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My Christmas Gift for my Brother

It’s Christmas time! The long wait is now over. There is someone who truly waits for Christmas to come. Who is it? It’s my brother.

Yes, Christmas time is gift-giving time. This is a season when people expect, buy, give and receive gifts. My brother is included to the category of “expecting” and eventually “receiving” gifts. “Unfortunately”, I am included to the category of “buying” and “giving” gifts this Christmas.

How this expecting, buying, giving and receiving case starts? It was way back on August. It was his birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money before. So I promised him to buy a gift on Christmas day. So he said he can wait, HE WILL WAIT…

So since today is Christmas, I have to fulfill my promise that I will buy him the gift he wanted so long time ago. Good thing my boss is good enough that he sent me my bonus earlier. I’m saved. So I instantly withdrew cash and go to nearest shopping mall. And look what I’ve got for my brother….




galaxy y

Yes, a new Samsung Galaxy Y. Yeah, I know this doesn’t cost much, but for me, it costs so much. Hahahaha. It left my bank account drained. My salary is not five-digits so don’t be surprised. I bought a Christmas card too, i wrote some Christmas messages, wishing him to enjoy my gift… I went home, I saw my brother waiting for me to come home. He was so excited; I can see it on his face. As soon as I opened the box of his new phone, I saw his face lightened up and flashed the big grin.

Well, although I spent a lot on this present, it’s all worth it. This may look that I gave material gift to my brother but it’s beyond that. I gave him the gift of patience, joy and happiness. In return, he gave me the gift, a special gift. The gift of happiness and satisfaction seeing him enjoy and truly appreciates what I got for him. It’s enough for me. I’m happy with that.