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14 Days before Christmas

morningOh, it’s morning!

As I opened my eyes, the first thing I did is to check the date and the time. It was 7:16 AM, December 11 2012.

Another day, I told to myself. I initially planned to sleep more but the urge to go to the kitchen and do my morning habits was there so I got up. I grab a cup of coffee, fried egg and rice. I ate as I watch news in the morning news segment. My mind says “same old, same old”…

I was planning to take my morning shower when a thing occurs me… It’s like ringing in my ears… Then I suddenly remember….

“Tomorrow, we will take a break from work. You may rest for one day” – my boss’ words.

Oh my!! Today is off! I should have remembered this earlier so I continue my sleep. But then again, with the loud noises coming from the outside, and the chattering, screaming of my nieces, I don’t think I can make another series of sleep at that rate.

So instead of sulking, I decided to watch TV more. I watch cartoons and some cooking shows.


It’s lunchtime but I don’t feel like eating. I planned to go to shopping mall with one of my nieces Danielle, but I remember I still don’t have my week’s salary. It should have been better if I have my bonus right now so I can buy my goddaughters some early presents.

This has become customary every Christmas. I am the one who buy stuff for my nieces and family (mom, dad, sister and brother). I used to be so enthusiasm when it comes to this but this year might have been different. So I think I’m just going to give my sister the budget to buy stuff. I really hate being stuck in a long line towards the cashier.

3:00 PM

Yes, I’ve come to this point that I haven’t accomplished anything good today. It’s really new. I feel so sleepy and lazy… So I just decided to write some..

One word to describe my day, the 14 days before Christmas – LETHARGIC.