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My Christmas Gift for my Brother

It’s Christmas time! The long wait is now over. There is someone who truly waits for Christmas to come. Who is it? It’s my brother.

Yes, Christmas time is gift-giving time. This is a season when people expect, buy, give and receive gifts. My brother is included to the category of “expecting” and eventually “receiving” gifts. “Unfortunately”, I am included to the category of “buying” and “giving” gifts this Christmas.

How this expecting, buying, giving and receiving case starts? It was way back on August. It was his birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money before. So I promised him to buy a gift on Christmas day. So he said he can wait, HE WILL WAIT…

So since today is Christmas, I have to fulfill my promise that I will buy him the gift he wanted so long time ago. Good thing my boss is good enough that he sent me my bonus earlier. I’m saved. So I instantly withdrew cash and go to nearest shopping mall. And look what I’ve got for my brother….




galaxy y

Yes, a new Samsung Galaxy Y. Yeah, I know this doesn’t cost much, but for me, it costs so much. Hahahaha. It left my bank account drained. My salary is not five-digits so don’t be surprised. I bought a Christmas card too, i wrote some Christmas messages, wishing him to enjoy my gift… I went home, I saw my brother waiting for me to come home. He was so excited; I can see it on his face. As soon as I opened the box of his new phone, I saw his face lightened up and flashed the big grin.

Well, although I spent a lot on this present, it’s all worth it. This may look that I gave material gift to my brother but it’s beyond that. I gave him the gift of patience, joy and happiness. In return, he gave me the gift, a special gift. The gift of happiness and satisfaction seeing him enjoy and truly appreciates what I got for him. It’s enough for me. I’m happy with that.

Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas

merry-christmas-copyChristmas Celebration

Christmas is a joyous festivity in a year, aside from New Year’s Day. Everyone seems celebrating and in a festive mood as soon as the month of December starts. Different traditions and observations are also held during this day. Shopping malls and gift stores are swarmed with shoppers and early birdies. As we welcome the season of joy, peace, sharing, forgiveness and giving, we prepare treats and gifts for our family, friends, neighbors and everyone close to our hearts and have touched our lives. We send our best wishes and Christmas messages, hoping that they too would enjoy the warmth of the Yuletide season.

Christmas Gift Hampers

We want to share our affordable christmas gift ideas with you. Feel free to mix and match. You can also think of themes that cater to the receiver taste and style, and you can also color-code. Be very creative in the presentation. Make sure that the items are arranged beautiful and the hamper is wrapped stylishly. You can use different materials to wrap up your hamper. Here are a few Christmas hamper ideas I came up with  that hopefully will help you with your hamper themes this year. Cheers and good luck!

  • Christmas feast hamper (Pasta, sauces, ham, cheese, etc.)
  • Christmas breakfast hamper (Pancake, coffee, cream, syrup, peanut butter)
  • Movie treats hamper (Popcorn, soda, potato chips, DVDs, movie passes)
  • Chili and spicy treats hamper (Pepper, hot sauce, Korean kimchi, chili oil)
  • Wine and cheese hamper (Red wine, white wine, fine cheese, nuts, crackers)
  • Gummy bears and candy gift hamper (Gummy delights, lollipops, gum balls)
  • Mexican delights gift hamper (Nachos, salsa, margaritas, olive oil, lime juice)
  • Champagne and chocolate hamper (Champagne, crackers, chocolates, nuts)
  • Chocolate and sweets hamper (Chocolate bars, chocolate mousse and dips)
  • Barbecue and beer hamper (barbecue sauce, beer, chips, canned sausages)
  • Relaxing lavender and chamomile spa hamper (Lavender and chamomile spa scents and treats)
  • Bath and body hamper (Shampoo, bath soap, shower gels, etc.)
  • Cooking utensils hamper (Scoops, ladle, wooden spatula, etc.)
  • Tools and screws hamper (Hammer, screwdriver, screws, nails, etc.)
  • Office and desktop supplies hamper (Stapler, puncher, staple wires, paper clips, sticky notes)
  • Fruity flavors hamper (fruit flavorings, fruity scents, fruit-based lotions and bath treats)
  • Foot spa hamper (Foot soak, relaxing oils, spa salts, foot scrub)
  • Fragrances and moisturizers hamper (Perfumes or colognes, scented moisturizers, scented body mists)
  • Mittens, scarves and warmers hamper (Gloves, scarves, winter caps)
  • Shampoo and hair care hamper (Shampoo, conditioner, hot oil kit, hair gel, mousse)
  • Candles and scents gift hamper (Scented candles, scented oils, potpourri, etc.)
  • Baking lovers gift hamper (Recipe books, baking tools like pastry cutters, cupcake molder)
  • Winter treats hamper (Lip balm, mittens, scarf, moisturizers)
  • Gardeners’ delight gift hamper (Gardening tools, seeds, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Music lovers’ hamper (CDs, music composition notebooks, music books, etc.)
  • Bookworms’ gift hamper (Novels, classic hardbound books, paperbacks, book markers)

More Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

  • Make sure to consider your recipients lifestyle and interest in choosing the theme for your hamper.
  • You can also arrange your hamper by theme. You can choose from the ideas above.
  • You can use cellophane, clear plastic, or clothe in wrapping your hamper.
  • Don’t forget to attach a gift tag with Christmas greetings on them.

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11 Days Before Christmas

my-oralHey peeps!

I wasn’t able to write last night, or yesterday. Want to know why? Coz I just got my tooth extracted. A major OUCH! Want me to go to the details? Yes?

So here it goes….

I didn’t plan to get my tooth pulled out in the first place. I initially planned to just get my teeth cleaned and filled. Yes, I was having problem with one tooth. It has hole and I thought filling would fix the problem. But the dentist advised me to undergo through total extraction of the tooth. I was like “oh my”…

And so, the procedure went on. The dentist, her name is Lourdes, cleaned my teeth one by one. At first it was fine. I didn’t feel any pain. It was soothing actually, with the thought of having major maintenance and cleaning of my oral health. However, as the procedure went by, it was becoming more and more intense. She used different tools. And when she asked me to gargle and spit it, I saw lots of well, blood and I got scared. I almost fainted.

And finally, thee cleaning procedure is done. And when I thought I can finally breathe comfortably, she wiped something on my gum, the part where the decayed tooth needs to be extracted. Before I knew it, she inject me an anesthesia. It started to feel numb. And then she finally extracted it. Surprisingly, I didn’t get scared at all. I actually like the thought of getting rid of that tooth that causes me pain every night.

I went home and the first thing I did was to eat porridge. I WAS SO HUNGRY!

Then, I fell asleep… and sleep and sleep…

I woke up this morning very dizzy but I am feeling better and so I was able to write again.

So that was about it. That was my experience 11 days before Christmas, err rather 12 days before Christmas.

Til next time peeps!

My Childhood Christmas

christmas-celebrationChristmas is one of my favorite festival in a whole year. I am always looking forward for Christmas to come. When I was still a child, I used to count the days before the December 25th comes. I’ve never been so impatient before. I always ask my mom “is it already Christmas”? And she will answer “no, not yet dear”. I’ll ask again, “so when will Christmas come?”. Then she will reply “Soon, honey, very soon”.

During this time, mom was busy decorating our home with ornaments and decors. I remember, we used to make some Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards together. I used to collect candy wrappers in school. Then, my father will cut some small pieces of woods. I will then wrap them up with the plastic of candies, tie them up with a string and hang in the Christmas tree. And since I’ve collected different kinds of candies, they create colorful ornaments in the tree. It was so beautiful to see. (well, at least on my eye – my childhood eye).

My childhood Christmas was probably the best Christmas I’ve ever had. Even though I had no expensive Christmas gift from my parents, I was happy. We visited our folks and kiss them as we say “Merry Christmas”.

Today, we still do that. But due to my busy schedule, it’s too bad we don’t have much time to enjoy the Christmas holiday.

Religious Christmas Cards to Share the Spirit of Christmas

Christian Christmas

Christmas is well-celebrated in the regions where people have Christianity as their predominant religion. Countries like Philippines celebrate this day as soon as the month of December starts. In fact, some may even start their countdown 100 days before December 25th. Although this holiday has been overly commercialized over time, Christian faith shouldn’t be missed while celebrating the season. This is the day when Jesus Christ was born. In Christianity, Jesus Christ is the savior of human. Hence, one should remember the true spirit of Christmas.

If you have difficulty in finding the perfect Christmas card in the local stores, you can make your own personalized Christmas greetings. It just takes some imagination to end in the perfect Christmas card. And this is the reason behind why we celebrate Christmas. From here, there are some absolute ways for customizing your own religious Christmas cards.

Tips on Sending Religious Christmas Cards

 Enclose a bookmark on your card.

Decide to figure something different with your religious Christmas greetings and give them something to admire in this year. You can create personalized bookmarks and tie with colorful ribbon and make some sparkle effect enclose with your card.

Mail a magnet on the card.

You can see your nearest craft supplies. They will give different mail magnet that has something to do with religious aspects of Christmas. Look for some related Bible verses with warm Christmas greetings like “Merry Christmas.”

Send an enhanced photo Christmas cards to your loved ones.

Send the best Christmas cards with distinctive printed photo to your loved ones. MS Applications require different selections to choose any style and customize your own photo cards. Just take your favorite photo of your family, friends or anyone! Then, choose from different themes and patterns such as bells, snowman, lanterns, and many more. Lastly, add your photo, message, and Bible verse. In this way, it will show distinctive touch to your photo Christmas cards.

Make a Personalized Christmas Card by your own.

Show your loved ones that they are more valuable than any Christmas cards. Find some stunning Christmas cards for this festive occasion. Use colorful markers, crayons, and paper designer to use in designing your cards. You can choose a suitable background, font size and type, and then, create your remarkable card in just few minutes.

Include your personal testimony on the Christmas card.

Christmas cards can provide a moral lesson to your loved ones. You can make a small testimony in your card. Your real-life testimony should be about your experience in such different way. This will inspire for those people especially this Christmas to thank God and find peace in their hearts.

 Pray for each person.

We must be happy for the celebration of this festive time while staying in touch with our loved ones by sending them religious Christmas cards. As Christians, we believe that prayer works for each person, thus, this is the best time to realize that God is best all the time. Inspired the people around you to get their entire life with God and experience how God will rule in their own lives.

Shop Religious Christmas Greetings through online-store

Christmas is the perfect time to your loved ones to share the joy and time should not stop you to have a great celebration. You should keep in touch with them by the use of the internet and send Christmas cards so that they may still feel the spirit of Christmas. You can buy online cards based on your online and patterns.

No matter what how impressive your religious Christmas cards are, always remember that God is the main reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas Celebration

More than a million greeting cards are purchased during the Christmas season, making it the highest-paying occasion for greeting card sellers worldwide. New Year only comes second to Christmas when it comes to the amount of greeting card sales globally. Because greeting cards are so in-demand during the Christmas season, greeting card makers make it a point to always come up with more amazing ideas to turn the conventional greeting card into something more up-to-date. Many people also prefer greeting cards over making personal calls to their loved ones because they are less costly, most particularly when loved ones live far away.

Image Source: Phil and Pam

Making a Christmas Card

When making Christmas greetings, focus more on what would interest the recipients of the greeting card instead of what would appeal to you. It really isn’t a matter of how much you are able to demonstrate your individual prowess when making these cards but what matters most is how much joy the recipients gain from receiving your greeting cards. Here are some handcraft Christmas card ideas you could try when making greeting cards for your loved ones:

Christmas Card Ideas #1: Fern Leaves

These leaves are best used when trying to make a miniature Christmas tree on your greeting cards. Stick these leaves in front of your greeting card in such a way that you form a Christmas tree. You could also decorate the miniature tree you made by using stickers and colored tape. Use your imagination to the best of your ability.

Christmas Card Ideas #2: Magazine Designs

If drawing isn’t your cup of tea, why not make use of Christmas motifs from magazines to design you self-made Christmas greeting cards. They are less of the hassle but still attractive in their own way.

Christmas Card Ideas #3: Interesting Backgrounds

Whatever your interests may be, you could illustrate it when making personalized Christmas card messages for your loved ones. If both you and the recipient share the same interest in dogs, you could use pictures of your pets as background for your greeting card. If both of you are into nature, why not make a greeting card out of recycled paper. All these things will better express your fondness of each other and make the season feel more meaningful to both of you.

Christmas Card Ideas #4: Framed Christmas Greeting Cards

Another idea would be to frame your greeting cards, which is surely apart from the conventional way of making greeting cards. Just make sure to use quality frames that are colorful and classy to bring out the greeting card. Bland colors can make your greeting cards look dull and I know you wouldn’t want that. So, choose frames with colors such as silver or gold to make it appear more refined.