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Belated Birthday Greetings for Me

birthday-card-for-friendToday has been extra special for me. Wanna know why? Well, I’ve just received a special gift for my birthday. Actually, I had my birthday last week. So, I didn’t expect to receive anything after that. But I surprised that a postman was knocking at our door this morning and had something for me – a birthday wishes from a special friend of mine…

So, just a little tidbit about my birthday bash… I celebrated it with my friends and family last week. Thanks to my boss that gave me an early Christmas and birthday bonus, I was able to throw a small, yet a happy birthday party. I rent videoke, cooked some foods (spaghetti, dynamite, chicken lollipops, and more). We had some drinks. Errr, let me rephrase. We had a LOT OF DRINKS. We partied until 2am and I almost regret it. I had a major hangover after that!

Anyway, back to my special friend. Oh yes! I received something from her – a belated birthday card. Actually, it wasn’t supposed to be a belated birthday greetings coz she sent that a week before my actual birthday. But you know how snail mail works. So I got that exactly 14 days after she mailed it. She didn’t let me know that’s why I was surprised. I even thought that she completely forgot my big day.

She’s one of my friends who know who I really am, knows my likes and interests and keeps some secrets of mine. I consider her as one of those special friends, a best friend. I actually miss her. She’s presently working in Dubai – a region in Middle East. Due to busy working schedule, we have no time to chat or talk over the phone. We still keep in touch though.

Back to her birthday present for me…. Since she knew me well enough, she knew that I love flowers. So I’m glad to receive something with floral design. You can see in the picture that she chose a beautiful design of birthday card. It warms my heart the minute I open the envelope and sees the card. The mere fact that she remembered what I really want and the fact that she didn’t forget to greet me on my special day is simply touching.

Then, I opened the card and was touched even more. It has very heartfelt birthday messages on it. It says:

A Birthday brings
A very special opportunity
To think of happy
Days gone by
And the days that are yet to be…

Hoping sincerely
Your special day brings
Warm, happy hours
And bright, happy things…
Lighthearted moments of
Friendship and fun.
To help make your birthday
A wonderful one.

Happy Birthday!


It was very touching. I’d like to thank my friend, from the bottom of my heart. The joy I felt on my actual birth date has been renewed…. I really feel so lucky to have a friend like her. So tonight, I think I’m going to send her a thank you note on her email. I wish we can have more time to bond even online. It’s too bad we had to sacrifice our time for the friendship we had coz we both need to earn those bucks.

I think this Christmas, it’s for me to return the favor. I’ll be making homemade Christmas cards to send her and get something as a present. I hope she will like it.