Christmas Party Ideas To Make a Fun-Filled Holiday Experience

christmas-partyChristmas is the merriest time of the year. Having a feast with family and chit chatting during the holiday season has its own charm. The colorful decoration, the delicious food, and the companionship make the Christmas party more enjoyable.

The most important thing while planning a Christmas party is- decoration, invitation, and food. Prepare three master lists to keep a track of everything for the party. To inspire you, here are some Christmas party ideas to make your gathering more memorable.

Christmas Party Themes

Rather than throwing a conventional holiday party, why don’t you make it a themed Christmas party this year? It will get everyone in the holiday spirit and will make it memorable. Some of the creative party themes include:

Image: Source

Image: Source

  • Cookie Exchange Party

Nothing says the holidays more than the delicious homemade cookies in different shapes and sizes. This year, why don’t you host a cookie exchange party to try out a variety of sugary goodness? Ask your guests to bring a batch of their homemade cookies to share with everyone. You can ask the baking beginners to bring store bought cookies and ask the guest to guess which ones are homemade and which ones are store bought. Do not forget to serve milk for dunking the cookies. You can also tell the guest to choose a cookie category from bars, bark, and cutouts. This will avoid getting identical cookies.

  • Tree Trimming Party

Putting up the Christmas tree as a grown up is always a joyous occasion. A tree trimming party is ideal for such occasion. Set up a mini evergreen tea with lights or garland. Then ask each of your guests to bring an ornament to hang on your tree. You can also ask the guests to tell stories about the ornaments they brought. When you have hung the last ornament, do the honors of adding the tree topper and plugging in the lights. Return the favor to your guest by hanging a small gift bag on the tree for each of them to take home. You can fill the bag with candles, chocolates or any holiday treat.

  • Holiday Movie Party

If your family loves, watching movies, then organize a Holiday movie party for them. You can host a movie marathon with classics like “Silent Night, Deadly Night”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “Bad Santa” . You can also make it a black tie affair. This will give everyone an excuse to dress up.

  • The Wrapping Party

Wrapping party is one of the most tiresome and frustrating activities. Watching the recipients tear your wrapped masterpiece can be heartbreaking for some. So, to make this a fun activity, throw a gathering for friends where everyone brings some basic supplies and their bundle of gifts to wrap together.

  • Gift Exchange

A gift exchange party theme is a great idea for a Christmas party. It keeps the cost low, and the suspense high as the guests try to figure out who their secret Santa is. While you are making the invitation, do not forget to mention “Gift Exchange” as your event type. You can also set a price range for the gifts. Use Evite’s gift exchange feature to ensure that choosing names are completely random. A week before the event, send everybody an email with the name of the person they will be shopping for.

Christmas Party Invitation Ideas


Invite the guests as soon as you set a date for your party. Try to give them more than three weeks’ notice. Invite them first by phone and then follow up with a written reminder. You can also send the guest a Christmas card. This will do a double duty- as a holiday greeting and an invitation.

Picking up the right christmas invitation wording is very important because it sets the tone for the event. It also lets your guests know how to plan to plan for the party. The invitation messages also depend on the type of party, the guest lists, the location and the theme that you want to incorporate.

If you are inviting only close friends and family, then the wording for the party invitation should reflect the atmosphere that your party will have.

If you are holding a formal event, inform the guests about the proper etiquette by specifying the dress code, meal, type of drinks and any other essential details. Address the recipient using the proper titles such as “Mr.” , “Mrs” or “Miss” . Write the date of the events in words rather than using numbers. Also, let the guest know if a reply is needed or not. Look over the information to check for any spelling or grammatical errors.

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Food is the most important factor in any party, whether you are holding a brunch or a cocktail party. Here are some simple ideas to help you sort your food menu quickly.


The first thing you need to do is plan the main dish. List the recipes that you are confident about cooking. Then build the rest of the menu around it. If you have chosen a complicated main dish, then keep the rest of the dishes simple so that they can be easily prepared in advance. Limited food choices will keep things easy for the host and even the guests who may be traveling from party to party. Make sure you have enough to feed a crowd.


Impress your holiday guests with some mouthwatering christmas appetizers like mini pizzas, part dips, and tomato tartlets. You can also serve barbecue chicken on platters of fresh iceberg lettuce. Make sure you arrange the party food into a beautiful display.


For the drinks, plan a variety of nonalcoholic drinks beforehand. Buy more than you think you will need. Keep lots of ice in the freezer. You do not need to set up a full bar at the partyunless you are having a cocktail party.


For a Holiday brunch, you can offer savory dishes like strata, quiche, muffins, French toast and zucchini bread. Round the meal with holiday cookies, tray of fruits and decadent dessert. For drinks, you can serve freshly squeezed juice, coffee, and mocktail.

Snack parties are easier on wallets and a lot less messy. Keep the menu simple with cheese and crackers, olives and assorted nuts. It will get the guests in the spirit of the season. You can also serve mini-sandwiches, mini pizzas, and cheese fondue and meat skewers for heartier snacks.

For desserts, you can choose bright red candies, cream filled macarons and fruit tarts. Top the tart with berries to make it look colorful.

Christmas Party Decorations


Set a Christmassy mood throughout the house with these simple decorating ideas. While decorating the house, make sure you cover all the indoor spaces. Do not forget the mantelpiece. You can dress up the mantelpiece with wreaths, garlands, stockings and twinkling Christmas lights. You can also hang different decorations in a single color like red tree lights, red ornaments, and red tinsel.

You can keep the Christmas decorations modified and modern by hanging just one type of decoration like ribbons or lights. You can use colorful paper into origami ornaments and decorative garlands. Tie good quality ribbons on your tree branches. You can tie small bows on upper branches and big bows on the lower branches. If you want to keep the decoration simple, choose red or white ribbon or shiny metallic ribbons for a rustic look.

A beautifully set table can make the food look elegant and inviting. You do not always have to spend a lot of money to do it. A beautiful tablecloth, fruits, flowers and candles can create an elegant table decoration. Do not organize candlelight feast, as it can be dangerous.

A flower decoration is a must for a Christmas party. Keep a big bunch of red and white flowers at the centerpiece. Use white plates, crystal and napkins to add elegance to the table. You can top your napkin with rosemary wreaths to add a festive fragrance to your dining room. You can also dress your wine bottles in style for the party. It will look stunningly beautiful.

You can also make use of your scented candles as Christmas centerpieces. There are so many christmas decorating ideas for candles. You can turn it into something magical. I saw some beautiful Christmas candle decorating ideas here.

You can also give a tasty twist to your traditional decoration this year by going for a candy themed party. You can try chocolate bar ornaments or gummy bear garlands for decorating the house. This decoration idea is cheap, colorful and will let you snack while you work.

You can also make Christmas ornaments with dough. Take two parts flour, 1 part salt, and 1 part water. Knead the dough until it is liable. Use cookie cutters in different shapes and sizes like candy canes, balls, and gingerbread men. Bake the cookie in the oven at low temperature until the dough hardens. You can then color the ornaments with paints, glitters, and markers.

It takes a lot of efforts to pull off a Christmas party. These merry Christmas ideas will make your party holly and jolly for your near and dear ones. We hope you like our tips and ideas. You can share your experience with us in the comment section. We would love to receive them.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Wife

surprise-for-herMother’s day is here and you still don’t have a gift for your wife – the mother of your child? Your wife is not just like any other woman in your life. She is the one you promised to have and to hold—through thick and thin and for richer or poorer. You cannot just get her a gift that is thoughtless or tasteless. This Mother’s Day, make sure you show her she is the world to you by getting her an amazing gift.

For those are still not prepared and are looking for the best gift ideas for their partner, look no more. Below are Mother’s day gift ideas for wife that will surely put a lovely smile on her face.

Breakfast in Bed

Mothers always have to wake up so early to prepare breakfast for the family. This Mother’s day, give her a treat. How about you give her the breakfast in bed. This will surely make her feel so loved and appreciated.




A Dinner Date

Married couples could be caught up with their everyday chores and work so it is almost impossible to have a romantic date anymore. This Mother’s Day, put all work aside and have a time alone. A romantic and probably candlelit dinner date can be a great gift for your wife this Mother’s Day. You can even cook a special Mothers day recipe for her. Your wife would surely love you more!

Alarm Clock with a Voice Recorder

As a wife, she has many responsibilities and sometimes, it is just impossible to cut in the very busy morning schedule of the two of you. Make time for your wife by buying her time that speaks with love. Buy a special alarm clock where you can record your own voice and leave a morning note for her to wake her up. Not only is this a sweet gesture, but it can also give her motivation to jumpstart her day right. This will also make her remember how much you love her.


Flowers and Chocolates

Nothing beats that sweetness of chocolate combined with a bouquet of flowers. Every woman love to feel appreciated and loved and it can be shown thru gifts that speak of romance and love. This Mother’s Day, rekindle the loving feeling by giving her chocolates and flowers. Don’t forget to include a card with your sweetest Mothers day messages on it to make your gift even sweeter.

A Diamond Ring

They say that jewelry is a girl’s best friend and that is quite a fact. No matter what age, girls adore jewelry, although they never purchase them on their own. Usually, they wait out for their special someone to buy them fancy jewelries, so this Mother’s Day, give her the king of all jewelries—a diamond. And not just a diamond but a diamond ring, which will signify your never-ending love and commitment to your wife, because as we all know, diamonds are forever and rings signify infinity. You can opt to engrave a message on the ring for a more personal touch.

Home Theater

Women are fond of watching movies, especially chick flicks. Make her movie-watching habit a better experience by bringing the theater to your home. Set up a home theater system that can give her a high definition and surround sound experience that will surely make her appreciate the movie more, as well as you as her loving husband!


Having a professional artist sketch out a portrait of her or the two of you will definitely be something she will appreciate. Not only is it personal, but it is thoughtful as well because it celebrates your shared love. You can make it even more special by writing a dedication along with the portrait.


Digital Camera

Women are easily attached to things and they always keep mementos of special events in their lives, like a movie ticket or a candy wrapper from your first date. Make her memento collecting easier by giving her a digital camera that can allow her to keep memories and make them last a lifetime.


One special gift idea is by not giving her something concrete, but by showing it with your actions through a grand getaway vacation for the two of you. Sweep your wife off to a place where she always wanted to visit. Arrange everything from your lodging, travel plans and tour itinerary to make the trip hassle-free and enjoyable. This will definitely make for a memorable Mother’s Day present.

Source: DHgate

Source: DHgate

Heart Shaped Pendant Necklace

As said, women love jewelry. Another jewelry idea is to give her a heart-shaped pendant that can symbolize your infinite love for your wife. She can wear this all the time and be reminded of your love for her.

365 Reasons Why You Love Her

Women are actually known to be more sentimental rather than pragmatic, so one idea is to list down 365 reasons stating why you adore and love her. This can be one of the best homemade Mothers day ideas you can make. List each reason in separate pieces of paper that you can roll up and place inside a decorated bottle. She can read one a day and this will not only make her feel loved on Mother’s Day, but all year round. This gift will show how much effort and thought you have put into making it, just to make her happy.


Women are stereotyped as bad drivers, which is actually not true (for most of the time). The truth is, women enjoy driving. It gives them a sense of empowerment as well as independence. It is also useful when their loving husbands do not want to accompany them to that big mall sale or to that girls’ night out. A car would definitely be a great gift as it is practical, as well as sentimental, because it means you trust and love her enough to give something as huge and expensive as a car.

But after all is said and done, no matter what gift you get your wife, the gift of time is still the best. Make sure you shower her with your attention and you will definitely make every day feel like its Mother’s Day.

Have a Blast with These 40th Birthday Party Ideas

“I’m not 40, I’m 18 with 22 years of experience”

40th-birthday-ideasBirthday parties are an annual thing and are very much looked forward by most kids and youngsters but when people reach the mature age of forty they think that their fun days are behind them and it would be better to have a quite affair with only family. But why should you spend your fortieth like this when you can do so much more!

Fortieth birthday is a big deal and most men seem to think so too. But women in general do not particularly like getting older and forty just marks another milestone of their life that they have crossed and gotten loads of extra wrinkles. So women are sensitive during this time and might be even a little grumpy so you have to be careful while planning the party; throwing a surprise birthday party and inviting a lot of people won’t get you in her good graces. Make sure the feelings of the birthday girl or boy on the occasion and then arrange accordingly.

Reserve A Hall At A Restaurant For A Surprise

If the birthday girl or boy is very happy about the day then you can give them a fun, exciting party by hiring a banquet hall and inviting all her or his friends and family and colleagues. This is for a big party which would be extravagant. You can get a huge birthday cake and excellent food for the party guests would make them content.

Rent Rooms and Go Away For The Weekend


At this age people only like to invite their family, a few relatives and close friends. But why should you have a quiet event instead of having a lot of fun. One idea that I really like and you can easily do because it is not as expensive as you would think. Find some of the best birthday getaways and spots to visit. Hire a few rooms at a quiet, faraway spot like a bed and bath for the weekend and invite your closest friends for celebrating your birthday with you without getting disturbed. You can have dances, dinners, games and a lot of fun. And you deserve a break after working so hard for a long time and get to spend your money on yourself.

Have a Picnic Birthday Party


If you are more of the stay at home kind of person then your backyard is enough for a great get together. Arrange a picnic with baskets, umbrellas and mats, and invite everyone you know for a terrific time. You can also go one step ahead and make it a barbecue party instead; children and adults love barbecue parties so it would be perfect.

Classy Ideas For Your 40th Birthday Party

If you and your friends like to sit together and have tea then a classy birthday party theme is for you. There is not much to do in such parties because they are kind of sophisticated and elegant events. There are mainly adults invited, there is a small toast and everyone has food and cake and pretty much a fine time. These parties combine show and fun together.

Bring-back-the-youth Ideas For Your 40th Birthday Party

Birthday Party in Office --- Image by © Tim Pannell/CorbisSome people love adventure and excitement and not the listening to loud music and dance excitement but actual adrenaline kind of excitement. If your friend turning forty is of this nature then you can give him or her the surprise and the time of their life. You can take the birthday person to a theme park where you can do all kinds of physical exercises and adventurous stuff. You can also take them for sky diving which in my opinion is better because of the adrenaline rush and the possibility of injury makes it even more exciting.

Hire A Bowling Alley

At the age of forty people usually have kids, friends and are close to relatives. So whenever you feel like you need to do something new or different, you could hire an activity center for the day and invite a lot of people to have fun and play games; I especially love ice skating because it gives a feeling of freedom and independence but bowling is fun too. The good thing about these centers is that they have games which can be played by all age groups so no one needs to worry about getting bored. You can have fun; eat, play and talk.

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How to prepare for your New Year

Well then if you enjoy celebrating holidays, more especially festive season holidays such as Christmas and New Year, you might want to know the best ways to prepare for New Year. First things first, preparing for New Year might take planning, this includes learning from others, or we might say copying ideas from friends and families, and even from the internet. You can always copy New Year ideas and then schedule them for the next New Year to come in case you were a little late to learn and then imply those ideas for New Year. So the only way to cope up is to write down every new year idea that you will come up with or any that you will see somewhere then try to modify and make it more of your style to make sure it seems unique, because every idea can be improved so you also have to be creative and make every copied idea into your own

New Year sales

These are the sales that everyone who is excited about new year should always be waiting for each year, because there is nothing that can spice up your special new year’s day than having to buy a last minute special deal on products in the shops, because you happen to pay less for the products you buy. So the good thing is other shops always have holiday special deals for the whole festive season so you probably will have enough time to purchase what they have on shelves. But for the smaller shops you will have to wait for those special deals which come when New Year is said to be tomorrow. They are called the last minute sales.

The New Year clip art

If you are one of those that enjoy sending Christmas and New Year greetings on post cards, then you are in luck because this part is always not hard to do as you only need to buy a post card with your favorite new year wish message on it and you are ready to send it to someone.

New Year decorations for sell?

Did you know that you can buy decorations for new year?, well yes you can actually buy decorations to use for your new year, these are kits and new year packages that contain lots of stuff to be put inside or around the house, they make the whole decoration thing easy for any one as you can change the theme and mood in the house in just minutes. Once you buy decoration packages you will start to buy them every year so you can easily decide which mood and theme you want for New Year or Christmas.

New Year Breaks

Those few days between Christmas and new year were not just made for left over chicken, so that you can just sit in your sofa watch TV with your never ending chocolates, you should make the most out of your new year breaks by going out and grabbing yourself some special deals, because it’s at this period of the time when you can expect to get yourself one of the last minute deals in shops, hotels, malls anywhere be sure you are out there to enjoy. You should stay close or even travel far, see your new year with style and do something a little more differently, its why it’s called a new year, it’s the time to do everything a little more differently spice up your life and get ready for the start of a whole new year.

Best Places for New Year

To choose the best places to visit for New Year, it depends on who you actually are going to spend your New Year with, like, if you are going to travel on New Year with your kids you will have to take them to a fun place like theme parks, just places where there’s other people around. While on the other hand quiet places like hotels would be more suitable for couples, like going to the beach.

Happy New Year wishes and E-cards

For those of you who have many friends and may not be able to send a happy new year’s card to all your friends and families, these days it’s possible to send millions of people new year wishes using digital cards, so don’t stress on it because it can be done online, you just have to send the new year wishes E-cards/digital cards straight to their emails or to their phones using mms technology.

Count down to New Year

Don’t miss the count down, if you are in an area where there is a place where people gather to go celebrate New Year’s count down then you should go and join others in the happy celebration of a New Year and a happy new beginning that you have finally reached the New Year alive.

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Christmas Stocking Stuffers Ideas

christmas-stockings-stuffersGiving Christmas stockings has been a typical Idea for Christmas ever since the earlier centuries when every house had a fireplace. Hanging them from mantelpieces, staircase railings, or even the Christmas trees themselves is becoming more and more common, despite the lack of fireplace, but finding proper gifts can be difficult. Gifts don’t need to be pricey or fancy to be lots of fun, no matter what the age group!.

Before you begin, make sure you understand who the stocking is intended for. Sometimes it’s easier to make generic stockings for everyone involved, but a lot of the time there’s some age variation involved. Are you filling the stocking of a small child or a grandparent? This is never a bad thing, people of all ages can enjoy the gift of a stocking, but keep in mind that sometimes adults are surprisingly unhappy to receive a stocking. It can be interpreted as insulting or as a gift only for children, but overall most people appreciate the thought and sentiment. Also keep in mind that individual interests, preferences, and what they may have asked for as an individual. Once you’ve discovered their preferences, sometimes it can be extra fun to pick a theme for a set of gifts.

Always aim for small gifts, so that they fit in the bag. Inexpensive Christmas gifts are usually a good idea, since they can be just as meaningful as something pricey. For children it’s always best to choose something that is likely to keep them entertained for hours on end. Books, crayons, and the classic slinky are always good choices for the younglings. For adults it’s best to chose items that are more useful than a slinky. Office gadgets, kitchen accessories, and small electronics are great for adults. Electronics (especially various car chargers) can get a bit pricey if you don’t know where to look, so make sure to compare prices on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, or other stores online.


When you fill the stocking you should also consider the shape of the sock. Small items can either be placed at the top, to ensure they don’t get broken, or at the bottom, in the spirit of “saving the best for last” and prolonging the fun. Longer items can be placed in the leg of the stocking, and filler items can be placed randomly in the stocking to stuff it to the fullest. For even more fun, consider wrapping some of the more intense items to help build the excitement as well! please note that Now days the christmas trees, christmas stockings and christmas table settings has become an unavoidable part of Christmas Decorations

Personal Items. You may think adults or older children are difficult to shop for, but including personal items can be a great idea. Using shampoos and soap as stocking stuffers are always desirable, since they’re not only small but also useful. Hairbrushes, loofahs, hand lotions, and fancy soaps can also be used, as well as electric toothbrushes. Travel and trial items are usually the proper sizes to fit in stockings. If you know someone who travels a lot, or is going to travel after Christmas, these can be perfect gifts. Stress balls, or other stress reliving items can usually fit in a stocking as well. You can even include several in one stocking.

Discover the hobbies of your intended recipients hobbies. If someone wants to be an artist, try a simple paint set, or some pencils and a small traveling notebook for those artistic ideas on the go. If you’ve got a theme, you can combine an object and a gift card, for example a gift card to Barnes and noble inside a small book, or a tape measure connected to a coupon for home depot.

Go for traditional Christmas stocking stuffers. If you’re concerned about what kind of gifts to give, stick to traditional ideas like play dough, lego kits, Christmas cards with wonderful christmas messages or short Christmas Poems, balloons (even water balloons), stuffed animals, toy cars, or squirt guns. If you don’t want to be too predictable, add food and candy. A lot of different foods can fit into stockings. Different candies and fruit snacks for children, or bottled soda and beef jerky. For adults, you can add tea bags, coffee grounds, gum, or a chocolate orange. Chocolate oranges can be flavored in several different ways, and even regular oranges can be used considering that they fit so well in the bottom of the stockings. You can add some flavor to the top of the stocking by hooking candy canes over the rim or draping fancy shoelaces over the side to hint at more gifts to come.

Gadgets. Small technologies and gadgets are always a favorite among adults of any age. Pocket and car calendars, multi-tools, small school supplies (students and office workers always appreciate a small, easy to carry stapler). Alarm clocks, wristwatches, flashlights, etc. If you’re child is reaching that age, a cell phone may be expensive but not out of place. If you’re worried about the money involved, tracphones and pre-paid plans can make a cell phone cost effective and still exciting as a gift.

Money can also be a creative idea. Two dollar bills can be used, and most banks carry them if you just ask. Wheat pennies, dollar coins, state quarters, and other interesting ideas can be used as well. Money doesn’t even need to be wrapped, but if you’re not careful it could get lost. Gift cards can be used as well, covering store purchases, or even music downloads and other online items.

Always remember to have fun when giving gifts. Include small gifts that are just for fun, like pretty stones or candles. Scented items are always friendly, but remember not to place them near chocolate least the chocolate take on the taste of whatever the scent was.

Pet lover Gifts. If you’ve got pets, or your friends or relations have pets, feel free to include them in the gifting as well! Dog or cat treats, collars, squeeky toys, and food bowls are great gift ideas, plus you can always include something for their owners such as a laser lights for chasing (this is especially good for cats).

So there you have it. Ways to brighten christmas morning before the official present opening begins. Ask around, discover who wants what, and always keep an eye out for small trinkets and enjoyable items to place in those traditional stockings at Christmas.

Navratri Festival- The Festival of Worship and Dance

happy-navratri-wallpaperThe Hindu culture is a culture known for its customs, traditions and festivals. One such festival is that of Navratri, during which the Hindus worship their respective Gods and there is a lot of dancing involve in this festival as well. Literally, the term ‘Navratri’, in Sanskrit, means nine (nava) nights (ratri).

So, what happens during these nine nights? During these nine nights and days, nine types of Indian goddesses, that is, the ‘Devis’ are worshipped. This nine day festival of Navratri, is basically held to honor the Hindu Goddess Durga and her nine manifestations. Hindu mythology is very interesting and all the festivals that are celebrated today, by the Hindus, can be linked in one way or another to the Hindu mythology. Navratri, according to the Hindu mythology, is celebrated in honor of the victory of good over evil because Goddess Durga (Shakti) had killed a buffalo-headed demon named Mahshasura. This battle between Durga and the demon, lasted for nine days and night.

image :

Now, during these nine days, Goddess Shakti is celebrated and worshipped in nine forms, namely: Maa Shailputri, Maa Brahmachaarini, Maa Chandraghanta, Maa Kushmaanda, Skanda Maa, Maa Kaatyayni, Maa Kaakratri, Maa Mahagauri and Maa Sidhidaarti. These nine goddesses are worshipped by the Hindus for prosperity, good health, knowledge and auspiciousness.

Navratri Puja:

The puja (worship) which is done during this festival, is very simple. Generally, fasts are observed during Navratri, however if one cannot fast, then they may simple recite the ‘mantra’ which goes something like “Om Ang Haring Kalimg Shreeng Maha Durgay Namah”.

Another important custom of this festival is that certain food items are recommended to be consumed, while others are to be avoided. Non-vegetarian food items are to be avoided and fruits or ‘Satvik’ fruits like Potatoes and Curd etc should be eaten. Onion and Garlic are also to be avoided.

The Puja is a very important part of all Hindu festivals and Navratri is no exception. The Hindus are to worship with’Vyavhaar and Acharan’ which means they need to worship the female deity with ‘bhav’ that is spiritual emotion.

Navratri Garba:

navratri2As mentioned earlier, that a lot of dancing is involved in Navratri. Folk dances or traditional dances, in Hindu culture, are a unique way of reflecting their beliefs, values and principles. Colorful costumes and traditional jewelries are adorned by Hindu men and women as they engage in their folk dances.

Garba and Dandiya are the two major folk dances of Gujrat. During Navratri, the Hindus dance the Garba dance, which is a pretty graceful dance. Hindus engage in Garba to please the goddess Durga.

Navratri Songs:

The Garba dance is danced to the upbeat, thumping tunes of the dhol. The Garba is a pretty fast dance, there is a lot of movement involved like going round in circles, clapping hands, twirling around etc hence, fast songs are usually selected for this purpose. Many famous Indian musical composers, have composed ‘Garba’ special songs which can be heard blasting from almost every corner in India, during this festival.

Navratri Chaniya Choli:

Indian festivals are a great opportunities for the Indian women to dress up in gorgeous traditional clothes. When it comes to Navratri, women mostly opt for either saris, or chaniya cholis in bright, bold colors.

Chaniya Cholis look extremely graceful and when the women folk dance to the garba tunes, in their beautifully embellished chaniya cholis, they look even prettier. Some of these cholis are embellished with mirror work, resham embroidery etc and are available in many beautiful colors, so there are quite a few options available to the Indian females to choose from!

Navratri MehndI:

A beautiful chaniya choli, with gorgeous earrings and a nice pair of shoes, but the outfit still feels incomplete if you have not put mehndi on your hands and feet. Mehndi or ‘Henna’ is a simple way of adorning your hands and making them look even prettier. Basically, putting gorgeous mehandi designs on hands and feet just makes everything look more festive.

There are a number of Henna designs which the girls can choose from. They can either put it on their hands themselves, or ask their friends, sisters and cousins to do so, or they can even seek a professional mehndi artist.

Navratri Food:

During Navratri, fasts are observed. Though they are not mandatory, but a large number of people do keep their fasts during this festival. This fasting of theirs asks them to abstain from regular food items, meat is to be avoided, vegetables like onions and garlic are also not allowed. The simpler food items, like most fruits and vegetables like potatoes are allowed to be eaten.

Fasting is one of the main ritual of Navratri. Many special dishes are made which can be taken by those who are fasting. Amongst the most common of such dishes is ‘sabudana wada’, which is actually a western Indian snack. It is easily available throughout India.

It is high in carbohydrate, tasty, high in protein and makes up for a crispy fried snack. The very good thing about this snack is that it gives you enough energy, which would last for the entire day of fasting. Though it takes quite some time to prepare this dish, hence it needs to be prepared in advance. They are served hot, with tea and delicious, spicy chutneys.

Navratri Wishes:

Navratri Festival is an occasion of happiness. The Hindus celebrate this festival with a lot of zeal, enthusiasm and fervor. They worship their goddess, and sing and dance, till their heart’s content. The focus is on spreading the happiness around and across. Many greeting card companies keep navratri cards which contain beautiful navratri wishes, which you can buy and give them to your loved ones, to let them know that you wish them happiness on this beautiful occasion. The younger lot would probably prefer text messaging their friends and family, so they too can select a number of wishes specially written for the festival of Navratri.

Easy Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Well, Thanksgiving is not just about eating food that our mom or dad prepared for the family. We should still keep the true essence of thanksgiving in our heart. Let’s express our gratitude and appreciation for all the blessings and fruitful days we had for the year. One way to express it is through prayers on thanksgiving. This is where family gathers and offer their gratitude. Thanksgiving is also a perfect time to bond and reunite with the family. For busy bodies, it’s a perfect opportunity to rekindle the bond between the parents and children. It’s time for crafting!

So, want to bring out your child’s creative side this Thanksgiving? Be sure to check these great and easy creative crafts kids can do this Thanksgiving. All of them are made from simple, household items and are very easy to make. Kids will enjoy making these simple crafts and their inner artist is sure to shine.

Thanksgiving Turkey Bag

This can be a nice yet easy thanksgiving craft to start with. Turkey is one of the commonly dishes you can find in your dinner table and one of the popular entity associated with Thanksgiving Day. Therefore, it is not surprising to include this in making crafts. So what do you need for this craft?

  • Construction Papers
  • Marker (Black)
  • Tissue or Newspaper
  • Red Streamer
  • Scissor
  • Stapler
  • Glue or Tape

How to Make A Turkey Thankful Bag

  1. Firstly, fill the paper bag with tissue or newspaper.
  2. Then, fold the upper part of the bag and fasten it with stapler or tape.
  3. Use the black marker to draw turkey feathers. Then, cut it out.
  4. On each wing, tell them to write about things they are grateful for. Once done, paste it on the back of your stuffed paper bag.
  5. To create a turkey head, draw and cutout turkey in a construction paper with contrast color. Draw a nose and beak.
  6. Then, cut a heart shape in another colored construction paper and write the words “thank you for”.


Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpiece

Do you want to put a turkey craft on your table on a thanksgiving dinner? This is an easy craft for you and for your kid. All you need are:

  • Yarn (Brown)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Foam or Thick Cardboard with different colors
  • White Button

First, wrap some layers of yarn around your hand. This will give you thick layers of yarn that will serve as the head of the turkey craft. When you achieve the desired thickness, slide it off your hand and tie both ends so it won’t get untied. On one part of the bundle, tie some orange yarns in cut into the middle. This will serve as the feet. Once secured, cut the middle part of the bundle so that it will create feathers of the turkey. Then, attach the button that will serve as the eyes of the turkey. Have some handprint on the foam or cardboard. Cut it out. Make sure that you use your both hands in tracing so that it will get alternating spaces, leaving a fan-like craft. Glue it together and then attach the turkey on it.

Advent Gratitude Turkey

A simple turkey drawn and cut out using construction paper and tacked on a board or the wall. It’s very simple and easy to make, it’s the routine, and the lesson to be taught that is important in this craft. Every night after dinner get paper feathers from the construction paper and have your kids paste them on the turkey. They are to draw on the feathers what they are grateful for every night. This activity will instill in them the value of gratitude for even the smallest things in life. And when times get hard, they will remember memories as this, shared in a loving and grateful home.

Hand Paint Turkey

Have your kids simply put their hands on some washable paint. The outlines of their outstretched palms produce the effect or outline of a turkey. As shown on the paper, it can made into a cute greeting card for a parent.

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Paper Turkey

Using patterned paper that can be obtained at any store you can make this cute turkey scrapbook. Only basic materials are needed such as:

  • Brown construction Paper
  • Patterned scrapbook paper (fall colors)
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins
  • Markers
  • Glue

Cut out the shape of a bowling pin on the brown construction paper. Cut out 6 feather patterns on the scrapbook paper. Attach with glue on the back of the bowling pin body. Cut a small triangle from the scrapbook paper and attach to the top of the bowling pin shape as the turkey’s nose. Draw it’s face ( eyes and mouth ). Use the clothespins to keep him upright as his legs. For extra support, you can glue a popsicle stick on the back. And you now have a little paper turkey!

Thankfulness Tree

Thankful-treeHave a tree that express your thankful thoughts. This thanksgiving craft is quite easy to make and only require minimal number of materials. You just need:

  • Colored Papers (Brown, and Orange)
  • Crayons
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Glue

How to make a thankful tree.

  1. Clear off a space on your wall. Then, trace a tree trunk on it using a pencil. Make the marker as light as possible.
  2. Then, glue some brown paper on it. It will create a trunk for the tree.
  3. Trace your kid’s hands on your orange colored paper. Cut them out. These handprints will serve as the leaves of your thankful tree.
  4. Have your kids write the things they are grateful for on your leaf cutouts.
  5. Then, paste the leaves on the wall.

Gratitude Turkey Treat Jar

This craft combines leftover treats from Halloween so you can maximize all the sweets.
What you will need:

  • Leftover candies
  • Baby food jar
  • Scissors, markers
  • Googly eyes
  • Colored cardstock
  • Glue, tape

Make sure that the treats you get will fit in the jar. Fill the jar with the treats. Close the lid tight. Draw and cut the feathers. Write on the feathers what you and your child are thankful for. Cut a little triangle for the beak. Use double-sided tape to stick the feathers on the back of the jar. Then glue the googly eyes on the jar and tape the beak on. And there you have your turkey treat jar!

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