How to Prepare for Halloween

It’s October! Or we can say it’s a month of Halloween! If you really want your Halloween to be as perfect as possible, then you should start planning now. Are you at a loss for how to get ready for this grand whimsical occasion? There’s nothing to worry about, as we bring you some helpful steps that will let you celebrate the spookiest Halloween ever.

As we know, Halloween is a great ancient holiday which is being celebrated worldwide with a variety of traditions. In most countries, this occasion is celebrated on October 31st and is a great fun for kids and adults as well. This is the one and only holiday that can easily sneak you up- especially if you are a single parent. Whether you are planning ahead or looking for some last minute ideas, count on the following tips to make your Halloween an extreme fun.

Halloween Party

You can enjoy Halloween by conducting a grand party. invite your friends and relatives with a spooky Halloween invitations. Get some best recipe ideas from internet to make the party as scary as possible.

Halloween Costumes:

Halloween costumes should be the first thing to pick out the way ahead of time! So, start planning earlier!

First of all, you and your kids have to decide what you want to be this Halloween. Whether you attending or hosting a party or staying at home to answer the monsters for tricks and treats, it’s far more fun if you are also dressed up.

The next move would be to decide whether you are going to buy the costumes or prepare them at home. You don’t have to buy extremely expensive costumes to look great on Halloween. You may already have number of things lying around your house. You just need to pull out your inside creativity and design some creepiest things from the stuff around. Whatever it is you must have a good Halloween make up ideas to full fill this.

If you have decided to purchase a ready-made costume, then you should start shopping earlier before all the costumes are sold out. You will find a diverse variety of scary costumes, gifts and other Halloween accessories at number of local stores or online stores, including Kohl’s and Sears, Kmart and so on.

Always ask your kids what they want to be, before buying or designing any kind of costume. You can help them by giving some examples of popular celebrities, such as Justin Bieber, Hannah Montana, Darth Vader etc. Make them feel good, especially when they are choosing their Halloween costumes.

Get a Pumpkin Patch:

Both adults and kids love to carve pumpkins in the scariest way possible, right? There are so many ways to make Halloween extreme fun for your little ones. For instance, you can utilize the templates of your kid’s favorite cartoon characters and carve your pumpkin that certain character. You can even engage your kids to carve pumpkins to make different designs and scary characters. They will love it!

Local farms would be the great source of gathering pumpkins of different sizes for eating and decorations as well. Local stores in your town may have a variety of other accessories- like gourds, hay, jellies and other things for Halloween decorations. If you want your home décor to be the finest and ghoulish, you need to plan early.

Jack ‘o’ Lanterns:

If you decorate your home prior to Halloween and carve the stock of pumpkins into jack ‘o’ lanterns, your occasion would become more festive and enthralling. You can carve different things out of pumpkins with the help of templates and right tools. Since Jack ‘o’ lantern is one of the customary traditions of Halloween, so you should start working on it early. Moreover, you can utilize battery operated candles or any kind of light to place inside your scary lamps. This way, your candle will stay lit for longer time and reduce the fire hazard.

Visit Party Stores for Halloween Decorations:

If you have younger kids at home, then we highly recommend you to stick with kids friendly decorations. Normally, you can get the best stuff for decorations at Party City or other Halloween stores in your town. Make sure your décor looks simply outstanding to adore your guests and kids. If you want to decorate outdoors, then you need to have plugs for lightening purpose.

Pick the right Candy:

To pick the right candies and treats for trick or treat, you need to watch for sales and shop early. Hopefully, you want to offer little darling goody packs to the little monsters around and don’t want to be the worst neighbors who give out the nastiest treats and run away too early. Remember, kids have so many other tricks to throw eggs and toilet paper your house.

Halloween is a time of excitement and fun, so make this event an unusual departure from the last ones.

If you can’t figure out how to décor your indoor and outdoor, get the right candy and get the best costumes ever, then you should try condense all the tips that are given above. Hopefully, all these ideas will make your Halloween BRIGHT!!


Best Diwali Greetings and Wishes with Diwali SMS and Text Messages

diwali-festivalDiwali Festival of Light

Diwali is one of my favorite hindu festival. Why? As being the festival of light, isn’t it delightful to see the rays of Divas in every home of hindu community during this auspicious festival? Isn’t it amazing to see how people celebrate it with so much fun and fervor? Isn’t it wonderful to observe that devotees seem to cooperate with each other and spread the spirit of Diwali festival by exchanging Diwali cards, greetings, diwali gifts and diwali SMS text messages during the celebration?

Diwali – known as the festival of light – is indeed one of the best spectacles of Indian and Hindu culture. It’s so wonderful to witness this one-of-a-kind event. So even in online way, I want to share its essence by providing these best Diwali wishes and diwali greetings. I also include some Diwali quotes and sayings with some Diwali Scraps.

Best Diwali Greetings and Diwali Wishes

These Diwali Greetings are very good to attach with some wonderful Diwali gifts, that will warm the relations and love

The most joyful season of the year is almost here,
May you be showered with happiness and peace.


I am praying that the lights of Diwali
will bring you enthrallment
not only on that time but also through the rest of the year.
Happy Diwali!

As the festival of lights is about to come,
Drop all the worries and fears and
Replace them with delightfulness and joy.

May this coming Diwali season uplift your spirit
to fight all the life’s trials
and go on to the road to happiness.
Happy Diwali!

The most awaited time of the year
will surely bring you to a paradise where placidity and blissfulness
is indescribable and undeniable.
Have a happy Diwali!

Best Diwali SMS and Text Messages

As you decorate the house with wonderful Diwali Decorations for this Diwali, wish your nears and dears with wonderful diwali wishes. For those who can’t express or send their Diwali messages personally, this is the best option. Through diwali sms and text messages, you can send your holiday greetings even if you’re thousands or hundreds miles away.


The best feeling ever is spending the Diwali with your family.
I pray that even if you parted ways by going into places,
the connections between your hearts will keep the togetherness alive.
I’m wishing you a happy Diwali!

Don’t think that your life is filled with darkness;
It is just the absence of light.
May Diwali bring you the light that you are longing for.
Have a joyful Diwali!

May prosperity and peace shine through your home
as we celebrate the most wonderful season of the year.
Happy Diwali!

I am wishing you a fun-filled celebration of the festival of Diwali.
I hope that peace and luck will illuminate your way,
in whichever path you choose to take.

The time when the evil gives up the fight,
because the joyfulness from the good people are too powerful to weaken them.
Continue to be happy!
Happy Diwali!

Best Diwali Quotes and Sayings

Quotes are also a good way to  wish a happy diwali. So here are some samples that I would like to share with your for this Diwali Fesival. Here is some great Diwali messages and quotes for you.


Let go of the sadness, give in with the joy.
Run away from the darkness, run out into the door.
Forget all the worries,
Diwali’s here so just enjoy!

The lovely array of lights you’ll see;
I hope that it will bring you all the best until eternity.
May you and your family be so happy this coming Diwali!

Diwali season: the time when good totally won over the villains.
Well, we did not beat them up, they had just given up.
Let’s spread love and happiness
So the villains will not be able to fight anymore.
Happy Diwali!

May the fiery flames on the lamp burn all the worries and sadness in your heart and guide happiness and peace on their way deep within your soul. Happy Diwali!


Diwali Cards with Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is an unavoidable part of Diwali. You can see lots of wonderful rangoli patterns on internet. So I have selected some great Diwali card with rangoli as theme and have some wonderful Diwali messages in it

Another beautiful Diwali rangoli design is below

You can find more images at pinterest board about Rangoli designs. There is lot of wonderful images.

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Home-made baby shower decorations

Baby shower is a very important ceremony to welcome the baby into the world. There are ways in which one can make it memorable without spending much. Choosing the perfect cake, having the right menu, creating an interesting theme and choosing the right gift for the guests needs detailed planning.  Organizing a baby shower for your friend might leave you exhausted and not to forget, broke. A lot of people think baby shower is an expensive affair to deal with. But here are few ways of to do baby shower decorations, which does need much expenditure. You can sit back and watch the magic unfold.


  1. Home-made candles – Spend some time making candles. It is not a rocket science, trust me. You can make you fancy candles with the perfect color and aroma. All it needs is a pot of wax, colors and some perfume. You can use search engines for you benefit. There are many free tutorials teaching you how to make different types of candles. Spend some time researching and you will realize you can do it too. A candle can help you spread the perfect aroma for the party. It can also be a very good return gift.
  2. Cake decoration – cake is the most important part of any ceremony. A lot of eyes go looking for the cake even before they have entered the house. While getting the cake decorated from an expert may leave you penniless there are alternate ways also. Visit a cake decorating supplier. Check out different tools available in market. Think how you want your cake to look like. Ask them for a few tips. Now when you have done enough research in cake decoration. Go ahead and decorate your own cake. Have a cake decorating session. Gather all the cake decorating tools. Call your girl friends. Have some girly talk. Your cake will be ready in no time looking ever so beautiful and you can catch up on your gossip too. Let the guest of honor choose her favorite cake decoration and announce the door prize.
  3. The return gift package – the return gift package is something that everybody waits for. They would be lying if they say they do not care about the gifts. The truth is that everybody loves gifts. There are ways in which you can make it special too. Learn different wrapping techniques. Again internet is the best way to enlighten you. When you finally decide on which kind of wrap to go for Wrap the gifts you plan to give away on your own. Have a personal letter of thanks attached to each return gift. It saves you from spending much on gift wraps by giving it to the professionals and your guests feel special too when you hand them over the gifts which personal note of thanks.
  4. Make tassels at home – Cut the cloth or the paper into a strip and tie them together. Decorate them with sparkle and dip in different color liquids. Then tie them together at one end and your home made tassel is ready. It needs no investment if you already have tiny bits of cloth at home which you do not plan to use in future. The color papers can come handy from the kids next door. You can add extra sequins later. Baby rattles are also welcome for the touch up. These tassels can be hung on the pelmets, chairs, tables or any other place. It will just beautiful in every nook and corner or your house. You can also have them color co-ordinate. Pick the three colors you like the most and make the tassels out of them. They will not only look beautiful but also go with the theme.
  5. Add colors to the cutlery – paint you cutlery sets with different color. Blue for the boy and pink for the girl. Or just have a dash of every color. Do not babies just love colors? Who are we to make choices for them right? So just let you imagination flow. There are special paints that are used for cutlery sets. You might want to do a quick Google search about the ones that are not harmful. Color them according to the theme that you have zeroed on. They will look beautiful when held in hand and you are sure to receive compliments for you art work.
  6. Table decoration – even a table can look appealing by decorating it with confetti’s. The placement of dishes can be made interesting. Little arrow marks is very cute way to guide guests from dish to dish. A small pamphlet of what dish it is and what is it best eaten with will keep the guests hooked to the dining table. Also place some funky table mats. A nice table cloth matching the theme of the party is really works wonder in the overall presentation of the table. Decorating the dining table is a much understated affair and you will soon realize the power of it.
  7. Hand-made paper lanterns – there is nothing better than a series of beautiful lights to keep the mood at the best. Paper lanterns are east to make a play a huge role in keeping the festivities on. They can be places in the corner of the room, on the center of the table, hanging on the pelmets or almost everywhere. You can also have personal messages written over them. It will look beautiful when lit up. These lanterns go well with theme parties. Just decide your theme and choose lights accordingly. Try and recreate different moods scenes from you favorite movie by choosing the right kind of light.
  8. Itsy bitsy decoration – little craft skills can prove to be very helpful while decorating your house for the baby shower. Make those colorful pennants at home. Use different colored papers. Beautiful butterflies can be cut out of paper and placed on the flowers. Tiny stars in the balloons are of course a very old and well worked trick in parties. The wind chimes can have small confetti in them with different baby names on it.  So every time confetti falls there is a voting over the baby name. The winner gets to have a bigger piece of cake which again you have decorated.
  9. Decorate the mock tail glasses – discover new blends in the mock tail. Add different syrups to make it look colorful. Try out different recipes suggested by your friends. These recopies are going to do wonders in the party. Do not forget the glasses. Decorate them with little colorful umbrellas. Have different shapes of fruit cut and placed in the rim. People will love something to bite on.
  10. The seating – decorate the seating area with a beautiful cloth. It can be knitted or painted on. The loose ends can be ties with different colored pins. Add few flowers to the chairs. Place the chairs in a circular fashion in case you have games in the schedule. Place the chairs in a way that no guest is left along. Let there be a group of chairs for the gossip mongers. You can also decide to give floor seating with nothing but a mattress to sit on. Choose a set of pillows to go well with the theme. You can have few lamps placed on the side to go with the theme. A comfortable seating can become the center of attraction when done beautifully.
  11. The food assortment – you can choose what to lay on the food table according to the theme of the party. Add some colors to those candies. Have a jar full of colorful candies. The sandwiches can take different shapes and colors too according to the theme. You can choose the flavors you want to add in the menu with respect to the theme again. Have a separate drinks table which serves the drinks in different flavors. These drinks can be presented in beautiful glasses. Ask the guests to paint their glasses with their favorite colors and write a message for the proud parents or the kids. Add tissues on the table. These tissues can be made to look interesting when folded in different shapes. You can also have different caricatures on the tissue. Again, keep the theme in mind and work your way up to the table. The food table is the most important part of any function.


There are different ways in which you can decorate your house and they do not have to be very expensive. Try thinking of the waste materials in your house that you no more use. Try to make something out of them. The small handkerchiefs which you do not use can be made into small dolls. The waste papers can be made into confetti. Cut them into different shapes such as hearts and stars to make it look more beautiful. Decorating you house for a party can be a great way of de stressing. Few simple tips can make you look like a wizard in the house without spending much.

Acrylic Nail Designs


Women are crazy about their body and beauty. They love to maintain it in the best way they can, and for that they may spend hours in beauty parlor.  Nail designs are one of the area they concentrate and the love to spend hours to make their nails  beauty spot. You can see some nail art designs here







You can see more designs below


Acrylic Nail Designs #2


Acrylic Nail Art Design


Acrylic Nail Designs


Acrylic Nail Designs #6

You can find lot of great nail designs in pinterest. one of the great board. I have found the below design at pinterest. it is really cute and attractive




Islamic Festivals

Islam An Introduction

islamic-festivalsIslam is the second largest religion in the world. Almost one billion people adhere to Islam across the world. There are two major festivals that are celebrated by Muslims across the globe. These festivals are namely Id-al-Adah and Id-Ul-Fitr. Both the festivals are celebrated with great pomp and joy. Eid-Ul-Fitr falls before Id-al-Adah. These two major festivals are closely related to spiritual enhancement and signify the most important events as per Quran.


Eid-Ul-Fitr is celebrated after 30 days of Ramadan. Month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims across the globe observe fast during these 30 days. Id-ul-Fitr is also known as choti Eid. This festival is celebrated on the first day of Shawal. Sighting of crescent moon marks the end of Ramadan. Day after the sighting of crescent moon is celebrated as Id-ul-fitr.
Eid-Ul-Fitr rituals
This festival is a single day festival, though the celebrations often extend to two or three days. On the day of Eid, all the Muslims get up early in the morning around 4.30 am. They bathe and dress themselves in the best of their clothing. Many Muslims will also atone their bodies with natural oils or perfumed oils before bathing. The family shares breakfast together. After the breakfast, the first prayer is offered. This prayer is known as ‘Salat-e-fajr’ and it is offered in an open ground. Generally, mosques have an open ground, where all Muslim men gather. They offer prayers in congregation. Before offering the’fajr’ prayer, every devout Muslim must donate something or indulge in the act of charity. This is known as sadaqat-ul-fitr. Sadaqat ul-fitr refers to giving money to poor and needy.
Eid Salaat consists of two ‘rakats’ and six ‘takbirs’. Muslims have to follow certain norms while celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr. Every devout Muslim must go to offer Salaat-ul-fitr on foot. Eid prayers must be said in congregation and they should be said in an open ground. It is forbidden to use any other words apart from words that refer to almighty god or spiritual Islamic terms before offering Salat-e-fajr. After offering prayers, the imam delivers the sermon. It is important that Muslims attend the sermon and they should not indulge in talking or praying when the sermon is being delivered. After the prayers and Khutbah (sermon) is over, all Muslims hug each other and say Id Mubarak.

Celebrations of Eid-Ul-Fitr


Image :Good light Scraps
After offering the ‘Salat-e-fajr’, celebrations of Eid begin. Friends and families exchange gifts and sweets. Children often receive Eidi from elders. Eidi can be in form of gifts, money, clothes, or sweets. It is prohibited to fast on the day of Eid. Several delicacies are prepared on this day. Muslims also invite their friends and relatives home. Many non-Muslim friends are invited to share the festivities of Eid-Ul-Fitr

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Eid-Al-Adah is the most important of all Islamic festivals. This festival is also known as the greater Eid. It begins on the 10th day of Dhua-al-hijjah and lasts up to 13th day of dhua-al-hijjah as per the Islamic calendar. Dates for Eid-Al-Adah may differ as the Gregorian calendar as the western calendar is based on the movement of the sun.
History of Eid-Al-Adah
Eid-Al-Adah is also known as the festival of sacrifice. In many parts of the world, it is also known as Bakri Id. This festival symbolizes the spirit of sacrifice. Origins of this festival can be traced back to Quran.
This festival celebrates Ibrahim’s dedication to God. Ibrahim was asked to take his wife and his son Ishmael to Arabia. He left them there as per god’s will. Hajar and Ishmael were thirsty when Angel Gabriel pierced the land and well of zamzam was created for them. Ibrahim was asked to join his wife and son after several years. They built the kabba, next to the well of zamzam. When Ishmael turned 13 years old, he attained Prophet-hood. At this juncture, Ibrahim started getting recurring dreams of his slaughtering his son. He realized that it was God’s command that he should sacrifice his only son Ishmael. Ibrahim told his son about his dreams and asked him his viewpoint. Ishmael readily agreed to obey God’s command. Quran states that satan tried to divert Ibrahim’s mind by tempting him and at that juncture, Ibrahim pelted stones at Satan and drove him away. Even today, hajj pilgrims throw stones at pillars symbolizing satan during their holy pilgrimage.
When Ibrahim tried to behead his son, Ishmael remained unharmed and a ram laid dead on the sacrificial platform. God was pleased with Ibrahim’s devotion and he delivered the good news about arrival of his second son Isaahaq. Since then, this day is celebrated as day of sacrifice.

Al-Adah rituals

Salat for eid-al-adah can be offered anytime after sunrise till the dusk. These prayers must be offered in a mosque. It is essential that every Muslim does ‘wudu’ and offers ‘salaat-ul-fajr’ on the day of Eid. They must dress well and stay like that throughout the day. Travelers are exempted from offering their Eid prayers at mosque.
Eid prayers consist of two ‘rakats’ and seven ‘takbirs’. After the recitation of prayers, the imam delivers a ‘Khutbah’, which is also known as a sermon. On this day, a lamb, cow, goat or camel is sacrificed. This sacrifice is done in remembrance of Ibrahim, who was ready to sacrifice his son for the will of God. The sacrificial animals need to meet particular standard, age and quality. Meat from the sacrificial animal is divided in three parts. First part is retained by the family. The second part is distributed to friends and relatives whereas the third part of the meat is distributed to poor and needy.
Devout Muslims try to feed the poor and needy during this day. Eid-al adah lasts for three days. It is essential that a ‘takbir’ is recited loudly before offering the Eid prayers. Recitation of ‘takbir’ begins from the ninth day of dhua-al-hijah to the thirteenth day of dhua-al-hijah. Friend and relatives visit each other and wish ‘Id Mubarak’.

Mothers Day Card Ideas

Sometimes, material gifts that we thoughtfully chose are not enough to express our appreciation for our mothers. Mothers are the one who reared us and took care of us from the moment we were conceived, and up to the present. They never stopped caring for us. So why not show your gratitude by, not just giving her something you think she might like, but also giving her the gift of your words on this mothers day? A sweet and loving message can be a good way to express your undying love for the woman who will sacrifice her world for you. Make it extra special by skipping the store-bought cards and making the cards on your own. She will love the effort you placed in your gift.

Mother’s Day DIY Card Ideas

Trip Down Memory Lane

Reminisce the times you shared growing up with your mom by making a card filled with pictures of the two of you from then and now. Choose the ones that highlight the best days of your childhood with your mom and the best photos of the two of you in the present. The card will remind her that you appreciate how she is as a mother to you and show her your love for her through the years.


  • Photos (If you do not want to cut up original photos, you can scan them and print them out)
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Sturdy Cardboard Paper (can be the color of your choosing)
  • Envelope
  • A Good Sign Pen


  1. Fold the cardboard paper in half as you would a greeting card.
  2. Cut out the photos you chose and glue them on the front side of your card. Save one current photo of the two of you for later use. Be creative in your positioning of your photos. You can also make a border for the card so the photos look framed. You can do this by getting a colored paper (different color from the card) and cut it into thin strips. Glue the strips into place around the card.
  3. After you’ve finished designing your front side, flip open your card. On the flip side of your card’s front side, glue on the center your favorite current photo. Write a sweet caption below it. (E.g. “From the yesteryears until now, you will forever be the best mom!”)
  4. On the adjacent page, write your heartfelt mother’s day greetings.
  5. Place the card inside a nice envelope and decorate it with your doodles or use scrapbook materials to make the envelope look special.

Paper Plate Special

Who says you cannot make something special out of common household items? Rummage through your picnic stash and grab a paper plate to make this extraordinary mothers day card for your mom.


  • Paper Plate (Preferably not the waxed kind)
  • Colored Paper
  • Scissors
  • PVA Glue
  • Colored Pens


  1. Before folding the paper plate into a card, use it to trace out a circle on a colored paper of your choice. Make two patterns. Use one of the circles as a guide to draw your border design. Save the other one for later. Once you have your border design, cut it out and glue it on the plate. Once it is securely glued down, fold the plate as you would a landscape greeting card.
  2. Start cutting out design patterns to decorate the front of your card. Flowers are good for mother’s day.
  3. After you cut out your patterns, glue them on the card wherever you would like to place them. You can also choose to write down your mom’s name or the word mom itself on the flowers and glue it across the card.
  4. Get the other circle pattern you saved and cut it in half. On the inside, adjacent to the flip side of the front, glue the half of the colored paper circle. Write your heartfelt message on it using colored pens.
  5. As an option, you can punch out a hole through the ends of the plate and run through a ribbon to securely close the card.

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Print Out Goodies

If you feel like DIY handicrafts are not your strong suit, you can browse the Internet for free Mother’s day greeting card templates. All you have to do is get a sturdy printable cardboard and print your chosen design there. Afterwards, you can write your words of love inside the card. It may not be fully handmade, but she will appreciate it all the same because you made the effort. If you feel like the printed card is not enough, buy a fresh bouquet of her favorite flowers and add the card to it. She will definitely love your gesture.