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Celebrating Diamond 75th Wedding Anniversary

happy-75th anniversaryTraditionally, Diamond anniversary referred to the 75th anniversary but due to the overwhelmingly low number of couples who make it to that mark, it has been used in the modern times to mean attainment of 60 years of marriage.

We all know that not only is a diamond one of the most precious minerals that we have on our planet, it is also one of the hardest and strongest minerals. Therefore, for a wedding anniversary to be equated to diamond, it signifies the extent of both the level of worth and strength of the marriage over the years; to see off all the challenges and remain intact for that long.

This is no easy fete to achieve. Firstly, to remain married for that long is by itself almost a miracle especially taking into account the increased levels of divorces since the end of the First World War. This is further complicated by natural causes such as health and life expectancy. This means that, it is extremely difficult for both husband and wife to live long enough reach this fete together.

Choosing Gift to Mark Diamond Anniversary

As the name of the anniversary suggests, the traditional theme of this celebration is diamond based. While choosing a gift for this occasion, it is therefore important to take this factor into consideration. It is also inherent to take into account the age of the couple and past memories that the couple may greatly treasure.

Anniversary Party

It is unimaginable to manage to be married for way more than half a century and then bypass throwing a party to celebrate this extraordinary moment. In most instances, the couple is hardly involved in organizing the party. It is mostly done by their children, who in most cases, by this time are middle aged. The party in most cases turns out to be a celebration of life as well as a family get together.

Memento Scrapbook

This involves capturing the precious moments in the couple’s marriage by gathering photographs of the couple throughout their married life. The hardest bit is managing to get all the photos without missing or leaving anything out. It is important to involve family and friends who know the couple well and from the early days of their marriage. Most probably they will have photos of the couple, some long forgotten.

A memento scrapbook is a precious souvenir with whose captions and descriptions walks the couple down the memory lane. The long forgotten memories are rekindled and not only serve as a strengthening factor for the couple moving on but also as a source of inspiration for the future generations after them.

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Anniversary Video

It is extremely important to capture this momentous occasion on tape. The goodwill messages, well wishes as well as peer couples sharing their life stories serves as source of inspiration for the couple when they sit and watch the compilation. Each time they watch, it is a moment to cherish by simply knowing how much they are appreciated and loved by those closest to them and they are not forgotten; as many an elderly couple will tend to feel from time to time.

Material Gifts

When getting a gift for a couple celebrating its diamond anniversary, there are a few things to consider. Chief among them is the age of the couple. The combined age of the couple is way past 150 years. It is safe at this moment to assume that the couple is not necessarily looking to accumulate any more material wealth but instead to celebrate life. At the same time, taking into consideration that the theme of this celebration is diamond based, it is therefore important to get gifts that exhibit simplicity of the theme and the complexity in symbolism. Diamond crusted gift packs will always pass the test as well as personalized gifts such as picture frames, scrapbooks and video compilations.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Celebration

wedding-anniversary-partyThe holiday is over. It’s time to get back to work. Back to normal, back to the old routine. Although I’ve listed some of the New Year’s resolutions, I still ought to do the things just like what I did from the previous year. If you are to ask how my vacation was, it was pretty good. I had a lot of fun! Aside from the Christmas and New Year parties I’ve attended, there was one more occasion I didn’t miss. That was my aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary celebration.

You couldn’t tell that was exclusively an anniversary party. It seemed like it was also a get-together cum christmas party cum reunion cum holiday party celebration. Most of the family members from both clans were there, including our family. It was a great celebration, a literal HUGE celebration.

There were party games, dancing and singing. We also exchange gifts. In the middle of the party, I saw my uncle and aunt looking at each other as if they were newly-wed. Whispering in each other, laughing, tapping as if my uncle told her something silly, you can see the love in their eyes. In the middle of that party, I realized something and I suddenly asked myself… when can I find my own wedding partner?

And then it was my turn to sing in the videoke machine. Since I don’t have that good singing voice, I chose a simple song – Closer you and I. When I looked to my uncle, I saw him held my aunt’s hand. Then, she looked at him and smiled…

The host of the party, one of my cousins, aunt’s son, called the anniversary celebrant. They then went to the middle of the party hall. They were requested to tell their wedding anniversary wishes to each other. My uncle took the first turn. He held my aunt’s hand and look at her eyes while saying how much he has been so lucky through the years. That despite of the arguments, “cold war” and problems, she stayed beautiful in his eyes. He also told her that even if he would be given a second life, he will still choose my aunt as his lifetime partner.

I was so touched hearing those words from a guy, from my uncle. I never thought a man would be that expressive. It was my aunt’s turn. She first thanked him for putting up with her drama, with her hang ups in life and for being such a good husband and a father to their children. She also said how much she loved him and so on… I think most of the guests in the celebration was teary-eyed… oh I’m not included, promise! But I had to swallow a lot of time coz I felt a lump in my throat that time. That was the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen, as they express their wedding anniversary messages for each other, as if they are renewing their vows. That was very romantic!

It was indeed a very romantic and happy wedding anniversary celebration. I really had a lot of fun!