone like you to be part of my life.
Happy New Year to you!

A New Year In Memory

New Year Celebration 2004

That was the year I have turned to 20 years from my teen. We all Girls planed a party in one of our friends House. That was the first time I had beer in My life. We had put music system and Danced all over the night


Happy and Prosperous New year


Send a New Year Gift

As New year is coming I think it is time to send New Year gifts. New year is the occasion celebrated by all over the world irrespective of the religion and belief. So send new year gifts to your loved one. You can add New year messages and wishes to the New year gifts. Even you can attach a New year Card to it

Recommended gifts

  1. Watch
  2. Ticket for a sport event
  3. Kitchen appliances
  4.  Perfumes
  5. Necklace or bracelet
  6. Lunch on cruise
  7. gym membership

Hope you will have great New year on this year

New Year Gifts

happy-new-year-greetingsA week after Christmas and here comes New Year, another occasion of family gathering and gift giving. It is the time when the members of the family gather once again at the dinner table in the observance of the time old tradition ‘media noche’. In this New Year’s Day get together, it would be a great activity to do another “kris kringle” or so called– exchange (of) gifts, as everyone loves to receive gifts.

If the party would include some gift giving activity, you have to think and plan ahead to allow you more time to reflect and choose what gift will be appreciated thoroughly by your loved ones. The occasion only come twice in a year, so it wouldn’t be too much if you would spend a bit of your time planning and preparing your New Year gifts. Again, it is a truism that, it is the thought that counts the most.

If you happen to experience some drought of ideas here are wonderful gift ideas to give your loved ones:

Gift Ideas for New Year


Surprise her with her favorite scent so she can definitely welcome the new year happily. A gift a woman would always want to receive.


Gift baskets symbolize your wish of prosperity for the upcoming year, so they are meaning gift ideas fit for New Year. Gift baskets are all time favorite among gift ideas; this is because they are practical gift choice since the recipients can use the consumables inside it. Moreover, gift baskets are unique in the sense that they may consist of different combination of items and are perfect gift ideas for people of whatever gender. Furthermore, you can personalize these gifts by choosing what your gift basket would include.


New Year is one of the holiday whereas greetings and wishes are expressed in different ways. One of the most traditional ways of expressing your New Year greetings is through card. Now, since it will serve as a present or gift, this must be something extra special. How? You can do this by making your own. There are so many ways to personalized a card and create a handmade new year card. All you need is the right crafting materials, creativity, imagine and voila! Just don’t forget to write your warm Happy new year wishes to your card.


Sparkling, shining jewelry items which may consist of rings, brooches, precious key rings, earrings are in the theme of New Year.


Selecting gifts for a kid, whether a boy or a girl is probably as enjoyable as shopping for clothes or shoes. Imagine the joy walking the isle of a department store full of kid’s toys, it brings us certain kind of nostalgia. Bringing us back to those good ol’ days when we used to play with barbies, clay doh or building lego. The same experience we would like to impart to the little kid/recipient.


Most of us people do love to read books as our past time. Hence, books are also perfect gift ideas, especially to that one who simply loves reading and collecting books. Extending a hand in expanding his/her collection will always be a welcome gesture for these people. Search the net for that new best seller and some reviews about it to help. You choose that perfect book to give him/her; you may also search for some clues or indication on what kind of book he/she loves reading about.


Symbolizes hope for the New Year. Scented candles are a classic, but no-fail gift idea, because they are pleasing to the nose as well as the eyes. Scented candles come in different scents and every scent has a specific function, so you might consider personalizing your gift by choosing a scent that suits the lifestyle and personality of the recipient.

Green teas scents and lavender scented candle are perfect for people having busy lifestyle because it was known for it relaxing and calming properties. You can attach a tag with some new year wishes on them.


For a wish of colorful and successful New Year, ties given as gift can get your message across. Ties comes in different styles and colors, there are men who are capable of wearing the colorful ones, even those with cartoon print on them, but there are others who just can’t. So consider which of these truths in choosing a tie, as you don’t wanted for your gift to be permanently inside his closet right?


Look forward for a more organized and busy year ahead. Planners are another classic choice of gifts, but are always welcome because they serve a practical purpose for the recipient. Manufacturers of planner today are far more creative because they manage to mass produce, planners of different styles to fit various personalities. The usual planners are those colored black with gold details on the sides, now we have planner colored pink, red, brown, some are sporty, and others are girly.

The market today has a wide range of planner design to suit the recipient’s lifestyle and personality.

New Year Celebration Ideas

new-year-2013There’s no other celebration as grand as New Year. It is the time when people from all over the globe bid ‘adios’ to the present and greet ‘hola’ to the next. It symbolizes transition from old to new and fresh start. Since all of us are joyfully anticipating the arrival of a New Year, might as well try a new way of celebrating it, far from the traditional house party in the evening, although sending New year wishes to family and friends shouldn’t be forgotten  Doing this might really make you feel like having a fresh start. So here are my suggestions on how you can celebrate this grand festivity.

Celebrating New Year with Nature

At least two weeks before New Year, book a flight, if living overseas, and make an arrangement to rent a cabin in the woods where you can rest and warm yourself in a cold night beside a chimney. It’s always better if you make a longer preparation for this to give yourself an ample time to look for a place and avoid the holiday rush. Nevertheless, a spontaneous thought of going outdoors would mean fun and adventure, so it could be an exciting idea for us all. Prepare your New Year’s party dinner, which include a hot creamy noodle soup and some hot beverage like brewed coffee. Cover yourself all over, using a thick warm blanket and enjoy the night.

This is best when done with your partner, because the whole ambiance is tremendously romantic. At the strike of 12 midnight, you can toast with your mug of hot chocolate.

Going Outdoor

Another unique way of celebrating your new year is to go out of town and go camping. It will be fun to bring your friends along and watch city lights below. A little preparation is required though, consider your transportation, how can you get there and where are you going to rest. Of course, do not forget to bring your tent because the idea here is to go camping. Find a good camping spot as part of the preparation.

If you and your friends are hungry for some adventure, going on the camping site by means of commuting and walking would be fun.

Celebrating New Year in the Beach

Some people do spend their holidays on the beach and you might be wondering whether it’s really a great idea. If so, why don’t you try it yourself? During nighttime, the wind by the sea gets refreshingly cold, it could inspire you having a solemn, peaceful and quiet celebration and reflection for the New Year away from the busy city life. Do a little research and you might just find a deserted beach where you can just sit and watch the waves crash into the shore. It is best done by couples as it is very relaxing and extremely romantic.

Celebrating New Year at Home

Some people just can’t leave the comfort of their home and would not exchange this idea for some holiday in outdoors. If they are, just let them be and have the most out of the holidays by making your New Year’s celebration fun and enjoyable. You can play games or rent movies aside from the usual New Year’s dinner. The perks of celebrating it in this fashion is that it wouldn’t cost that much. Last year, I spent this holiday with my family. After I send out my New Year messages and greetings through cards and via email, I joined the family as they watch different fireworks in the sky.

Spending New Year in a Spa

Remove your stresses by spending your New Year in a luxurious spa for some massage. You can definitely find a spa that is open during New Year. Make an advanced reservation for you and your loved one, give them this wonderful treat so that they can welcome the New Year relaxed and stress-free.

To make sure that your New Year will be hassle-free, make sure that the personnel doing the massage will be of the same gender. Letting your partner see a lady masseuse doing your massage would surely spell a problem.

Have your own Firework Displays

Prepare your own fireworks display at the backyard and make this a highlight of your New Year celebration. However, take extra care in handling and arrangement of new year decorations and supplies, as they as highly flammable and are made of substances that can harm one’s health when ingested. Invite your loved ones at the backyard before the strike of midnight; give them their glasses of champagne as everyone do the countdown. Light them at the strike of 12 midnight and watch them with your family, friends and loved ones.