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How to Flirt over Text

flirting-with-boysWho does not flirt! Adopting the best media for flirting is very important. I think love letters are quite old and calls via phone is expensive. In modern days, text messages in the best media for flirting. This article covers some exclusive ideas to flirt via text messages both for girls and boys. Actually this article aims to introduce you something new that are flexting. The text messages which are more than text and less than serious romantic may be termed as flexting.

Flirting with Boys via Text

If you are a girl the following tips for flirting with boys over text will assist you to impress anybody through texting.

  • Addressing his name in your text

Say his name at least every first text messages in your conversation.

Example: Hi John! I noticed you in the mall buying gifts.
How it helps: He will know that he is in your mind and you are texting him not a generalized text that is for everyone.

  • Be intelligent to express your emotion for him


If you don’t want to tell directly anything your text should contain hints about your emotion. For example, if a guy asks you to go out with him and you also like him, your text should express your emotion. This text doesn’t need to be very big. Some simple word can express your emotion if you can do it in an intelligent way. Here is an example for you.

Example: I am just thinking about having my favorite chocolate ice-cream. I know you’d also love it.
How it helps: In this text you have said that you two meet but you don’t say it very strongly.

  • Ask him some questions to make him easy

If the opposite person is shy you should ask something in the conversation.

Example: This seems interesting to me. Then what happened?
How it helps: This text assures him that you are enjoying his conversation and you eagerly want to know it. Your interest in him is shown in this text clearly.

  • Assure him that you enjoy his words

Let him know that you enjoy his words.

Example: Your jokes were so funny. I told them my friends and she broke into laughter too. You are amazing!!!!!<3
How it helps: This text helps him to know that you enjoy his company and it is a very good sign.

  • Your text should demand answers

Your text should be something like that he has to write something in reply.

Example: Hi john!! I am thinking about to buy a laptop. I don’t know too much about this. Would you come to help me???

How it helps: Such kind of sweet asking for help reveals that you have respect and trust for him. If your text doesn’t demand an answer the conversation will be boring.

You can use lot those silly and interesting love quotes for him to make your conversations enjoyable and interesting. Any way all those chats are to enjoy and flirt

Flirting with Girls over text

Following flirting tips are for boys to help them flirting via text messages.

  • Addressing her name in your text

Say her name at least every first text messages in your conversation.

Example: Hi Jenny! I noticed you in the mall buying gifts.

How it helps: She will know that she is in your mind and you are texting her not a generalized text that is for everyone.

  • Make your text live using punctuation and emotions

Example: Hi!!!! I am very happy thinking that you are reading this text and smiling…….<3<3<3
flirty-text-messageHow it helps: It makes your text interesting to her. But don’t use too more emotions. It can makes het annoyed.

  • Make laugh her through teasing

You can make her laugh while making a move. How about the use of sweet pick up lines that are comic and cheesy? That would be best to make her fall for you over the text.

Example: Hmmm……You are naughtier than I thought!!! It’s just amazing to discover this ……
How it helps: Girls like to be teased. This text makes her laugh which is a positive sign for you. But you must be careful about your words. They should be polite enough.

  • Make her interested

Example: Hi!!!!!!! I am just thinking something about you…….
How it helps: After reading this text she may want to know what you are thinking about her.

Say something about last meeting

Example: Hi!!!!! Last evening was the most wonderful evening in my life!! I hope we will make such company again and again ❤

How it helps: This type of text helps you to make her know about your feelings for her. She will know that you are enjoying her company.

Some example of flexting that works both for girls and boys

  • I am in a big trouble….I just can’t stop thinking about you! :p
  • You are looking very sweet!……….How do I know? Simple……You are always sweet.
  • I can’ sleep! 😦 ……….. May be this is because you are thinking about me. Please stop it………. I have work early tomorrow….:)
  • Please save me!!!!!!!! I can’t do anything other than thinking about you 🙂

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

happy-valentines-dayMen are always accused that they are unromantic and forgetful of important dates – especially ones they share with their wives or girlfriend. This year, make sure that you stand out from the rest by making her feel appreciated and loved this Valentine’s Day! Gifts are a way to a woman’s heart, so we recommend giving her one this holiday season.

Women love gifts because of the sincerity of the giver, so it is the perfect way to let her know you love her. As their man, you should be able to know what can make her happy and loved. You should be able to come up with the perfect Valentine’s gift for her. But if you’re a little lost on what to get her this year, here are a few ideas that you can use when choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day present for her.

Propose to her on Valentine’s Day

This is the ultimate gift for the guy who feels that he’s already got the one! If you’re ready to tie the knot, why not propose to her this Valentine’s Day? So what are you waiting for? Buy her a diamond ring that will symbolize your undying commitment to her and get on your knees during that special day!


Make her feel sexy and desirable by getting her the perfect lingerie! Silk is a good choice, because it is soft and gentle on the skin. This gift is also perfect for sensual couples because aside from knowing that she’ll like putting it on for you, you also benefit from watching it. A perfect way to spice up your nights!


Yet another romantic favorite, one of the greatest and sweetest valentine’s day ideas. Let’s face it, most women love flowers because of what it symbolizes. Keep in mind that different flowers symbolize different things, so if you aren’t sure what flowers she likes. Ask the florist to make a bouquet that symbolizes all that you feel or wish for her! Also, flowers can last up to two to three days, so add a little material thing such as a card or chocolate that won’t wilt away so that she’ll remember your sweetness.

Romantic Songs, Movies or Books

Most women are suckers when it comes to romance, so find out what she likes reading, watching, or listening to. You can also customize your gift such as compiling them on a CD or write her a love letter or poem based on her favorite literature. You can also give her a Valentine’s Day card with really wonderful wordings that touches her heart.


This is a traditional favorite among women who have a sweet tooth! If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t mind indulging in calories, this is the perfect gift. For the fitness freak, you can opt for chocolates with less fat or sugar.

Candle Light Dinner

Prove to her that what happens in movies are true! Treat her to a romantic candle light dinner at home or at her favorite restaurant. You can also hire musicians or just have her favorite music playing in the background. We suggest that you end the night with a poem or a speech of how much you love her. Trust us, she’ll love it.


Pamper Her

For the girlfriend or wife who loves to relax, buy her favorite bath products or spa products so she can use them at home! You can also buy gift vouchers to her favorite spa or help her relax instead by giving her a nice massage.


Nothing says “I love you” more than jewelry. Women cannot resist gold or silver jewelry because they can wear it anytime and be reminded of the sweetness of the giver. If you choose to get her a few pieces or a set, remember to look out for fakes. If you’re on a budget, you can find affordable jewelry online.

Remember, guys, romantic gifts can be anything. It’s not only about the words “I love you”, but also how you put an effort into expressing your love. Take note of what she likes and dislikes so you don’t have any difficulty when it comes to choosing, planning, and giving her the perfect gift. As the old saying goes, “It’s the thought that counts.” So this year, how are you going to make your special woman fall in love with you again?