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Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

christmas-stockings-stuffersGiving Christmas stockings has been a typical Idea for Christmas ever since the earlier centuries when every house had a fireplace. Hanging them from mantelpieces, staircase railings, or even the Christmas trees themselves is becoming more and more common, despite the lack of fireplace, but finding proper gifts can be difficult. Gifts don’t need to be pricey or fancy to be lots of fun, no matter what the age group!.

Before you begin, make sure you understand who the stocking is intended for. Sometimes it’s easier to make generic stockings for everyone involved, but a lot of the time there’s some age variation involved. Are you filling the stocking of a small child or a grandparent? This is never a bad thing, people of all ages can enjoy the gift of a stocking, but keep in mind that sometimes adults are surprisingly unhappy to receive a stocking. It can be interpreted as insulting or as a gift only for children, but overall most people appreciate the thought and sentiment. Also keep in mind that individual interests, preferences, and what they may have asked for as an individual. Once you’ve discovered their preferences, sometimes it can be extra fun to pick a theme for a set of gifts.

Always aim for small gifts, so that they fit in the bag. Inexpensive Christmas gifts are usually a good idea, since they can be just as meaningful as something pricey. For children it’s always best to choose something that is likely to keep them entertained for hours on end. Books, crayons, and the classic slinky are always good choices for the younglings. For adults it’s best to chose items that are more useful than a slinky. Office gadgets, kitchen accessories, and small electronics are great for adults. Electronics (especially various car chargers) can get a bit pricey if you don’t know where to look, so make sure to compare prices on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or other stores online.


When you fill the stocking you should also consider the shape of the sock. Small items can either be placed at the top, to ensure they don’t get broken, or at the bottom, in the spirit of “saving the best for last” and prolonging the fun. Longer items can be placed in the leg of the stocking, and filler items can be placed randomly in the stocking to stuff it to the fullest. For even more fun, consider wrapping some of the more intense items to help build the excitement as well! please note that Now days the christmas trees, christmas stockings and christmas table settings has become an unavoidable part of Christmas Decorations

Personal Items. You may think adults or older children are difficult to shop for, but including personal items can be a great idea. Using shampoos and soap as stocking stuffers are always desirable, since they’re not only small but also useful. Hairbrushes, loofahs, hand lotions, and fancy soaps can also be used, as well as electric toothbrushes. Travel and trial items are usually the proper sizes to fit in stockings. If you know someone who travels a lot, or is going to travel after Christmas, these can be perfect gifts. Stress balls, or other stress reliving items can usually fit in a stocking as well. You can even include several in one stocking.

Discover the hobbies of your intended recipients hobbies. If someone wants to be an artist, try a simple paint set, or some pencils and a small traveling notebook for those artistic ideas on the go. If you’ve got a theme, you can combine an object and a gift card, for example a gift card to Barnes and noble inside a small book, or a tape measure connected to a coupon for home depot.

Go for traditional Christmas stocking stuffers. If you’re concerned about what kind of gifts to give, stick to traditional ideas like play dough, lego kits, Christmas cards with wonderful christmas messages or short Christmas Poems, balloons (even water balloons), stuffed animals, toy cars, or squirt guns. If you don’t want to be too predictable, add food and candy. A lot of different foods can fit into stockings. Different candies and fruit snacks for children, or bottled soda and beef jerky. For adults, you can add tea bags, coffee grounds, gum, or a chocolate orange. Chocolate oranges can be flavored in several different ways, and even regular oranges can be used considering that they fit so well in the bottom of the stockings. You can add some flavor to the top of the stocking by hooking candy canes over the rim or draping fancy shoelaces over the side to hint at more gifts to come.

Gadgets. Small technologies and gadgets are always a favorite among adults of any age. Pocket and car calendars, multi-tools, small school supplies (students and office workers always appreciate a small, easy to carry stapler). Alarm clocks, wristwatches, flashlights, etc. If you’re child is reaching that age, a cell phone may be expensive but not out of place. If you’re worried about the money involved, tracphones and pre-paid plans can make a cell phone cost effective and still exciting as a gift.

Money can also be a creative idea. Two dollar bills can be used, and most banks carry them if you just ask. Wheat pennies, dollar coins, state quarters, and other interesting ideas can be used as well. Money doesn’t even need to be wrapped, but if you’re not careful it could get lost. Gift cards can be used as well, covering store purchases, or even music downloads and other online items.

Always remember to have fun when giving gifts. Include small gifts that are just for fun, like pretty stones or candles. Scented items are always friendly, but remember not to place them near chocolate least the chocolate take on the taste of whatever the scent was.

Pet lover Gifts. If you’ve got pets, or your friends or relations have pets, feel free to include them in the gifting as well! Dog or cat treats, collars, squeeky toys, and food bowls are great gift ideas, plus you can always include something for their owners such as a laser lights for chasing (this is especially good for cats).

So there you have it. Ways to brighten christmas morning before the official present opening begins. Ask around, discover who wants what, and always keep an eye out for small trinkets and enjoyable items to place in those traditional stockings at Christmas.