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How to Choose the Best Wedding Ring

wedding ringGenerally, one of the most important milestones in anyone’s life, both for men and women, is the day they get married. For most people, especially for the bride to be, planning a wedding is as crucial as the day they tie the knot, it may even be more stressful and pain-staking. Everything has to be in place and planned perfectly, from the dress to the cake and then there are the wedding bands. It is one of the most important things to take note and take into consideration as these wedding rings will be the symbol of the couple’s eternal love for each other. It is the physical evidence and representation that a person is already married. And since this piece of jewelry will be stuck with you for the rest of your life, it is very important to choose only the best for you and your husband or wife to be.

Choosing the Right Wedding Rings

wedding-ringsA common and general rule in picking the perfect ring for any couple is choosing a piece that is timeless and something that will never go out of style. These classic pieces will be ideal for any future husband and wife. You can never go wrong with these wedding rings that couples can even pass on to their children. Designs for this type of wedding bands are usually simple and comes with minimal or no embellishments at all. A simple solid gold ring is one of the favorites. Younger couples, instead of gold, choose silver, white gold or even platinum. A ceramic, titanium or tungsten ring is also available.

Diamond Rings

Diamonds are also a common choice for couples when shopping for a wedding ring. Unlike engagement rings where a single diamond is placed on top of the band, wedding rings are embellished with a number of diamonds, whether it is in rows or scattered around the rings. You can give the simple, classic wedding ring a twist with these precious sparkles.

Ask for Expert’s Advice

wedding-rings-3Usually, the groom will opt for the simple, plain ones as it is more masculine while the bride would want a fancier band, something with diamonds or some other embellishments. If the couple could not agree with the type of wedding ring they want to get, it is best to seek advice from a professional or a jeweler. As a growing trend these days, having a custom-made ring is ideal for those people that cannot decide on what is the right ring for them. Seeking an expert will not just make it easier for the couple but it will also lessen the tension in an already stressful wedding planning. There are several ways on how to have your very own customized wedding bands.

Wedding Rings Online

there are a handful of jewelry websites that offers this type of special service. Once you have inquired, the online shop will be providing different type of choices that both couples can choose from. From the size to the metals, shapes and edges, to the finishing touches, it is all up to you and your spouse. Once done with the choosing and designing process, clients will be able to look at a preview their personally-designed wedding rings. This is done before the rings are delivered in order to make sure that you have agreed and approved of your wedding rings’ look.

Wedding Rings in Local Jewelry Shops

wedding-ring-pairAnother option is to visit the jewelry store yourselves. With this option, you and your partner will literally make your wedding rings yourselves. With your own hand, you will get to create an important piece of jewelry that will stay with you for the rest of your life. However, as most of us are not goldsmiths, there will be one guiding you while in the process. The goldsmith will be your guide on how to use the tools in making your dream wedding rings turn into reality. Going for this option will give you the advantage of checking out the rings every step of the way. Any flaw or mistakes will be easily corrected and be altered by the experts. This is a very great way of spending quality time with your partner and will give your rings a more personal and meaningful feel to it. Other than that, you will have a unique and one of a kind ring. But of course, these kinds of procedure will cost you more. You may want to save up for this, if you’re in a tight budget.

Customized, traditional, embellished, solid gold or platinum, wedding rings may differ in size, design or value what is important is the love that binds the hands that wear them. You may have the fanciest of rings but your marriage is in trouble, the essence of wearing the wedding bands will not be there and your rings will just be another regular, ordinary ring.

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Happy Wedding Anniversary Celebration

wedding-anniversary-partyThe holiday is over. It’s time to get back to work. Back to normal, back to the old routine. Although I’ve listed some of the New Year’s resolutions, I still ought to do the things just like what I did from the previous year. If you are to ask how my vacation was, it was pretty good. I had a lot of fun! Aside from the Christmas and New Year parties I’ve attended, there was one more occasion I didn’t miss. That was my aunt and uncle’s wedding anniversary celebration.

You couldn’t tell that was exclusively an anniversary party. It seemed like it was also a get-together cum christmas party cum reunion cum holiday party celebration. Most of the family members from both clans were there, including our family. It was a great celebration, a literal HUGE celebration.

There were party games, dancing and singing. We also exchange gifts. In the middle of the party, I saw my uncle and aunt looking at each other as if they were newly-wed. Whispering in each other, laughing, tapping as if my uncle told her something silly, you can see the love in their eyes. In the middle of that party, I realized something and I suddenly asked myself… when can I find my own wedding partner?

And then it was my turn to sing in the videoke machine. Since I don’t have that good singing voice, I chose a simple song – Closer you and I. When I looked to my uncle, I saw him held my aunt’s hand. Then, she looked at him and smiled…

The host of the party, one of my cousins, aunt’s son, called the anniversary celebrant. They then went to the middle of the party hall. They were requested to tell their wedding anniversary wishes to each other. My uncle took the first turn. He held my aunt’s hand and look at her eyes while saying how much he has been so lucky through the years. That despite of the arguments, “cold war” and problems, she stayed beautiful in his eyes. He also told her that even if he would be given a second life, he will still choose my aunt as his lifetime partner.

I was so touched hearing those words from a guy, from my uncle. I never thought a man would be that expressive. It was my aunt’s turn. She first thanked him for putting up with her drama, with her hang ups in life and for being such a good husband and a father to their children. She also said how much she loved him and so on… I think most of the guests in the celebration was teary-eyed… oh I’m not included, promise! But I had to swallow a lot of time coz I felt a lump in my throat that time. That was the most beautiful scene I’ve ever seen, as they express their wedding anniversary messages for each other, as if they are renewing their vows. That was very romantic!

It was indeed a very romantic and happy wedding anniversary celebration. I really had a lot of fun!